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04# Cancer 2020 (21 Jun to 22 July)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♋ Cancer

Birthday from
21 Jun to 22 July


  • Representation – The Crab
  • Element – Water
  • Nature – Cardinal/Movable
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Moon
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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Your sensible and practical approach to life will give you a direction for adopting a lot of changes to balance the family and professional life. Homesickness, feeling, emotion, and all that could convey your distributed presence from the dear and near ones will be high. You have a burden of financial responsibilities and still trying to find out a way to manage the obligations. Shiva has planned a lot of transformation for you, which will help you to mature your understanding in dealing with petty and major concerns ahead. Take consultation from an expert before investing or withdrawing the deposits, funds, or buying and selling the property.

You’re influenced by the “me” factor, which will make you stubborn from changing the perception to look at the current state of affairs. While you are emotional and concerned for the love and romance, you are ready to make a move for professional engagement. Your dreams are high in the sky, and you’re looking to change your area of the profession, line of business, or job to step ahead. Shiva warns you from indulging in fantasy and suggests you be practical for your love life. There’s no fun without love and family, but this is the time you need to gear up the career and professional life.

Back to the pavilion, you are out of the fantasy world. Although you are a family person, your concern is inclined to money, career, business, and profession. You have wandering thoughts, and you are still not able to reach the consideration of fulfilling the professional targets. Shiva helps you in putting the genuine and firm efforts in bringing your professional level. The results are not visible so soon. However, there has to be a starting point which you will have now. Impatience and aggression could aggravate health concerns. Be in the company of like-minded people and share your feelings with them.

Your plans are working, and you are determined to cater them to completion. You are practical with a pragmatic approach to the situation. Travel for work and property deals will add money to your account. Shiva suggests you be creative as you have the power to build new business wings. Put all your smartness, talent, and skill to work in these new dimensions. This advice prevails while forming new relationships on the personal front differently – you may see stress and disturbance if you are new in the relationship. At the same time, new friends and social circle will have smooth going.

You have new sources of income, the next level in the career, favourable results from the professional undertaking, and joyful time at work and home. Shopping for luxury items may increase the personal budget. Shiva advises you to spare time for the activities that interest you. Irritation in stomach, bone, or muscle pain could trigger a health concern. Avoid being emotional and think wise before concluding the matters in hand. Too narrow perspective for any topic may end up in disappointment or clashes with the dear ones. Think over the opinions provided by others before taking action.

Your thirst for love and money is increasing. This emotion will put you under stress. Travel, collaboration, and meeting new people for an occupation will expand your reach to the outside world. Shiva advises you to handle the discussion and official communications wisely. Avoid making promises that cannot be fulfilled without enough resources in hand. This week may not the right time to finalize any contract that might show huge profits. Recalculate and reconsider the terms of the agreements before stamping officially. Financial help from the spouse or in-laws will help you to manage your liabilities. The health of the parents or elderly family members could be a concern.

You are back home with your spouse, children, and parents. If you are single, you will spend more time with your friends or relationship partner. While fulfilling your professional responsibilities, you dedicate sufficient time for personal affairs. You will receive pleasure from shopping, parties, celebrations, function, and gatherings. Shiva advises you to relook at the investment plans you have made. Take a legal opinion or an expert’s advice before switching the investments or giving power of attorney or authority to anyone for your financials. Meeting new people and expanding the personal network will delight your mood.

You’re already stressed with the financial obligation and planning. Overthinking on the subject may have repercussions on your health. Shiva advises you to practice yogic conduct, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Mantra recitation, early to bed – early to rise may help you to release the stress and avoid health and relationship issues. You may hear some news from the relatives outside your country or your foreign counterpart in the profession. Grab an opportunity for international travel for a short-term or long-term business deal – this will have a broad scope to reap better results in terms of monetary benefits for you. If you are an employee, push yourself hard for the interviews if you are looking for a job change – which might happen in the next two months.

Travel, meeting new people, partnerships, opportunities continue from the previous month. The health of parents, elderly family members, and to some extent, children may take your attention. You have too tied up in work-related concerns, which will show their results next month. Shiva blesses you with a joyous diversion and celebration with family, friends, extended family, colleagues, and peers. Excellent and successful time with the personal and professional network is the summary for this month.

You find a compulsive need to work – in other terms, you’re workaholic. You are firm, determined, and persistent in achieving your target. You’ve already accomplished most of your goals for the year. Shiva grants you accolades, rewards, and recognition to enhance your status quo. Efforts of the last months will have results with new tie-ups, collaborations, and business deals. If you are an employee, a job change is possible for you: shopping, dinner, and a quick meal outside the home with colleagues and family. The health of elderly family members could be fluctuating, which is taking your attention this month also.

You are conscious of your achievements, and you’re thinking of the next plan of action. Many ideas running in your mind may lead to overthinking. Take an expert’s opinion and increase the resources to help you execute your next goal. Shiva suggests you empty yourself with relaxation and meditation techniques. Pour new ideas and ways of thinking, change your perspective for achieving new goals. The same conventional style of work may hamper your growth. Changing the residence or place of business is possible. It’s not a cakewalk, but your manner is more confident these days. Socializing, meeting new people, traveling, journeys, and trips continue this month as well.

Increase your patience while treating your spouse, business partner, or temporary partner for any concern. An impulsive response may damage the relationship. Avoid any discussion that might trigger separation or divorce in the future. Shiva warns you for your impulsive behavior, which could be a result of your recent achievements. You’re running into multiple directions, which may lead to more confusion. Continue the yogic practices, relaxation, and meditation techniques to ease yourself. You have achieved your monetary targets for the year. However, you are not satisfied and may end up in huge expenses while trying to grab a few more deals. Socialize yourself to serve others for their welfare.

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You are instilled with the feeling of love and affection. You will put the memories with those of past times. Setting plans for higher studies, knowledge, and research will be your next action. The year starts with a sense of direction. You are aware of your orientation in space. You are apprehensive of your financial need for reaching the plans of 2020. Shiva is granting you the capacity and aptitude to cope with the fiscal responsibilities.

A time for transformation. Think differently as your common sentiments are stopping you from exciting experiences. Experience is the best teacher. You are concerned about monetary compensation where you’ve to understand that life is not limited to money and trade. Your plans for higher studies, migration, and foreign tie-ups require you to undertake new and daring initiatives. Shiva is with you if you display courage and a proactive approach to advance your action. Physical weakness is a fictitious excuse for the absence of confidence.

Money, finance, mother, family, and personal responsibilities are your priorities. Unless you have a partnership business with your spouse, you will put the profession and job secondary. Your fundamental nature is to care about the family. You may seem irresponsible because you are weak at executing your feelings for them. Shiva recommends you altering the way of communication when it comes to your loved ones. The probability of spending or disbursing money is bothering you as the family is your priority even over money and profession this week.

A strong emotion, aggression, disturbance, and ire do not suit your personality. You have always been for the family, whereas your responses are the opposite. Try to change your attitude and conduct while dealing with parents, siblings, spouse, and children. Shiva is counseling you to govern your nature and control the unplanned or spontaneous responses. There is no need to speechify on every occasion. Health will see some burning sensation, irritation, or ache, which is temporary.

The family has been your priority, focus, and area of worry till now. Your attention will divert to the extended family, parent figures, and in-laws. Homesickness, nostalgia, emotions to depart from the dear ones are eminent. You will receive support and cooperation from the family. You’re off the job for quite sometimes. Your fellow mates, peers, boss, and co-workers may need your attention. Although the family takes all the precedence in your life, a career is equally important. Shiva protects your emotions by engaging you in the work environment, which will aid the family unwellness.

You will observe personal, professional, and social well being. A lavish buffet, pleasure, delight, rick, and superior life has always been with you. Shiva commands you to change the perspective towards living, and you have all the earthy happiness and joy. Love, affection, and attachments are a unique menu for dinner. Wondering thoughts will make you run like a headless chicken here and there. Meditation, relaxation, and a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension are much needed to bind yourself with the material felicity.

Your moral force is high and positive. Sumptuous living and opulent dining rooms will continue from the previous week. Love, affair, relationship, and closeness with an intimate partner are taking a move. The property, real estate, land, new deals, and contracts will reap generous benefits. Short trips, outing, party, gathering, seminar with siblings, friends, or colleagues is possible. Shiva still compels to take a thoughtful and wise decision. Consult a professional before initiating or closing any trade.

Hard work, perseverance, determination, creativity, imagination, and innovation are on the board. You will nail the interviews, exams, audits, and seminars. Romance with arrogance will have to pay the price someday. Shiva admonishes you for the behavior of self-importance with your spouse, love, and sexual partner. The candid opinion is different than being straightforward in attitude. Being outspoken is a sign of unreasonable and excessive self-esteem.

Moon traveling through the three different planets for most of this week will have an emotional encounter with love, marriage, and family life. Controlling the overflowing emotions is required to concentrate on other areas of life. Rewards, recognition, accolades, and laurels are due from the last year’s untiring and ceaseless hard work. Opportunity and probability of foreign tie-up are like a castle in the air. Shiva proposes a pragmatic approach to prospects. You are required to adopt a practical approach for converting these opportunities into contracts or sources of income. Expenditure may rise in the health treatments for yourself or even the elders of the family.

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Expenditure from the last week continues the outflow for various reasons. Money, wealth, inherited parental property and financial planning is your priority. Refrain from the emotional encounter, excitement, spontaneous responses, and blunt-talking. Shiva blesses you with intellectual ability, rational thoughts, and inference – this wisdom will build different perspectives and reasoning power for recurrent scenarios and situations. You will be more creative and originative – and remember that this state of mind is not an illusion. Make a note of your ideas, plans, and imaginations to realize them in the future.

Material possessions like family happiness through an increase in wealth, property, and financial security are becoming your priority now. You are down-to-earth and a family-oriented personality. All the while, you have sacrificed money, career, and personal growth for the family. Now you want to move ahead to achieve the next financial level. Shiva advises you to avoid the wandering thoughts and focus on the career and business. You need to be determined to choose between the professional and the personal life at this moment. Isolate yourself for a while and think for the need of an hour.

Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Moon are traveling together through your first house in the Navamsa chart. Aggression, emotion, dilemma, domestic concerns, and health hazards are on your plate. Fortunately, Shiva blesses you with the new avenues to make more money and progress in your career. These opportunities will give you some relaxed moments from the family, extended family, and other personal concerns. Yogic practices, self-absorption, rest, relaxation, and meditation are some techniques that will help you to regain vitality and control of yourself.

You are in charge of your actions. You will look forward to doing something for the family as you have been failing to attend their concerns. Your responses will be for the welfare of the family, younger sibling and maternal relations to bring a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. Stay calm and patient as the efforts of this week will show the results a few days down the line. Shiva renders energy, determination, and a positive outlook for handling the situation. Keep the strong bonding between your body and mind.

You will have a pleasurable time with the closed one. Love, affair, relationship, romance, and joy is coming your way – this is valid for a family tie-up and extended relations as well. Shiva is pouring dynamic energy in you. Your focus will be more towards career enhancement, business extension, and grabbing new opportunities. Money, wealth, property, and other riches are your next goals. You have realized the value of being rich, famous, and notable.

You will realize the value of discipline and perseverance. It’s never too late to succeed. The other saying is, “it’s never too late to dream and act.” You are advancing your steps in exploring innovation, creativity, and experimentation. Shiva will ensure the recognition, credit, and acknowledgment of your work. You have forgotten the family concerns or realized that your reaction a few weeks ago was unreasonable. Shiva prompts you with a pearl of wisdom to approach the family, friends, siblings, and partner for the reunion and harmony. Concerns related to the lower stomach, ovaries, rectum, uterus, external sexual organ, and urinary bladder as the Saturn and the Mars are sitting in your 8th house till May 15. See the monthly pattern for the recommendations.

Success in the pocket, a crown on the head, and bouquet in the hands – you are all set to celebrate your achievements – this success is your hard-earned and well-awaited recognition. Interpreting this as a reward for the new discipline will be a myth. Indeed, continuing the control will give you a grand success in the future. Shiva is blessing you with sharp intellect and reasoning to upscale your fiscal responsibility. Financial planning, short term investments, and international business opportunities are knocking the door. You are ready to convert them into the economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment.

Jupiter and Mercury, together in your money house in the Navamsa, are blessing you. You will outsmart your competitors and associates with creativity, intellect, and ideas. Shiva is opening the doors for the struck deals you have with the authorities, officials, and government agencies. You will be engaged in refining the policies, procedures, and regulations at work. Although you are a family person, you are outside the personal affairs and family matters for quite some time. Binding yourself more to the career, business, money, and finances is never your priority, but you are enjoying this as well.

Loads of responsibilities in the job and business for the last few weeks have taken you away from the family and personal life. Shiva will help you maintain the work-life balance with strength and positivity. Seminar, conference, party, celebration, and jubilation will hold you on the toes. It’s been a month the Mars and the Saturn are sitting in your 8th house troubling your lower body parts. There are 15 more days to go for them to separate, and you will have some relief from the pain, irritation, and anguish.

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See monthly pattern for the effect and recommendations of Mar and Saturn sitting together till May 15. Expenses for adventure, party, and travel will empty your pockets, which may cause annoyance, irritation, or minor disturbance. Meeting new people, attraction to the opposite gender, feeling of love, or fascination will please you as well as bother your instincts. Shiva suggests isolation from the earthly associations and focuses on your self-worth – this will make you recognize the importance of the material world. Your temporary fascination and attraction for the opposite gender will be like the dissipation of the mist. You are back with the relations that hold worth and meaning in your life.

You have self-talk on confidence, riches, prosperity, and wisdom. You are trying to identify new sources of income, investments, and wealth generation. You are more towards money. You coalesce the colors of happiness in work, profession, and business talks. While you are engrossed in completing your work schedule, you are equally contributing toward leisure, hobbies, sports, and auxiliary activities. Shiva advises you to find new ways of celebrating the occasions, gathering, and long night hours inside the walls with your dear ones. You may want to go for a family outing that may have travel constraints where you will manage all the fun at home.

You have a larger picture to look at for grooming your success story. You are hungry for reaching new lines of achievements. You may reach out to a new set of people globally for receiving the approvals, additional assignments, and extended contracts. Work burden is higher with a long to-do list, and project deadlines. You will manage to complete everything due this week. Shiva grants you favorable responses from your clients, business associates, colleagues, and bosses. You may influence people with ideas, suggestions, and support. The same will be at home, where you will be a helping hand to your spouse, children, parents, and siblings.

You are prioritizing your heart, emotions, feeling over thoughts, wisdom, and sapience. Shiva warns you from indulging in any kind of promises to your family, friends, or relatives. Do not commit to any additional work at the office, business, or profession. Your dilemma between emotion and wisdom will get clarity as the week passes. Patience is the key to making the right decision in the current situation. Think about others around you before being judgemental for concluding the matters. The lesser you act, the smoother you go during the times ahead. Consult trusted people if you are keen on moving forward for any personal or professional commitment.

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