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02# Taurus 2020 (20 April to 20 May)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♉ Taurus

Birthday from
20 April to 20 May


  • Representation – The BULL
  • Element – Earth
  • Nature – Fixed
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Venus
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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You have sound knowledge and awareness of the surrounding. Social interaction, mentorship, and leading the campaigns will be your choices. Interaction with a new crowd, increase in the address list, and domestic or global speech. Be careful while arguing with the spouse or partner. Your spouse may have increased interaction with the in-laws. However, this is not something you should involve yourself. You are intelligent, smart, and outspoken. Shiva advises you to channelize with your mother or elder siblings for any concerns you have. You are more concerned and worried about your kids and their future. News related to accomplishment in studies or careers from the children is likely to add happiness.

Support from the government officials, authorities, and superiors will help you finishing the incomplete jobs. Shiva enables you to initiate new business avenues, career opportunities, or projects. You may gain benefits from the short term investments or funds. You will be able to maintain a prosperous personal and professional relationship. While you are trying to keep everyone around you happy, make sure to cherish the moments with your love partner, spouse, or relationship partner. Take care of the concerns of your in-laws and extended family who are genuinely connected with you. You are engaged in the deals of inherited property, own property, land, and vehicle – you may need to consult a subject matter expert in these deals.

As the month passes, you will be full of celebration and extreme joy. If you are an athlete, you are focusing more on physical activity and related sports than ever before. If you are a chess champion, your concentration is on the mind games. Equality is in your nature. You are involved in spending time with your loved one, spouse, or intimate partner. If you are single, you will have proposals from the known sources. And if you are married, well the game is not off. You will observe the feeling of love at first sight in the eyes of your spouse. You are a true sportsman, lover, entertainer, and a family person this month. Shiva suggests you set some time off from the work schedule to pamper spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, and closed ones.

Life is meaningful, with the balance maintained — time to get back to the business. You are engaged in focusing on the occupation for which you are paid. Applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject. Gain on the commercial or business transaction is possible. Your Navamsa chart shows a joyful time with a domesticated animal, pet, maternal family, colleagues, peers, and employees. Shiva will release you from the obligations or liabilities that you hold, and you will be able to lower the burden of your dues. Also, domestic responsibilities like painting the premises, renovation, or house or office will increase some strain. This is another way of saying increasing expenditure, but it is a feel-good factor. Health and wellness of the family, in-laws or extended family members will be a concern for a while.

Better financial conditions, improved return on investments, and monetary compensation for the services are filling your basket. Union, acceptance of proposal, engagement, and wedding will add responsibilities on your shoulders, which you will enjoy. Shiva blesses you with the new tie-ups, extended social-business relationships, or affiliations to strengthen your business/job environment. You may dislike taking bits of advice from your elders and friends. However, if you are receptive, you will find those suggestions meaningful. You need to look at the meaning behind the discussions you come across this month instead of indulging in the arguments. You will be concerned about the official or legal matters which may be related to you or the family.

Excess use of physical or mental energy or loss of strength will make weaken you. You are in search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria like the “pursuit of love” or the “pursuit of happiness.” Spend some time with your hobbies to regain vitality. This month is full of trade. Shiva blesses you with the support of your spouse or business partner in planning the investments or funds. Commercial exchange, buying and selling of goods and services on domestic or international markets, property consisting of houses and land, and like deals will occupy you. Money inflow and outflow are high, which will eventually add values to your assets and properties.

You have a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires. You have built a favorable reputation and have a state of being well-known and much spoken about your accomplishments. Contended still looking to progress further, you are planning for the next course of action. You need to upskill your talent by opting for higher education or crash courses. This learning will help you build a network beyond your existing domain. You are good at relationship building by helping and addressing others’ concerns. Shiva advises you to adopt yogic and spiritual practices, which will allow you to foresee the outcome of your new plans. Meditation, relaxation, concentration, and mantra chanting will help you relax your thoughts and align them in the right direction.

Planning from the last month will derive at a point where you are required to take a position, opinion, or judgment after much consideration. Improved and systematic execution of the plan will reap favorable outcomes. You have a fantastic time with the gleeful heart. There is a possibility of experiencing affective and emotional states through a proposal, a new intimate relationship, engagement, or wedding. The health of elderly members of the family, in-laws, or parents will be a concern in the latter half of the month. Shiva suggests to take the precautionary measures, diet control, and walking may help them avoid significant setbacks.

You have the dignity and rank of a king. A gathering to promote fellowship, social connect, and a generous donation will engage you. You have a strong drive for success in career or business. Shiva indicates the receipt of most of the worldly pleasures for you. Respect the feelings of your spouse, intimate partner, and business associate. They might have valuable suggestions for you. An abundant supply of money, finances, and legal tenders will increase your wealth. You are optimistic and have a new set of desires. Friends, partners, affairs, intimate relationships, and a one-night stand will give feelings of extreme pleasure.

You are worried about the spouse or partner’s health and wellbeing. A little care, precaution, and spending time with them may help in avoiding many disturbances. The dual nature of the financial state will encounter this month. Expenditure is more at the same time your plans to gain more wealth are working as per your expectations. You will build a strong financial position. Shiva suggests you adopt spiritual conduct, relaxation, or mantra meditation, which will add pleasure and contentedness. Business travel, foreign tours, and collaboration will expand your professional network. Love affair, relationship, or extramarital acquaintances may encourage you to indulge in illicit conduct. However, you have strong willpower to ignore the temptation.

This is the time of the highest quality where you have almost achieved your personal, professional, and social goals set for 2020. You own your accomplishments with power, authority, and confidence. Shiva blesses you with harmonious relations, general security, status, and reputation. There are still higher goals you are aiming for in the future. You are restful with the current achievement yet restless to grab the upcoming opportunities. Spare some time to celebrate the current state of affairs with friends, family, colleagues, and associates. They deserve to be a part of this celebration for their contribution and sacrifices they have made for you throughout the year.

Far beyond than usual this year has changed you as a person. You have a more positive outlook towards the life and lessons you have experienced. Shiva warns you from a minor physical injury. This is the time to look for some self-awareness sessions through yoga, meditation, and isolation. And then get back to the party, celebration, and jubilation to celebrate the material achievements you have earned so far. You will be a center of attraction or a host while meeting new people and expanding the human-network. You are ready to explore new business avenues for the next year, and that’s good news that it is not yet over.

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With a strong desire for success, you are employing efforts in planning to increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of your business and profession. Your love partner, spouse, or children are demanding some short vacation, which is a fair demand as you have been focusing on your career last year and had a few domestic celebrations to attend. Shiva advises you to put your worry for money aside as your plans are going to work in the same direction, and you will have sound financial health as the year passes.

New business avenues, franchise opportunities for the aspirants, or quick start-up plans will initiate a positive discussion. You will find excellent investment opportunities with the support and assistance of your investment banker. And if you have not yet consulted an expert for the investment, this is the right time for your approach, an expert. You have a strong attraction towards another person if single, or your courtship period will empower your emotions of love and romance with the partner. Shiva advises you to stay away from the misunderstanding that may arise with your spouse. Instead, spend some time with your partner or spouse to celebrate for no apparent reason. Being together itself is a reason to cherish.

Your career will see new dimensions and sharp growth if you are in the right field. Audit your investments, and organize your finances to yield better results this year. Investment in real estate or landed property is beneficial for you if you do not plan to withdraw them until 2025. Shiva warns you from weak health, mental stress, unwanted thoughts, or depression that could result in ill health. Plan diet, exercises, and retreat programs to help you stay free from gloomy sentiments. Love affair and romance will aid the tension. Engage yourself more with your spouse or relationship partner and accumulate gratifying moments. Meet the people you can spend some good time with to avoid discomfort.

Hard work, persistence, dedication, money matter, financial planning, business expansion plan and execution, and job search remain your priority. Delayed results at work will disappoint you. Be conscious of holding patience and self-control while expecting returns from work or business. Shiva suggests you continue the fitness regime and diet as planned. In case you have not yet started, you have to be sincerely thinking of initiating one. Travel to home town, visiting parents, gains from the deal of property will contribute to your happiness. Put money secondary and spend some leisure time on domestic matters, romance, spouse, and family. Personal time will help you distract the stress coming from your profession, business, or work.

With improving health, relaxing thoughts, and slowing down anxiety, you have harmonious family relationships — commitment, engagement, marriage, love, and affair all in one plate. Your conscious behavior is suspicious for your partner or spouse. However, spending some more time with the better half will clear the suspiciousness. In other words, you are a magnet to the opposite gender. Shiva encourages the support from the officials, superiors, or government authority to remove the obligations you are struck with, in your personal or professional jobs. You have almost all the worldly pleasures, and you want to explore a bit of spirituality.

Expenses will find their way to empty your pockets with the social gathering, gala, banquet, barbeque. Shiva advises you to spend wisely. You are actively engaged in a lot of work, a long to-do list, and new assignments. There is a need for you to stretch your working hours. Shiva suggests you take help from your business partner, colleagues, spouse, or superiors. Be open to approach them and share your responsibilities without any prejudice or insecurity. Siblings or parents may require your attention. Keep yourself away from ire. Be flexible in your responses to understand the concern of your dear ones.

Consult your investment planner as this is a good time for you to buy longterm stocks or deposits. You may want to withdraw some securities or funds with minor hopes of appreciation or earning a return. Shiva blesses you with the firmness to proceed with your career goals, and there’s no U-turn. Expenses may incur for the renovation, or repair work of the premises. Buy/sell of vehicle, or landed property is possible. You could be aggressive with your de facto partner, or spouse. Some news from overseas may please you. Take care of the emotions or health of your parents.

You could be stressed seeing a decline in the return of your investments or stocks. Consult your investment banker or financial advisor before making the investment decisions – this may help you avoid significant losses. Despite odds, you are succeeding professionally with the increased workload. Your career is growing, business is expanding, and you may travel for work to create new business opportunities. Relationship with the lover may exchange bitter dialogues. Shiva suggests you spend quality time with the family and pursue the auxiliary activities that interest you. Relaxation, rejuvenation programs, or even movies and cinemas may bring pleasure during the week.

A threat to lose money from the funds or stocks continues during the initial phase of this week. You have to be careful while making any significant investments or related decisions. However, later you may see benefits and favorable results from your stocks, finances, or properties. Shiva pours complete happiness and contentedness in your career and personal life. You will have an enjoyable time with your spouse, children, and parents. You may get to meet your extended family to extend the celebration further. You are engrossed in achieving knowledge, beatitude, self-fulfillment, and continuing to gain sacred practices. You are in a healthy psychological state with good judgment about your surroundings and yourself.

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Celebration or happy moments from the last week will continue with family and friends. You will strive to achieve a higher attainment of self-awareness. Shiva warns you to stay away from the pride you are accumulating within yourself because of the knowledge and awareness you are attaining. You are too emotional to handle any offense, which is where you may ruin your peace of mind. Although you achieve the milestones that you have planned for the week, you will find the work is progressing slower than expected, which might irritate you. Ignoring a few discussions will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.

A professional, in you, is active, and you are workaholic to complete your task list. With too many tasks to complete in a short span, you are irritated. Remember that the haste makes waste, and you are precisely in the same state of mind. Shiva suggests you calm yourself down and patiently observe what is going around. Everything does not need to be finished as planned. Leave some assignments to complete at their pace. Take a backseat instead of creating unnecessary tension, which may generate a finance crunch. Conflicts may arise with children, and you may not accept their thoughts. It is wise to understand their concerns before imposing your way of handling the circumstances.

You will recognize the ideas of a new generation, or your advisors to get rid of the conventional practices you have been following for quite long. Shiva helps you in adopting a flexible approach and makes you more cooperative at home and work. You will be free of noise and disturbance even if you see the things not working your way. That makes you more powerful in handling the situation and controlling people. Eventually, your efforts will show the desired outcomes, although you may not get the support from administration, or superiors. As you may receive some help from unexpected sources, you will feel confident in progressing further.

With a to-do list long, you are busy exploring new techniques at work. A researcher in you is giving you sleepless hours for growing your profession. You are flooded with new ideas, new strategies of business expansion, and if working, you are looking for new jobs/assignments. However, all these may bring some stress as the results are slower than your expectations. If you are following the sacred conduct, relaxation, and meditation techniques, you will feel more focused and stress-free despite all odds. Shiva grants you financial gain and stability. You can expect your credits to release from the debtors, and you have a chance to reserve or invest that money for the future.

Practicing patience and controlling reactions is must for you to avoid arguments with the spouse, lover, or a life partner. New business contracts, renewals, promotion or a change of role in the job – if working, or a discussion for the onsite travel may trigger in your favor. Financial stability continues from the previous week, and you already have plans to grow your stocks, savings, investments, and bank balance. Shiva suggests you handle domestic matters despite a busy work week. Your spouse or the relationship partner, children, and parents are waiting to see you at least for dinner together. Celebration, for no reason, always brings the family closer.

Stay away from the conflict with the spouse or business partner. You can avoid the arguments by being receptive to understand their view. Shiva suggests you improve the domestic sphere by addressing the concerns of your family members, as there are unspoken concerns that they refrain from discussing with you. Although their belief or judgment may not have proof or certainty, they might make more sense practically. Property related concerns will see a positive movement. However, there could be a rise in expenses for bettering the ambiance of the house/office by repair, renovation, or decoration. Overall this week is full of family and personal matters, which will have positive results as you attend them.

There will be a concern for the health of your spouse, partner, or cousins. You may feel too much sensory, and your emotions will be uncontrollable. However, you are capable of handling the situation diligently. Eventually, you will stronger your bonds with your closed ones. Shiva blesses you with a successful work week. Your efforts will be honored and rewarded. Depending upon the personal horoscope, you may have to tackle some legality. Travel for work or personal reasons is possible. You may want to seek a piece of advice from your mentor or a professional consultant. However, it may not make a significant impact on the situation.

Legal matters continue to bother you. This legality could be for personal or business reasons. Shiva advises you to stay balanced and keep your calm while arguing or speak in defending your point. You may see results in your support as the week passes. Stressfree and positive, you will see cooperation from your colleagues and peers. They have already finished your task list while you were busy dealing with legalities. You will cherish happy moments and small gatherings at home and may get to see old acquaintances. Memories will relive, and you will feel blessed with time.

Bone pain, burning sensation, lower stomach, or digestion-related issues may make you uneasy. Monetary gain through the race, lottery, intra-day is possible. However, this may not signify a significant addition to your wealth. You build a strong bonding with children. You will try to understand others’ perspectives and value their opinions. Shiva grants you a howling time for love, affair, and intimate relations. You are the center of attraction or very dear to the ones who are already close to you. Along with the material pleasure, you are equally interested in gaining spiritual attainment through meditation, yoga sessions, literature, or pilgrimage.

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You are frank while expressing your feelings to your spouse, lover, or relationship partner. There could be an absence of moral values when it comes to extramarital relationships. A domestic ferment may produce heated discussion, jealousy, or unnecessary competitions with your closed one. Shiva warns you from creating a cold war with your folks. Continue your spiritual conduct to remain calm, sensible, and reasonable. You can also go for a spa, massage, or health club to rejuvenate. You’ve almost achieved the financial goals for 2020. And you are planning to create more income sources in the coming months.

Your hunt and thirst for creating new income sources, raising funds, or developing a business model may connect you with new people. You can look within your references to fulfill professional desires. Foreign investors or income from overseas are likely to trigger if you are visible enough to see the international business/job opportunities. Shiva invokes the artist in you. Paintings, drawings, or other artwork may attract you. You may want to try something different as a part of your favorite pastime. You will move from fund to hobby as the week progresses. This approach from professional to personal life will provide relaxed moments within your self.

You may find peace as you carry out or participate in your hobbies. You are consistent and working hard for your professional targets. There could be conflicts with peers or colleagues because of the differences in opinions. Shiva suggests you avoid the disputes at work and maintain the environment. Health concerns may arise and weaken your strength. However, there does not seem a significant challenge with your health. However, take some time off from work to relax.

You could be agitated, impatient, and lacking wisdom due to ill health, or workload. That may result in conflicts, arguments, or disappointments with peers, colleagues, or even family members as you are impulsive in your responses. Shiva blesses you with position, authority, and confidence. You have got to remind yourself of the proverb popularized by the Spider-Man comic “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.” This trait will help you avoid controversies with the people around you. With the ability to make decisions, you may re-engineer your work environment with new processes, procedures, or by adopting the latest technologies for better and faster outcomes.

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