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06# Virgo 2020 (23 August to 22 September)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♍ Virgo

Birthday from
23 August to 22 September


  • Representation – The Virgin
  • Element – Earth
  • Nature – Mutable/Dual
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Mercury
  • Hemisphere – Northern

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You have achieved a dignified demeanor, prestige, and a high standing through success, which is a result of your hard work and intelligence. In the upsurge of emotion, you will be spending more money behind shopping for your family. Travel, journey, or outing will extend your social network and add quality experience to your life. While your professional position is stable, you may see some domestic matters seeking your attention. The health of elderly family members will be a concern. Shiva advises you to adopt a calm and thoughtful approach for sorting the issues coming your way.

You have romance, family, friends, social network, business expansion, and new responsibilities at work on a single plate. Your expenses are rising, and the primary reason is your lifestyle is changing. There could be spendings for others than for your own needs. More money, rise in paycheck, unexpected wealth gain will knock your door. Shiva warns you for the impulsive discussions you might end up with your closed ones. It is better to keep quiet to let things run their way when you do not own what others do. Engage yourself in social welfare if you have spare time from work and family. Spend time with the elderly family members and relive the old memories.

Practice economy without being stingy. Your objective is to increase financial wealth and bank balance to meet future requirements. If you are working, you may want to change the job, or if in business, you are looking to seek a new avenue or foreign collaborations. Compatibility with a partner or the spouse is in question, and you may find an inappropriate match ended up within the relationship. Shiva blesses your wisdom to get rid of this cloudy thought, and soon you will find everything getting stabilized. With the unmasked illusion, you will find yourself valuing your job, business, partner, and spouse more than before.

Your income is increasing, and financial wealth is improving. Shiva conquers your monotonous routine by bringing joyful time and gleeful laughter with the pet, children, parents, or siblings. You will develop new strategies and processes to expand your business wings. Some news may arrive from an overseas family or friends. Plan your diet, and follow the exercise regime to avoid digestion or stomach related health issues. You may have irritation, bone pain, muscle pull, or swelling. You are a mentor and advisor for many about their domestic concerns. There will be guests, gathering, and reunion with old friends.

Investment, stock market, lottery, and race bring risk – your situation is like higher the risk higher the return. You can opt for some investment short-cuts to yield a good profit. Consult your financial advisor for the wise stake in the stack. Love, relationship, extramarital affair, revived bonding with the spouse will give you moments of pleasure and shall work as a stress buster for you both. An addition of a family member by getting into a commitment, engagement, or marriage for yourself or your family is possible. Shiva blesses your confidence, trust, and hope with the next move in your personal and professional lives.

Being lazy at home and active at work is who you are this month. Your laziness will adversely affect the expectation and enthusiasm of your spouse. On the other hand, new avenues that you had opened in the business or work are showing favorable results. Travel, journey, gatherings, workshops, meetings will take most of your time. Shiva warns you from making a route shorter than the usual one at work or business. Capital expenditure like renovation, repairing, or trading of a property will impact your bank balance. However, you are wealthy enough to afford these burdens without increasing debt or taking financial help from others.

Your children will travel or migrate to another location – if they are already migrated, you will hear some news from them. Your signature is essential – be careful before signing any contract or document. With Mercury and retro Jupiter in the 8th house of your Navamsa chart, your inclination to know the life beyond science increases. Shiva suggests you bind yourself with the worldly matters, as this is a temporary inclination where you are successful in achieving material goals. Let the philosopher in your rise, and help others for their concerns. Meditation, prayers, long walk is not religious but a practical way to increase focus and positivity.

Differences of opinion with the spouse on irrational domestic topics may rise. Do not let the impulsive thoughts like divorce, separation, or split-up control you. Shiva offers a celebration, party, gathering, meeting new people, setting a new plan at work, decorating home, and inviting guests to cheer your mood. Colleagues, peers, superiors, or servants put some burden of responsibilities on you. The health of family members may affect your peace. The wellness of pets could be a concern. Try to avoid domestic issues throughout the month to prevent permanent disappointments with your dear ones. However, as the month passes, all these obligations and frustrations will see the exit.

Ethics and commitments are the principles of your life, which usually end up with the disputes with your dear and near ones. You are a law-abiding personality – consult a professional advisor while responding to such matters. Wisely handle the affiliations or separations as they are the two sides of the same coin. Shiva advises you to be flexible in accepting the habits of others. The differences in conduct should not be termed as the indisciplined approach of other people. Sparing the spouse, children, and parents for their manner will bring love, buoyancy, and persistent good humor within the family and friends.

You are feeling a sorry state of affairs and self-pity because you believe you have suffered more than is reasonable. Shiva proposes you visit a retreat center, or a hill station with the family, spouse. Even a solo trip will make your exit comfortable from the state of uncertainty, where you are finding yourself to choose between the equally unfavorable options at work and home: exercise good judgment or common sense in money matters and wealth management. Debate with the love, affair, relationship partner, or spouse will not conclude the desired outcomes. Be patient and wait for the time to answer even if you are offering a fair deal today.

Your wisdom is a set example of leadership for many. Shiva advises going a step forward in helping your colleagues, coworkers, or boss altruistically – this may stretch your working hours. Concern for the children, their studies, or even the children-in-law, will stress you a bit. Continue the stress-relieving activities like walking, exercises, meditation, and relaxation programs. Conflicts of opinions or misunderstanding with the spouse, lover, or business partner will clear the confusion. Existing investments, specifically foreign investments, will yield better results than expected. However, do not plan to invest without consulting your financial advisor.

Foreign travel or visitors from overseas will make over the parties and celebrations. Shiva ends the year on the right notes of professional and personal peace. If you are an entrepreneur or a business person, you will have new wings opened for the next year. If you are an employee, promotion, award, reward, and pay rise are waiting for you. Avoid thoughts related to unpleasant feelings that might create unnecessary fear. Such emotions might trigger health concerns for you, your parents, or elderly family members. Focus on the worldly pleasures or material achievements you have gained, and you will realize that you have much more than the people around you.

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Children, spouse, and money – with all of them in mind, make you are concerned about your career to secure your family. Shiva has made you a family person. However, you have always received his blessing while pursuing your hobby, profession, or part-time activities. Your position speaks at work, and the family ignores the same. Time to regain confidence, and you are all set for the walk in the woods for the 2020 journey. Cherish the new year moments with family and friends this week as the migration, departure, or relocations in the coming months will make it hard for the gathering with the same closed family members.

Wishing for a luxurious life, you are more focused and enthusiastic about the career. If you are trying new business avenues, SouthEast will be more beneficial and quick to grab the opportunities. Job search in the foreign land, or outside your birthplace will give reasonable pay hike and position. Shiva grants fast money through the sale of a vehicle, property, or small investments. However, savings do not seem to weigh as per the earnings. Some news may come from the paternal family, which you may not bother much. However, the extended family may expect you to indulge in the matter for advice or support.

You will take extreme care in the treatment of details when it comes to the official matters or related documentation. The same you would expect from your coworkers and colleagues. Stressful sleep and restlessness may disturb your state of mind. Shiva advises you to narrow your thoughts to business or work-related concerns. As you settle yourself at work, you will have golden moments with your love, relationship partner, spouse, children, and parents. Expectations from the in-laws, or spouse’s extended family and friends may take you away from the mental peace. However, you are wise enough to understand the innocence of your spouse in their matter.

Exorbitant expenses behind luxurious dining rooms, love affair, intimate partner, spouse, or temporary partner. Shiva suggests planning travel for business, job to explore new business avenues, or solo trips to visit remote destinations. This journey is going to add experiencing a new culture, and meeting people and maturing your thoughts, which will eventually help you gain unprecedented prosperity. The health of the parents, in-laws, or elderly family members may require your presence or may take some time off from the routine. Support from partner, spouse, siblings, and friends will keep you stable.

Plan to gain knowledge through workshops, or enroll for the higher education programs. Reading a book will be more rewarding this week. Avoid taking consultation from a professional as that might end up in paying fees with no difference in the state of mind and outcomes. Shiva suggests you be your mentor. If otherwise, your spouse or children could be your guide for the week. You are busier at home than in the office. The support from your spouse, relationship partner, business partner, colleagues, or peers when you were in need is priceless. Remember, this helps when some conflicts may arise in the future because of the differences of opinions for petty matters.

Association of Sun and Mars, together with Saturn spying over, is difficult for you to control the frustration and agony. Hold yourself before concluding anything for the act of your spouse, family, children, or partner as you might lack a thorough understanding of the subject. You want some breathing space, then socializing is the best option. Let the philanthropist in you come out. Many hapless people need your intelligence, knowledge, and experience to grow their maturity of thoughts. Those who cannot afford books may afford your charitable wisdom and views to educate themselves. Shiva has aligned new learnings and experiences for you through your ‘own’ cognition. Meditation, yogic conduct, practicing the natural healing process for energy, and self-awareness are the right approach.

Romance, love, relationship, and strong positive emotion of affection for the partner or spouse, and if single, for someone you want to propose for a long. For the singles, route your proposal through the parents or siblings of your crush. Shiva advises you to carefully observe your emotion for the opposite and avoid any fascination which might not have a permanent bonding. Increased workload or new contracts in business will spare you little time to cope up with the new requirements. However, adding new resources to the team may not be a good idea as there seems the involvement of delayed execution in work despite increasing the workforce.

You were like a one-person army at work last week. Non-monetary rewards like recognition, applaud, and honor will decorate the room for a party. A quick decision or impulsive reaction may ruin your inner peace as you are aware that success is waiting for you right outside these behavioral drawbacks. Shiva helps you control your temper and shall open new business avenues, change of role for a better position as a return gift for your efforts. Gathering, meeting new people for the conference, seminar or workshop, travel, or a self-propelled movement will expand your work and personal network.

With too many opportunities and tasks, you are finding it challenging to prioritize the list. Shiva suggests putting the support and job of your employees, staff, or colleagues before the work of a superior or boss. This strategy will help your Saturn to motivate your team without your distinct command for a load of upcoming opportunities in the next few weeks. Avoid legal matters or be politically correct while communicating. Expenses continue to rise, and you are capable enough to meet them without much burden on your bank balance. School and college students will find more concentration and interest in studies; on the other hand, Ph.D. scholars will find it difficult to receive support from the guide and mentor.

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Chest, ribs, bones, heart, and lungs related concerns may need a consultation from your doctor before taking domestic medication. You can avoid this by continuing light exercise, walking, stretching, and a controlled diet. Your spouse is a sandwich between you and your in-laws, which you may find yourself ended up in the wrong hands. Shiva advises you to understand others before being prejudiced. Personal frustration may arise at the workplace to look for opportunities outside the current environment. Such an approach may not be correct if you are an entrepreneur or a senior-level professional. A drastic change in the mood from the last demands self-analysis as no significant changes have happened around you.

You have controlled almost all the levels of mood swings. There is another week going to test your patience, which you have to be determined to pass through calmly. With the dried Moon in two of your charts, drink as much water as possible to hydrate yourself. Alternatively, this hydration will help you settle your inner frustration and cool your aggression down. Your spouse, sibling, close friend, or even the in-laws could be your best guide and may help you to get rid of the state of emotional strain. Shiva blesses you the strength to get over this without any losses.

Vacation, travel, outing, or a picnic will help change the mood and domestic environment completely. The job, business, or profession will settle and cover-up the lost pace. You have gained more maturity and knowledge because of the emotional strain you had during the last few weeks. Your parents are your strengths and children, your power. Spending time with them will add moments of happiness.

Work-life balance is maintained with the continuity of current tasks in hands. However, executing new plans may not be possible. Travel for work will be exhausting, still rewarding with new experiences, and meeting new people will add the feeling of lively and cheerful joy. You are the owner of mysteries around you to solve. Shiva advises keeping the secrets masked. Everybody close to you may not need to know everything that you find out from the happenings around you. Some mysteries are worth the mysteries. That will maintain peace and harmony within the family. Expenses behind a luxurious and sumptuous living will be high.

New business wings and an extension of a family business will give rise to your position in society. This period is a workweek with lots of new responsibilities to fulfill ahead. Shiva grants you enough time, resources, and ideas to meet your commitments. You are a mentor to your children and younger family members. Past differences of opinions with the spouse may see some clarity. Make sure not to goof up the understanding between your spouse, lover, or relationship partner with an unconscious discussion. The energy within the house is clean so far. However, it may require some clutter removal programs to run as Ketu indicates in the Navamsa chart.

Continue the clutter removal program, arrange wardrobes, kitchen accessories, and ensure North-East corner of the house is clean. The cryptical burden on the subconscious mind is bothering you. Shiva helps you to release this vague feeling. Siblings, friends, or extended family may understand your concern if you discuss it with them freely. Love, commitment, or proposals may see a positive outcome, and your personal life is contented. You are achieving the scheduled work, business goals, milestones, and targets before the deadline. Travel for business will bring more accolades. Money from foreign associates or investments will yield more margin than expected.

Adoption will extend your family. If you are a student, workshops, extracurricular activities, and sports will engage your interest. Meeting new people may arouse excitement, or you may find your love or relationship partner. Shiva grants you a job of an advisor for many people around you. Even your teachers or past mentors, elders, or superiors may seek your suggestion as you are a person with modern thoughts and a balanced approach. Do not expect too much in return or any firm commitment from your consultation to others. Offer unbiased and genuine advice. Avoid investments without a professional recommendation. Be careful of your spending and pay, only if it is required.

With Ketu in your 1st house of Navamsa chart, relaxation, yoga, meditation, or self-awareness program will require to avoid thought-provoking instances. Do not isolate yourself from the material world. This state of mind is a temporary obstacle to earthly pleasures. Shiva helps you to form new ideas for business expansion, growth in a job, and even to open your venture. Be independent and responsible for your decisions. You are wise enough not to get influenced by others but yourself. You are deep into yourself, and that’s the best company you are with today.

You are wise, calm, and rational. With a determination to succeed, you engage yourself in various activities that bind you with worldly pleasures. Shiva suggests you practice spiritual conduct, meditation, and mantra chanting of the energy you are more acquainted to communicate. Alternatively, you can go for shopping, gymming, sports activities, spa, and massage. You are engrossed in whatever you are doing, like office work, personal discussions, romance, taking care of parents and children. Travel for work or pilgrimage is possible. You may create new business opportunities or explore new domains in the business. If you are working, you may think to change your field of job. Think wise before making any decision related to the change in employment. However, for business, it is always a smart idea to explore new territories.

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Your attempt for new business wings may see positive responses from the market or associates. If you are looking for a job change or a better role in the same field that you are working, you may have favorable outcomes. Shiva grants you luck to get out of the monotonous routine and experience flavors of professional and personal life. A family gathering or dinner may have informal talks. You may plan to start something with your brothers and sisters. However, it is subject to your personal horoscope for the partnership business, if beneficial. Think about what you are yet to achieve in the career. Plan out a strategy for creating opportunities in that direction.

You are least bothered about the show-off as you have adopted a rich man’s mindset, who focuses more on investments instead of spendings. You have brought your family and friends closer. Shiva has blessed you with enough experience to understand that the time can change anytime. And you are well prepared to face any kind of situation, which is why you are more contended and focused toward achieving your goals. Finances have taken over your consciousness, and you are money-oriented to secure your family’s future. You are advancing for building up your career. If you are in business, you may want to update the technology to reach an unattended audience.

You are passionate at the same time alert with a readiness to experience a kick of adventure. Shiva grants you benefits, profits, surplus, and bonus for your work, risk-taking nature, and new initiatives that you have taken in the last few weeks. Continue what you are doing with the same enthusiasm to receive more accolades in the future. You spend sufficient time with the family. Do not be overreactive with the demand of your closed ones. Sometimes, you are challenging to understand, and many times you ignore to catch the jokes which end up in unnecessary quarrels with your people. Enjoy the moments as the same family time will be hard to find in the future.

Filled with confidence, clarity of approach, and courage for taking higher risks, you are transformed into a true professional. Shiva grants you a divine vision to look at life. Your meaning of living has changed in the past several weeks for which you are in deep thought this week. You may define new goals and change your path to a career. You may explore new learnings, crash courses, or advisory classes for enhancing your skills. Your financial dreams are quite bigger than you had ever imagined gaining. You will need to work very hard and persistent to achieve these new dreams.

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