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05# Leo 2020 (23 July to 22 August)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♌ Leo

Birthday from
23 July to 22 August


  • Representation – The Lion
  • Element – Fire
  • Nature – Fixed
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Sun
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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New avenues, promotion, or a different line of career will trigger a need to make some critical and important decisions about your job. You have the power and authority. If you are running a partnership business, you will have support and cooperation from your partner. Shiva grants permission if you want to start a new trade or business with your spouse or relationship partner. Be careful with your health and wellness because most of the planets in your main chart are sitting in the sixth house, having some grudge for their international relations. You are an eminent member closely associated with family, friends, and society to receive their attention on priority.

The financial arrangements will be easier to settle your fiscal obligations. You will have support from banks, investment ventures, and associates to help you meet the business needs. Travel, migration, journey, or temporary relocation will add pleasure and success, and it will also enhance knowledge and practical approach to work concerns. Shiva warns you for an accidental injury to the foot that may trigger due to negligence or over speeding. One more caution is because of the association of Mar and Sun together in the 12th house of Navamsa chart that indicates “Angaraka yoga,” which creates a possibility of danger from fire.

Afflicted Jupiter is likely to cause a disturbance in the married life due to various reasons like miscarriage, abortion, or an extramarital affair. Adoption may be a thought to extend the family. On the other hand, work, business, and profession will see growth in terms of a pay rise or promotion. Shiva blesses you with the social and professional reputation, which will increase your enthusiasm and excitement to work harder in the coming months. Property or land-related trades will benefit you to increases your wealth. You will fulfill your commitments of the past; however, do not run into emotions while promising new terms.

You are on the verge of concluding many pending actions or decisions. It’s a signal of a positive approach for the tasks which are held back for long, still taking your consciousness and attention for no reason. Shiva blesses you with a new personality. You will meet new people, may sign new business agreements or a job change, assignments from the foreign counterpart will add value to your profile. You will be a center of attention for the crowd around you, which will add extra working hours for you. Lower stomach, ovaries, uterus, or womb related concerns may arise. Shopping or typical demand from the family will increase expenditure.

Domestic expenditure or capital expenses will rise due to repair or renovation, and deal in the property, flat, or land. Shiva grants a cherished time with love, family, and friends. Health could be a concern for you this month. Ketu Moon and Sun together in the Navamsa chart, may create dizziness, restlessness, or dehydration. Drink maximum water and stay positive and focuses. This discomfort could be an illusion; however, consult your doctor before trying domestic medication. You are too emotional to handle yourself. Stay in touch with like-minded people or old friends. Join the gym, start exercises, or make changes in the exercise schedule.

You have learned to deal with the emotional jerks and scaled more maturity in dealing with people or say that “we are not mature; we learn to behave in public.” Shiva has planned a business expansion or beneficial movements in the job for you. You are on your toes to fulfill the demand of others at the workplace and home. You will be recognized, rewarded, and awarded for meeting the commitments from the boss, colleagues, and even the family members. You have gathered a considerable bunch of experiences to share with others in the coming months.

Income and expenditure ratios will compete with each other. What comes in goes out kind of a scenario. The health of the elderly family members, in-laws, or parents may seek your attention. Shiva awards striking and affectionate personal time. You will be busy buying investments or funds from various sources. This trade increases the burden on your pockets, although it is an investment going to give returns in the future. Make sure you seek an expert’s advice before investing your hard-earned money. Be flexible and learn to let go, forget the past, and embrace what is coming your way.

Your flexible approach has helped you drop conventional practices and ethics. You have left the old and odd relationships behind to hug the new ones. Shiva counsels you for the difficulties you might encounter at work. With the Sun and the Mercury in your first house, you gain enough wisdom, intellect, and reasoning to conquer the challenges successfully. You are focused on creating various sources of income to welcome more money. However, be careful about being isolated from the family while handling professional issues. Try to understand the unspoken concerns of your family. A slight attention to the family and spouse will avoid the feeling of loneliness among all.

You have opened the new doors to welcome money with your intelligence and hard work for the last couple of months – you will see the results now. Innovations and ideas will replace old practices at home and at work that may cause some disturbance in the bonding. A religious and spiritual month engages you in the rituals. You extend your services to social welfare like charity, donation, and public assistance. Shiva warns you from the risky moves like trekking, adventure trips or overspeeding. Short term illness, accident, or hospitalization could be a concern. Go for relaxation, meditation, and yogic practices to ease yourself from the stress.

Get rid of the trust and other philosophical barriers that you have with your partner. Love and romance may see a new horizon and turn to be a permanent commitment. If you are single, there are chances you tie yourself with someone like-minded. You will be in the paramount mood to take yourself to the next level of relationship. Shiva blesses you with improved health. Continue the exercises, diet plans, and yogic practices to ensure health is maintained. Some conflicts may arise from fellow workers and colleagues. Try to sort the differences out with an open discussion. Be wise enough to take others’ opinions and views positively.

The conflict at the workplace in the previous month may turn out to be a competition. Understand there’s nothing right or wrong. It is all about the perception and welcoming of others’ thoughts. While the arguments and discussions may take place with the parents, children, extended family, or in-laws, Shiva decorates your love life with romance and amatory. You have already earned enough reputation and cache that you need to maintain with your wisdom. You may find some delay in receiving approval from the authorities or government officials. Do not get into the deals with new or unknown references for your business.

Spare your partner or spouse at their free will, and do not be so possessive to ruin the bonding. If you are soft in handling the concerns of your love partner, you will have more pleasurable and intimate time with the partner. Shiva advises you to appreciate and value their selfless companionship and support that have provided to you. You have achieved most of the material and worldly pleasures this year. You will find new business opportunities and are busy traveling to encash them. With improved health and happiness, continue the meditation, relaxation, and fitness regime.

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The celebration of the new year will start with the thought of business expansion or changing the job. You are looking forward to the plans that increase your wealth and bank balance. Shiva advises you to stay down-to-earth and give equal attention to domestic concerns. Although you say family is your priority, your attention and focus are in professional development. Discussion with mother, children, in-laws may take a different meaning. Try to explain your purpose in a different way to receive their consent.

If you are a student, you will outsmart your classmates with your intellect – this is different than the percentage you have on the mark sheet. Some difficulty in academics may reduce the performance, which can be covered up later. Slow progress in career or business is temporary. You have new opportunities coming your way soon. Prepare yourself with the knowledge and information to seize them as they arrive. Shiva suggests you take a view of your spouse or partner even for your career and business, as they might have better propositions to make.

Display affirmation and optimism while exploring new business avenues, exploring new areas at work, or accepting new responsibilities. Being confident is a challenge for you. Practice meditation, yoga, or plan travel with the family to rejuvenate. Engage yourself in sports, exercises, or games. You can plan to invest in the jewelry or ornaments. There could be good returns in the future. Shiva warns you from becoming argumentative with your spouse, parents, and in-laws. They need your attention, and that could be a reason for their concern.

The social and spiritual spectrum will add value to your reputation. There is an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others, which will increase self-importance in you. You may want people to give you more attention than necessary. Understand the bidirectional importance of recognition and priority, which even people want from you. Shiva indicates an alarm for you to be extra careful while seeking a prominent status from your family, spouse, and children. They have made enough sacrifices for you, and looking for something additional may hamper their peace and harmony within the family.

Appreciate others for their contribution to your success in personal and professional front. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu, together in the Navamsa chart, indicate a threat to health and wellness. Shiva advises you to be careful while traveling, walking, or running as there seems to be a risk with knee, calves, or muscles. You will have a joyful time with the love-affair-relationship partner, spouse, or a temporary partner. The inherited paternal property will have a favorable conclusion or the next agenda planned for the discussion. You influence over the people, and there’re chances to meet an authority or an influential person from the society who will benefit you in the future.

You may feel lazy or find yourself passive for the movement. However, migration or temporary relocation to expand the professional reach will have convinced and positive outcomes. Shiva arranges funds, loans, and finances for you to cope up with the business or career needs. Soon you will find ways to generate new income sources to settle these obligations. You are setting a new dimension for your business, profession, or job, which will be recognized in the future. Be confident to put your plans to work.

Too many ideas, thoughts, and plans may choke your intellectual ability. Go for the meditation, relaxation camps. Take some time off from the work schedule and set yourself free for social welfare. Shiva suggests you plan some vacation or picnic with family and friends to recharge yourself. Enjoy nature and help some greenery to expand across the territory – this will give you a new sort of experience as well as you will be contributing to the environment.

Priority is your primary concern. Work, family, love, society, money all are in your kitty where you are yet to decide the sequence to attend them – this could be a wrong approach to think. Shiva advises you to take the support of the family and your loved ones to achieve the target of your business, profession, or career. The money will flow automatically, and social value will take another step ahead. Be outspoken with the spouse, siblings, children, parents, and other family members showing their importance in your life – this will add happiness to your personal life. New experiences while traveling for work will add knowledge and maturity to your people handling skills.

Fame, money, love, respect, and high esteem are all yours. Your travels continue to give additional knowledge and experience. Shiva suggests you plan a solo trip and experience the new world if you have not yet intended travel or working at a place where the journey is not required. Be careful of an accident or any injury that could happen because of ignorance or overconfidence. Precaution is better than cure where your consciousness to surrounding becomes necessary.

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A career at its peak, and the business is booming. Increased paycheck, perks, promotion, business deal with a scope of quick revenue generation will fill your bags. Shiva encourages you to march ahead and crack some more agreements with the help of your team. Increase appropriate resources to your team to cope up with the additional work coming your way. Last moment resource requirements may not be a good idea to adjust with the competitive time. Bone pain, muscle pull, the irregular menstrual cycle may create irritation, and you may not want to keep yourself calm with the pain. Take medication or consult your doctor if required.

You are emotionally aroused, enthusiastic, and excited to fulfill the new responsibilities you just got to drop in your pockets. Shiva grants support from family and friends to achieve your dreams. Try to calm the conflicts and differences of opinions you might have with your spouse or partner. Be careful of your ego with a convincing thought that your family and loved ones have equally contributed to your success. You are writing a new definition of success and going to set an example around you. Make sure you recognize whosoever helps you in achieving your goals.

There’s no growth without confusion. Relax and take a backseat. You have too many plans rolling at a time, and that could be a reason for being unsettled or dependent. Shiva warns you for the health-related concerns, which could be related to lower stomach, ovaries, menstrual cycle, miscarriage, or digestion. Stay positive and optimistic about overcoming any challenge that you come across. Practice meditation and relaxation techniques to release stress. You will be more mature, practical, and wise with such experiences.

Benefit from trade and merchandise. Deal in the landed property, real estate, or such service offerings will reap good returns. Slow down your actions unless you are clear about what you are doing. Mar, Sun, and Moon together, in the 10th house of Navamsa chart, indicate impulsive decisions, and action could be opposed to something you are trying to perform. If you are practicing meditation and mantra chanting, try to focus on your intuitions as they could be the best guide at this moment. If required, consult a professional advisor, relationship consultant, or a lawyer for your personal or professional concerns.

While unnecessary and unforeseen troubles continue to disturb you, you will find ways to settle them without hampering your peace. Shiva strengthens your positivity and determination to stand firm against the odds. Trekking, hiking, driving, or a similar adventure journey is likely to take you away from the workload. Experience is the best teacher, and fortunately, you are an obedient and smart student. Probably these particular experiences were required for you to understand the world better. Engagement, marriage, new commitments, or business tie-up may encourage you for the exciting move ahead.

This phase is a time to filter the energies and the people around you. You had a hard time dealing with people at work, home, and neighborhood. Start with the clutter removal program at home and office. Discard all unnecessary, old, and non-use items at home, wardrobe, storeroom, kitchen, bedrooms, hall, and even the balcony. Spread pleasant fragrance, play gentle music, and create a new and positive aura. Take a look at the time that has elapsed and understand the role people have played in your life. You may need to take a call to strengthen the bonding or separate some people from your network. Shiva blesses you with the beautiful future.

You have gained wisdom and the right attitude to deal with the outside world. Your spouse may require the same soft treatment from you. You are mature enough to understand the feelings and emotions of the people but your spouse. This attitude is a result of old grudges that come over and over again in your discussions. Shiva warns you to relook at your approach, and the same goes with your spouse. You both need to regain the consciousness of your relationship with new thoughts and beginning. The pending documents or work with the authorities or government officials will see completion or positive movement.

A hidden emotion in anticipation of danger is bothering you. This fear is a result of possible movements at the work you are expecting. Shiva supports you to get on the top of your accomplishments through recognition, reward, award, promotion, benefits, gains, reputation, and honor. You will be social and engaged in meeting new people. Despite all the positives, if you find yourself constantly complaining, persistent feeling of anger or anxiety, consider calling a Vastu expert to redefine the aura. Remove the clutter and paint your house with a pleasant color, rearrange the household, including the kitchen accessories.

You connect with the people well. However, you seem to be distant and away when it comes to gel well – this changes your impression over the people who are initially influenced by your thoughts and knowledge. If you are patient and wise in dealing with the people, listening to their concerns, and advising them with your vast experience, you will create a new environment around you. Shiva blesses you with the power and influence that you require to take people a long way. Your spouse and in-laws’ health may seek your attention. Be careful as the lower stomach, genital, ovaries, and uterus related issues could pop-up, which were cured a few months ago.

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You have a sense of balance to maintain between the personal and professional lives. While you occupy yourself in achieving the business, career, or professional goals, you are planning out travel, picnic, or leisure time with the parents, children, and spouse. Expenses may rise for renovation, redevelopment, or restricting of the premises. Travel with family and gifts to children will lead to a happy time. Meeting new people at work or in society may start making you feel less successful compared to them. And you may rethink to change the line of business or career domain. Think wise before taking any step or check with a career counselor if you are not getting a fair idea about where you stand.

If you are finding yourself at the wrong place – you may need to check with the consultant as suggested last week. Join the programs of your liking for a higher curriculum. Shiva warns you from linking the same thought you’re your married life. Not all the decisions you have taken could be wrong—meaning by if you are in the wrong professional domain, the same not apply to your marriage. You have made enough sacrifices in life and stop committing more compromises. However, take some time off to relax. Go for yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, and relaxation techniques or plan a solo trip and refresh yourself.

Mar, Mercury, and Retro Venus in the 5th house of Navamsa are provoking you for a new relationship. This bond could be a renewed love with the spouse, an extramarital affair, a new friend with benefit, or a temporary intimate relationship. This relationship will give you new waves where you will feel wanted and valued. You are trying to adjust to the lifestyle of this mate, and you like it. Shiva has spared these moments for you to realize your self-worth. And you should appreciate that unless you have some consciousness biting you. Practice meditation or concentration for an hour a day to realize your potentials.

Now is the time to look at the investments you have made and see if they are yielding good returns. The market was down for the last several months, which will start growing over time. Invest in new schemes for better earning. Shiva warns you from the conflicts or concerns related to property, mother, vehicle, travel, employees, colleagues, and work environment. Hold any decision you want to take abruptly. Consult the subject matter expert, lawyer, or your trusted friend for understanding the matter in detail. This phase will be temporary, and keeping your calm may sort the issues automatically.

Will be published on 30th May 2020

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