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01# Aries 2020 (21 March to 19 April)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♈ Aries

Birthday from
21 March to 19 April


  • Representation – The Ram
  • Element – Fire
  • Nature – Cardinal/Movable
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Mars
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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You’ve all that is required for a leader to head the army. Shiva blesses you the position, authority, and power and advises you to stay calm and polite with the people. Elderly family members, parents, or in-laws will seek your attention to their health concerns. They will require your emotional and mental support. Just being there will energize them with hope and positivity. Health problems could be an illusion in the beginning. Check with your doctor or physician after the later in the month. Your relationship problems will be sorted by the end of this month, which will lead to a prosperous and happy life. Colleagues, peers, and bosses will recognize your wisdom in handling career or business concerns.

You will spend most of your time in all the areas of life viz. travel, journey, money, profit, romance, love, affair, and relationship are serving you. Spouse, siblings, and friends are your greatest strengths. You are energetic and firm enough to deal with any situation. However, you are a victim of emotion in anticipation of some pain or danger. This fear could be imaginary and may not exist at all. Shiva advises you to control your assumptions and worry. All is well when the end is well, and you may not see significant loss or damage to unnecessarily impact your present. It’s a perception you need to change. Enjoy the moment and live life to explore all the dimensions.

Excess use of physical and mental energy will create exhaustion and may weaken your strength. Shiva advises you again like the previous month to avoid unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. You may see blocked state of mind, overwhelmed to gain more knowledge at the same time you may see your skills are frozen and not making productive sense. You have to work to utilize your potentials to groom with your career. Stock, lottery, race, short-term investment-related concerns will take your attention. Students have to ensure their focus is on studies. Do not fall into an argument with a spouse, business partner, or temporary partner and value the relations which have seen years of togetherness.

The health of parents, elderly family members, and family Guru/preacher will be a concern. Worry for your physical stamina and strength to continue this month as well. Spa, massage, meditation, and relaxation will help you rejuvenate. Shiva is creating an alternate focus to occupy you in business or job, which will provide new dimensions to your career. Money and property-related settlements are possible. You can repay the old debt and borrow new funds. You know how to make it done successfully, and you are ready to step ahead in strengthening your financial health. Consult a financial advisor before making an important decision related to money or property.

Monetary and financial transactions of the last month continue this month as well. Congratulations, as you have taken a wise move to strengthen your financial position. You will enjoy a luxurious suite with a crystal chandelier and thick oriental rugs. Shiva blesses you favor from colleagues, juniors, and bosses to complete your assignments while you are busy dealing with your financial matters. You will enjoy your time with pets, servers, peers, colleagues, and maternal family members. Your brains are faster than your actions, and you are impatient to execute the ideas and plans that you have already laid on paper.

You are too fast in executing the plans you have recently made. Shiva advises you to slow down your actions and take some time and consult the subject matter expert to avoid an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate. Your intellect is high. Shiva has many opportunities for you, like foreign collaboration, onsite assignments, new projects, or contract renewals. Property deal, vehicle purchase, or sale are possible. Travel with extended family, in-laws, and colleagues will add value and fun to your life. The heath may require you to calm down your thought process. Control the diet as there seem some concern with the digestion.

Expenses rise for the purchase of property, vehicle, repairing, fixing, redevelopment, or renovation. Shiva warns you before spending behind any capital expenditure. Avoid impulsive financial decisions or commitments. You may need to relook at the fiscal goals, and plans for 2020. Consult a financial advisor for liquidating some dead investments, or raising funds for the new ventures. A state of conflict with the spouse, temporary partner, or business partner may lead to dashing hopes. You have to understand their view to support your job or business-related concerns. Extend your demand for help to your foreign contact who you think can give you the right piece of advice.

Take some time off for relaxation, meditation, leisure, party, or celebration. You are a celebrity for the month. Shiva advises you to build some definite plans for the flourishing personal connects, and professional growth as the plans you have made at the start of 2020 seem some more revision. Health and wellness are the most significant are of life. You may need to join the gym, yoga, or dance classes to set yourself stressfree. Give intermittent rest to your thoughts, and go for rejuvenation activities. Lottery, race, short term investment will reap excellent benefits. Students can enroll in extra-curricular courses or exams.

You are experiencing an emotional state, like a vague idea with confidence and concern both. Your intuitions of understanding the circumstances are secure and reliable. Shiva advises you to enjoy the recognition you have achieved in your personal and professional life. Job change, or exploring a new business territory, is in your mind. And you should plan out to explore these ideas with the help of an expert. Improved health, family union, progressed career, extended business, and increased societal position is your new personality. Spiritual and religious inclination will infuse your thoughts with a promising successful outcome. Practicing meditate, relaxation, concentration, mantra chanting, and yogasana will take you to the next level of self-realization.

This month triggers alerts, alarms, signals, and indications. Legal matters, documentation, codes, and conducts will wrap you around. Avoid falling into obligations, responsibilities, or commitments. Shiva warns you to stay alert from the enemies, competitors, and rivals. Their acts will be nontoxic and nonpoisonous, but it will unnecessarily consume your time, effort, and effort. Your determination will determine the outcome. Love, affair, children, adopted liabilities, illicit relations will pull you down. The endorsement in the passport, visa approval, and sanctioning the documents are possible this month till the end of 2020. Enduring strength and energy are required while changing the location, migrating to another place, or traveling. Profound contemplation, reflection, and intent consideration will help you balance your attitude.

You are beyond the boundaries of family affairs or personal connections. You will relate family and friends with the job, business opportunities, and tie-ups. Well, this is another way of being romantic, caring, and loving the family. They will also enjoy this side of yours, which shows your trust, affection, and confidence in them. You will attract love, temporary relationship, one-night stand, and illicit affair to enjoy a moment with mutual consent. You have plans to double the cash, investments, and wealth you are holding. Consult your financial advisor before indulging in any investment risk. The luxury is all yours, and you will enjoy time with your loved ones as a part of the thanksgiving celebration.

A joyful occasion for special festivities, The public performance of a sacrament or solemn ceremony, enjoyable and amusing activities, and emotion of great happiness are on your plate at the end of 2020. Shiva will add pleasure and felicity by giving promotion, publicity, business collaboration, to-and-fro trade of goods & services, an extension of the existing contracts, and outstanding deals. The health of your closed ones and even yourself is improved and better than the start of the year. Tourism, going about to look at places of interest and a trip for pleasure with colleagues, family, and friends, will enhance happiness before the year ends.

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You are ambitious with a strong desire for success in your career. There’s good news for you. 2020 has a lot for you than you have planned or even imagined. Shiva advises you to sketch your career plans and goals for the financial growth you want to achieve during 2020. You may be scared because of the hold back in your career/financial position” for more than 24 months. Assuming the same this year is merely an illusion – the same illusion goes for your health, which seems too weak or stressed. Stay relaxed and work on your career plans.

Continuing with the career, you are focused on fulfilling the expectations of your boss and superiors. Shiva blesses you with a new business or job opportunities. Be wise and intellectual to opt for the right opportunity that may yield lots of benefits as the year progresses. Financial matters or monetary stress will have support from the family, partner, and parent figures. You will find yourself weak and low because of financial concerns. Be careful while dealing with the family matters and avoid unnecessary assumptions, thereby conflicts with your dear ones. Shiva advises to practice meditation, relaxation, and keep your calm to balance the time.

Money matters are gradually settling, and you will see some gains coming your way. Some return on investment or recovery is possible. Concerns for siblings, family, and friends may rise. However, be careful of your emotions before promising out of bound commitments. You will be a bit aggressive on yourself because of your lazy and slothful attitude at work. Shiva blesses you with high energy and multiple opportunities in 2020. The latter part of the week will give you joy and happiness with your partner, in-laws, extended family, and friends. Expenditure may rise for gifts, parties, and celebrations. You will look forward to revising/planning some goals for the career, business, and even personal life.

You may have some conflicts or arguments with the spouse, partner, or close family members. Be receptive to suggestions from elders and parent figures. Shiva suggests you take care of the emotions of your folks. Your spirit of decorating the succeeding time is high, and the good news is that you will have the opportunity till November 2020 to bring in most of your wishes thorough planning and hard work. Dialogues with the officials, authorities, and agencies may still not work. However, you are wise and experienced enough to tackle such circumstances. You may receive some news from abroad. Plan your travel with the passage of time and not immediately.

Pending deals with the officials and agencies from the last week may see a movement or closure. You will have the authority, power, and command over your elders. Handle children and youngsters delicately for their stubbornness. Your humble attitude will earn you happiness and harmony with the spouse, family, children, partner, and friends. Shiva allows you to grab the options for living the material life instead of going for self-denial or a spiritual discipline. You are a changed personality with better morale and ethics.

Monetary gain and confidence are playing an important role. Be careful before opening yourself to strangers, and do not get trapped in your promises. The health seems to be improving, and you will observe a sense of peace within you. Too much focus at work and less attention for the family will rise for some domestic complaints from the spouse, children, or parents. Shiva has planned the overall work-life balance for you in 2020. So be less aggressive while responding to the domestic matters, or even work-related concerns. Plan out new learnings, higher education, or crash courses to meet the requirements of your business/career, which will knock the door in 2020.

Gain from the stock market, race, lottery, old investments is possible. Shiva offers you new business opportunities, new assignments as work, essential business dialogues, valuable financial tie-up, order placement, or negotiations with a favourable outcome. Support from the government personnel, administrative body, or legislative council is possible. You may have to stretch yourself to seek this support. However, if you are right in your approach, you will see the work moving faster than expected. The concerns about siblings, children, pets, co-workers, or boss may take your attention. You may find yourself sailing in the multipole boats. Handle the matters diligently, quietly and steadily despite any difficulties.

Booming business, progressing job, stabilizing finances, and international deals are in your kitty. Shiva adds new avenues in your career, which could be the results of your job, location, or profile change. Your moral sense is high to walk extra-mile for achieving further milestones. Although this is just the beginning of your success, you are living a wealthy and successful life. Take a backseat to feel the sense of accomplishment and honor your hard work during the tough times you have seen in the last two years. Love, affair, proposal, a new relationship will see either a confirmation or next level of commitment.

A very high confidence level and your talks are meaningful. Disputes at work, or conflicts with the spouse, relationship partner will seek your attention. Shiva suggests you build a let go attitude to form a harmony at home and work. Your family will support you in overcoming a hard time. You are sturdy and evil-minded, looking forward to winning the attention. Travel, reconnecting the old fellows, and extending social boundaries will help you build prosperous personal and professional neighborhoods.

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Aggression in romance may cause disappointments because your partner is not in the right state of mind. Investment planning is encouraging you to make some meaningful moves. Consult your investment planner or a financial advisor for some long term investments. Shiva advises you to reach out to people to offer what you could. Wake the philanthropist in you up. Domestic matters will require you to attend family members and spend some time at home. The work is slowing down. However, you are still an authoritative and brawny player.

A flourishing time starts with fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. A trip to hill station will add freshness to your mood. Stay away from the conflicts with the paternal family. Students will have less focus on studies, and they are in a mood to go on a vacation. Shiva makes your financial plan work and benefits you from your investments, buy and sell transactions, or unexpected wealth gain. You may look for new business deals of a job change – if working. Lower stomach and waist may give temporary pain and distract you from the routine. Practice yoga postures or light exercises to reduce the effects of health issues.

You are a caring partner/spouse. You occupy yourself in helping others and taking care of your dear ones. Younger siblings will require your support and guidance. Love, relationship, and domestic concerns are your priority. Shiva warns you from a small injury while involved in sports or outdoor activities. You may spend money on social causes or the welfare of others. People will seek advice from you. You may volunteer in coaching your colleagues, office staff. The health of parents, in-laws may stress you. Official or legal work with the government may get stuck for some time.

Expenses will rise on the other side inflow of money is more than the outflow. Shiva blesses you with international career opportunities, a sound financial return from your investments, profit from the property sell, a huge business deal, or an unexpected bonus. There are rewards, recognition, promotion, encouragement, and payback for your hard work. Relax and take a deep breath. Plan out a mini-vacation or travel to celebrate family Time to take a deep breath and relax. Official or legal work with the government will some a favourable movement or conclusion. Health concerns for elderly family members or in-laws will require a discussion with a physician or health care practitioner.

Royal and prosperous clock hours from the previous week will continue to give more benefits. Pending monetary obligations for your receipt will realize with more benefits. Socially you are active and will expand your territory to engage yourself with a different class of people. You will gain name and fame for your social work. The business will grow and may have new verticals or departments added to aid more functionality to your business operations. If you are working, your boss may give you a new responsibility which you might not have explored before. Health seems weak, and stamina feels exhausted. Shiva warns you from the clashes with elder siblings, friends or in-laws.

You are in a mood to socializing and helping people. Visiting an orphanage, old-age home, or monastery will give you peace of mind. Investment, fundraising, loan, or debt clearance will have smooth and positive outcomes. Your wealth will improve, and you will have an unexpected gain. Your health will improve through yoga, meditation, relaxation, or other wellness measures. Consult your fitness coach to plan out your exercise schedule. Shiva suggests you be careful and have a sensible and mature discussion with your relationship partner, spouse, lover, or even a business partner. Be aware of hidden enemies and gossipers. Expenses will rise for domestic or aesthetic purposes.

Your intellect is high, and you are utilizing your potentials at work. Do not hurt anybody’s emotion if they fail to explain the logic behind their concern, query, or proposals. Shiva warns you to be analytical while making property-related decisions. You are all for work, business, job, and profession. You may ignore the needs of your family, spouse, siblings, parents, children, in-laws, or close friends. They may demand your attention and presence for their concerns. However, it will be difficult for you to attend them initially. You will be romantic and wanting to spend time with your spouse, lover, or relationship partner as the week passes.

Amoursness, romance, love, affair, and intimacy continue this week. You may have a feeling of finding your soulmate or twin flame partner. You will find immense satisfaction in your close relationship. Harmony with elder siblings and friends is forming its position for a smooth union. Shiva advises you to avoid a property related discussion with the family. Job change, career opportunities, new business options, or tie up are possible and will have beneficial outcomes in the future. You will build a healthy rapport with your colleagues, peers, or subordinates. You will have an enjoyable time with your pet if you have one.

You are financially secure, and make sure to provision the surplus. A proper investment planning is required to yield better returns from the investment in foreign assets, bonds, or deposits – you may need to seek a piece of advice from a financial consultant. Shiva offers you new unions, tie-ups, or social gatherings to expand your network. Join the welfare organizations, and you will have a satisfying feeling. If you are single and ready to mingle, this is the time you should approach your love or relationship partner for the permanent bonding and association. Avoid being aggressive while putting forward your relationship proposal.

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You are continuing to expand your social network this week with more visibility on the quality or class of people you want yourself to associate with for your reputation. Shiva advises you to be vigilant about the opportunities, new avenues, or social connects which are capable of helping you to make a strong presence in the society. You may see benefits from the property deals. Relationships with the spouse will turn better, or bonding with your love partner will become smoother and closer. You are calm; however, arrogance may rise in you. Try to avoid discussion with younger siblings as it may disappoint the relationship.

You will spend more time with your children, sibling, or cousins. Your intellect is high, and you are eligible for promotion, a better position, or movement in your current job profile. Shiva advises you to utilize your knowledge and PR skills to reach the next level in your business or job. You have received enough recognition to be eligible for the next level profile. You are fascinated by substantial investment plans, fundraising schemes, or lottery for higher returns. Be careful while investing during this week as they could be low profile schemes; you may end up by blocking your money.

The dilemma between personal and professional lives will be fun. You will engage yourself in love, affair, and romance instead of reaching professional goals. Lately, you want to calculate your financial strength and furnish the plans you have for strengthening it. You may manage funds for your business or company from domestic or international sources. Shiva advises you to go on a solo weekend trip to pilgrimage, or even a hill-station to refresh your thoughts. You are living an optimum material life that many would want for themselves. Spare some time for the spiritual touch without compromising your material pleasure and witness the transformation.

Sacred matters, religion, concerned with or affecting the soul, or awareness of your own individuality are high. Shiva suggests you continue the meditation and yogic practices this week as well. You will gain knowledge, concentration, and contentment from your routine. You are confident of achieving financial benefits, strong bonding with the partner, and earning fame in the society. Avoid making property-related decisions, or doubly check with the subject matter expert before stepping ahead for any deal. The health of your parents or elderly family members will be a concern. Spending time with them will release their stress, and you can avoid their health issue, which may get created because of some unspoken concerns.

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