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03# Gemini 2020 (21 May to 20 Jun)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♊ Gemini

Birthday from
21 May to 20 Jun


  • Representation – The Twins
  • Element – Air
  • Nature – Mutable/Dual
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Mercury
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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You start the year with a plan to improvise your financial position to earn some more coin to secure your personal life. There are earnings and benefits from foreign customers, international tie-up, or import-export deals. If you are serving a job, a threat from colleagues and managers may get you. Travel or relocation for education or work is possible. Increased expenditure on closed ones, love partner, spouse, and children will have a slight burden on your bank balance. On the plus, this will lead to a collection of memories to relish on. Shiva advises you to look after the health and wellness of a spouse, relationship partner, or even a business partner that may delay some routine obligations.

A search for knowledge, exploring new business territories, and international opportunities or foreign tie-ups from the last month will keep your spirit high and intense. You will take part in social activities, interact with new people, and offer your support to address their concerns. While your bag is full of worldly pleasures, you want to spare some time for self-analysis through meditation, mantra chanting, and sacred texts. Shiva has balanced your life with love, companionship, support from family, and rewards from the colleagues and boss. All you need is to plan the goals as per the new business agenda.

While the gleeful heart continues to cherish the moments, property-related expenditure and investment will try to take your attention. Your financial position and bank balance are healthy enough to rescale the lifestyle by renovating or decorating the house, property, and office infrastructure. Shiva suggests you make a wise decision for the capital expenditure as there could not be tangible results from it. Subjective clashes or arguments may disappoint the hearts of your loved ones, spouse, or relationship partner. You will still have support and cooperation from the family, friends, and colleagues to execute your plans.

You are a positive reinforcer at work. Shiva advises you to relax and be flexible to adopt the suggestions of your superior or boss. The health of your parents, in-laws, or yourself, could be a concern. Domestic matters will seek your attention, and you are willing to share your clock with the family. New engagements and affiliations at work will get you recognition and credit for your achievements. You are convinced and confident about your accomplishment and prepared to expand the business or career in the coming months. You have a joyful and delighted time at work and home.

This month starts with the priority as professional responsibility and ends by fulfilling the family obligations. Shiva warns you from being challenging to handle for the colleagues and peers. They are as good as your extended family, and you are required to change your perception of their conduct and behavior. You will need their support this month when you are likely to be occupied in taking care of your parents, in-laws for their disturbed health. Your spouse and relationship partner will standby your side during the odds, and you will realize the value of a faithful companion. Embrace the beautiful moments while you’re on travel with the partner, loved one or spouse.

Your family bonding is more potent than before because of the difficult times you’ve seen in the fast few months. Despite this, the current month has challenges concerning your relationship, which may involve the legislative council for seeking advice. You will still have a favorable verdict that puts you, your spouse, or loved ones in to ease. Eventually, this is going to tone up your personal and family relations further. Shiva suggests you go for the relaxation and meditation practices to stay away from the distress of body or mind. Dedicate your time to strengthen your work environment and quid pro quo. This conduct will propel you to sacrifice your ego and emotions, which might work against you. And it will also help you in extending your social and professional network as you are helping others to reach their goals.

Your relations with family, friends, parents, in-laws have a new experience. It is like an incentive program for you to cherish all that you have with friends, a love partner or spouse, and an extended family. Financial planning or return on investment has seen extraordinary gains. Shiva grants you the resources to tackle some petty monetary issues. Enroll yourself for advanced learning, knowledge sharing sessions, workshop, or higher education programs. This learning will build a new perspective to manage your business or career, which are going to extend their reach in the future. Follow some diet and exercise schedule to avoid a minor trigger on health.

You are on the verge of reaching your professional goals, where a monotonous family routine may create clashes and arguments. Shiva blesses you wisdom and sapience to handle the personal and professional issues sagely. You are in search of mystical theories and may enroll for some religious courses or spiritual practices. You are confident and positive. However, refrain from overthinking about your potential, talent, and achievements. This could be a fantastic week, provided you think yourself just like another fish in the pond and share your success with your colleagues, family, and friends.

Sun and Retro Jupiter, in your first house of the Navamsa chart, indicate prestige, honor, and enhanced social value. You have achieved high standing through struggle and hard work. Modest and humble attitude with a spouse or loved one will maintain happiness in an intimate relationship. Shiva blesses you a heavenly time in personal, professional, and social life. Indeed the month is hectic, and you are busy with domestic and global concerns. Put your ideas and thought to work to explore new business or career avenues. New sources of income and fundraising schemes will help in expanding the professional wings.

The power, prestige, and luck continue as a result of your consistent smart work. You will spend a memorable time with love, affair, and relationship partner. Shiva indicates your inclination to spiritual conduct to find more insight through mantra and tantra. Enrolling for yoga, meditation, and spiritual learning and sincerely practicing the behavior will help you exchange positive energy and strengthen your resistance against the stress. This conduct will help you avoid some health issues, which could be the consequences of agitation and anger. Plan out a short vacation or picnic with family and friends.

Your focus is on setting processes and procedures for the new business avenues which clicked in the last couple of months. Take some time off from work as now is the time to spend with yourself. You have achieved success at work and home. Return on investment, promotion, perks, and unexpected sources of income will infuse more cash in your pocket. Shiva advises you to extend your vacation plans this month with family, extended family, and loved ones. The health and wellness of parents, in-laws, and elderly family members will be a concern. Expenses will rise, but intangible benefits will be proportionately more than the spending. Continue practicing meditation, mantra chanting, yogasana, relaxation, or any other technique of healing and boosting energy.

You have a strong self-assurance and a clear vision for your next plan of action. Shiva blesses you with courage, resources, and wisdom to execute your ideas you have made so far, which will continue to work for you even the next year. This month is full of joy, delight, and rejoices with colleagues, bosses, friends, family, and extended family. Celebration and party with the spouse, children, pets, lover, and relationship partners will realize the worth of having people around. Shiva suggests that you plan a family trip to a religious place. This journey will enhance the value of worldly pleasures you have achieved with your dedication and commitment. This transformation will strengthen your professional and personal bonding, and you will receive accolades and appreciations.

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This year is a fresh start for you, considering your fiscal goals. You begin with the thoughts for strengthening your financial position. However, this week may bring some domestic concerns to address. Shiva blesses you with the support from spouse, children, siblings, in-laws, and friends while you are stressed or encountered by deep emotions. Probably, this is the time you need them to stay close. Alternatively, you will have a harmonious relationship and intimacy with the lover or extramarital partner. Delay any discussion related to inheritance with the paternal family, or in-laws.

Family time continues as you keep receiving support from friends and family. You are starting your journey for the year with an attitude of a treasurer. Of course, you will have a slow pace initially as you are reanalyzing your financial position. Your ruling planet Mercury signifies money, finances, business, and career with a positive movement across the zodiac. Shiva suggests you start with small investments in stocks if you are a newbie, or if you are already playing the card, you can try your luck for some substantial investments. However, consult your financial advisor as the investment market is extremely volatile, and as the mundane astrology suggests, the market will remain highly unpredictable during 2020.

Luck factor continues to yield a return on investments unless you have abruptly blocked your money without consulting an expert in the past. Tangible benefits from funds are possible even through gambling, race, or foreign assets. Shiva advises you to take precautionary measures for the health of your family members, which could be because of some emotional bumps. There seems some loss of business or job/position – this still depends on one’s personal horoscope. This loss or degradation can be avoided by not indulging in any arguments at work or with business associates. Despite these odds, there does not seem a significant impact on your career.

You are planning to start a parallel income, which is undoubtedly a smart move to build your separate empire. You may want to enroll for advanced learning or crash courses to mature your strategy for achieving the annual career targets. Business travel or migration to another place for work is possible. Shiva blesses you with financial strength through investments, or you may have increased client flow if you are into the consulting business. Your domestic and love life is peaceful, and you may have a good time with your family and friends. You have the right attitude to take care of your family.

While the monetary gain continues even from the remote sources, your domestic life requires your patience and calmness. Shiva suggests you avoid any negative thoughts or absurd responses to your loved ones, which may create irrational and meaningless consequences within the family. Love, affair, extramarital relationships may start. You may adopt an unethical approach in generating income, building relationships, or creating business opportunities. If you are keen to retain the moral standards or principles and want to avoid such thoughts, you should engage yourself with spouse, children, siblings, and parents. You are a responsible and faithful head of the family, and you will enjoy being with the family this week.

It could be a happy realization, and you are back to the family ties. Domestic bliss and peace will be maintained. The health of your sibling, father, or elderly family member could be a concern. You are slow at work, and probably not able to receive the results of your efforts. Shiva advises you to listen to your intuitions, and avoid any external consultation as it might misdirect you while making important career or relationship-related decisions. The possibility of a job change or cross border business opportunity is high. You may involve yourself in social activities, people’s welfare, or charity.

Opportunity for business expansion, job change, or international ties is already knocking the door and may continue to show up this week. You may need to define your priorities and start executing the task list with the financials at the top. Second, you can put spirituality, rituals, or yogic practices on the list. Shiva strengthens your determination and focuses while you are chasing your goals. Although money inflow is on, you may have to face some financial stress or loss due to nonperforming investments or projects. Try to move your unstable funds to reliable plans before you encounter financial deprivation if you are running a large organization. In the case of an individual, the same risk could be applicable at a low scale.

Spirituality takes precedence, and you may start or increase the length of your meditation and chanting to know your inner self – this practice will make your approach firm and beneficial while attaining material goals. Shiva blesses you with a harmonious state of personal life. You may want to expand your business to rare territory or domain as your confidence is higher than the fear of risk associated with your new ventures – higher the risk higher the return. However, be careful while making commitments related to money matters or releasing funds. Fluctuation in stamina, fever, or minor health concern may arise.

This week may start with a sort of disappointment in romance and domestic life. However, as the week passes, you may spend enough time with the spouse, children, siblings, parents, and in-laws. You may also extend your ambit of friends to celebrate gathering, function, or dinner. Shiva strengthens your will to deal with the financial needs of your business, or money matters associated with your family. You may reach out to new business associates, foreign collaboration, or if working – overseas colleagues for the job change or promotion. Be careful of fire, burn that may cause a physical sensation, or in some personal horoscopes, this could be related to the feeling of jealousy and agony.

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Continued spirituality, people’s welfare, and helping others will yield tangible benefits in terms of business benefits, promotion, change in role, or monetary gains. You may also receive awards and rewards for your persistent performance at work. Shiva blesses your love life bliss and stability. You will be able to solve disputes that were lying for long in domestic life. Your children would also help you to get over stress that you might encounter within the family. Overall, this week will compensate all your held back gains and increase your confidence. Your friends and social network will have a special connection with you, and you may relive old memories again.

Your financial position is sound. You are relaxed, still consistent in making your bank balance healthier and wealthier. Shiva advises you to address property-related concerns, either buying a new one or decorating the existing premises. You are least bothered about the money you may have to spend behind increasing the value of your current property by renovation or adding some new assets in your name. You are dedicated to official work, projects, and business. As the week progresses, you may spend more time with your spouse, children, and parents. If single, you may find someone to hang around and will enjoy the new acquaintance.

Money or services from your debtors will find some ease to reach you. Your family and friends look for your presence over the dinner or in a personal gathering. On the other hand, you may involve yourself in dealing with official assignments. Time to slowly move from work to domestic life. Shiva grants you a smooth passage for this movement. Your colleagues, staff, or business partner will take care of your projects and assignments. That will incline you to spend more time in personal affairs. If you are traveling for the business or job assignments, you may have some leisure time onsite to enjoy at a spa, massage, or pool.

Accolades, promotion, higher role, or job change are possible or may continue for the last few weeks. Business expansion will give you more assignments to tie you with your career goals. You are tirelessly working towards securing your finances for the family. While there could be some inheritance discussions due or subjects related to the family clan, you may get to extend your visit to your native or may catch up with the extended family or cousins. Shiva advises you to make a wise decision when it comes to domestic obligations. Stay away from the social encounter, or reaching out to the people for help which might declare you as an intervenor.

Your determination, passion, and persistence may take the form of being stubborn with colleagues and business associates. You may have two opposite states of affairs simultaneously running at work viz. appreciation for your untiring efforts as well as a positive approach to finish the tasks in hands. Shiva advises you not to impose your rules of conduct on others. Everyone has a unique way of discipline. If you find yourself with difficult people, change your aura and connect with like-minded people. The best way out is to spend time with family and friends. Engage yourself in pursuing hobbies or extracurricular activities that interest you.

Spiritual conduct – if continued, has accumulated a lot of positive energy within you. In case you have dropped the practice of self-control, you may fill yourself with the belief in yourself and your abilities. Shiva grants you the force to dominate or subjugate other’s authority and power. You are a magnet, and people may find you attractive and try to build a close rapport with you. You are smart to make your way without getting distracted with the beauties around you and will pursue your career goals. With cognitive psychology, you will maintain a balance between professional and domestic life. People will admire your way of perceiving and handling the situation.

With a strong feeling and emotion, you are influencing the crowd to grow and devise a way to develop their lives. With a positively active sixth house in your chart, you may spend your primetime with colleagues, maternal relatives, pets, and auxiliary activity. Shiva blesses you with patience, understanding, and solitaire to understand others’ concerns without impacting your mood. Do not reveal your secrets or past to others while giving examples for improving their situation. A worry from children, lesser profit from short-term investments, or distance with the lover may disappoint you. Contrastively, you will have a romantic time with your spouse or relationship partner.

You are open to ideas, discussion, or change for taking your business or company to the next level of success. You have a long list of milestones and lesser time than you think as 1/4th of the year has already passed. Remember, haste makes waste. Shiva suggests you calm yourself before taking action and defining priorities at work. You will complete your targets by the year-end, and you will accomplish the intended purpose. This week is to complete the main tasks related to contracts, projects, and enabling a new source of income. If working, you can start a part-time business, if not already begun. Later, in the month, you can take care of the operations or functional activities at work.

A relationship develops stronger bonding and closeness with the family. You may feel oneness with your spouse and feel blessed to have him/her in your life. You may receive a reluctant response from the government authorities, boss, in-laws, or parents from your personal or business proposals. This time is to hold patience while expecting support or consent for expanding your career wings. Shiva favors the efforts that you have made so far, and you will receive accolades for your achievements. Possibilities of buying a new vehicle, flat, land, or other forms of property are high. Alternatively, sell of a property will yield good returns.

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You will have happy moments with family, in-laws, extended family, and even friends. While you are enjoying domestic pleasure, you are equally a workaholic. Shiva grants you work-life balance. You have changed as an individual, and you are a better person one would want to see. You are helpful, approachable, and receptive. Travel for work or personal affairs is possible. Stay from the disputes with in-laws. There seems a requirement for clearing the aura at home with some Vastu tips. Rearrange the arrangements in your living room and bedroom. That will help you to breathe fresh air. Keep the south corner of your house/office tidy.

A health concern may arise for the elderly family members. Shiva envokes a philanthropist in you. You may involve yourself in social welfare, online donation, feeding poor people, or overseas charitable programs. Charity or work may require you to travel out of the town. The journeys would exhaust you. However, you will enjoy being occupied too much in the business, job, or charity as you are not in a mood to engage in domestic concerns. You may organize a religious activity, rituals at home, or some spiritual conduct as a part of your culture. Overall, you are less connected to the family, and more to the outside world.

You prefer to stay where you are instead of running behind your goals. Although you may not move forward in achieving your targets, as per the saying “change is the only constant” your finances will improve since you may receive a return on your investments or inheritance. Shiva blesses you the role of an idol for others at work, business, or profession. You have been a performer, and that is how people look at you this week. You may receive verbal appreciation about your talent. Colleagues, peers, bosses, or even young crowd may contact you for tips and tricks to improve their functioning.

You need to be humble as your colleagues or peers approached you for a piece of advice as per the prediction last week. Your workload increases and may require you to spend extra hours in the office. Shiva suggests you take help from others without being shy or feeling awkward. Your spouse may seek your attention. You may need to be tolerant of the demand from your family. Ultimately you are doing all hard work for the future and security of your family. If you understand this, you will not find it difficult to spare time for your loved ones. And they hold the right to create their memories with you. Try to balance work when domestic affairs demand your presence.

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