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07# Libra 2020 (23 September to 22 October)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♎ Libra

Birthday from
23 September to 22 October


  • Representation – The Balance or The Scales
  • Element – Air
  • Nature – Cardinal/Movable
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Venus
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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Funds, reserving money for a purpose, raising capital for business expansion, job search, or opening new wings in the occupation are in your attention list. You are hunting for various sources of investments in the business. At the job, you are spending more time for an internal movement to grab a better position or an external opportunity to click. Shiva blesses you with the potential and right direction to fulfill your aspiration. You are away from the family, and your loved ones for the majority of this month. Lately, you will spare your time for the spouse, parents, and children, which they will welcome with an open heart.

Domestic and professional responsibilities are increasing their weight on your shoulders. Shiva advises not to go behind the money blindly and be wise while deciding the factors for wealth acquisition. A feeling of betrayal or conflicts of interest at business or workplace will bother you. Go for the retreat programs, mediation, relaxation, and yoga to build patience level and the realization of higher-self. You will find time for the family, children, and loved ones. Plan travel, picnic, outing, or at least a day’s trip with the family and friends. Release the work pressure by devoting sometime with the dear ones, as there’s no end to the work, and this time there’s no loss due to your absence at the job or business.

The investment planning from the previous month will require the buying and selling of assets, wealth, and property this month. Pressure for the to-do list at work, business, or increase, and you will need to prioritize the checklist. Where your staff, juniors, employees, colleagues, children, parents, and friends are pleased with your maturity of handling the situation, you have to control your impulsive reactions with your business partner, spouse, or temporary partner. You need to proactively realize that your business partner and spouse are your real strengths. Shiva warns you from weakness, dizziness, or a reeling sensation. Your spouse will also require to deal with the same kind of health measures.

This month is full of actions with the resultant solutions and answers to your professional and personal concerns. Travel for arranging finances, sorting litigation, project completion, or signing deals will be in your favor. Shiva empowers you to make the right decision related to investments, liquidation of dead business units, or cost optimization within your organization. Be expressive in proposing or admitting your love or feeling for your intimate partner, spouse, or a temporary partner. This proposal may turn fruitful to engage yourself in a permanent relationship with your lover. Meeting old friends, ex-colleagues for a reunion, or celebration will add happiness and joyful moments.

Domestic pleasures, meeting friends, building new relationships, romance, family gatherings, and celebrations will fill your bucket. Shiva advises you to stay away from stunts or any condition which is susceptible to harm or injury. The health of an elderly family member, teacher, or family preacher may take your attention. Plan new investment schemes to grow your assets, money, and wealth. Your career, job, or business is running as planned. You can take advantage of this beneficial period to start a new business wing, or if you are employed, you can plan to start your small venture. You can even expect to start a small or part-time business as the second source of income. Get professional guidance if you sincerely want to start your venture.

With the new plans for your career or business setup, you an inward feeling of frozen in your progress. This notion is temporary. However, for the time being, try to sort out work-related issues or concerns with the help of your business associates. You can reach out to your foreign collaborations for the new projects and commercial expansion. Shiva advises you to spend more time with family. However, avoid any unpleasant discussion with the partner/spouse. Do not involve the parents or in-laws in domestic matters to avoid hyperbole. Business travel and the journey will bring more opportunities, and you will be honored and recognized for your initiatives.

You find affinity with your lover, relationship partner, or spouse. Shiva advises you to take responsibility for your conduct and obligations at work, as you are wise and smart enough to take your career, job, or business at the next level of success. You are living your personal and professional lives to their fullest. The future has more to reward for your credibility. The elderly family members, parents, or in-laws would want to speak with you on important family matters. Make sure to address their concerns maturely. Overseas contacts may offer assistance or convey news which you could be expecting for long. Recognize the support your family has provided you to achieve your professional success.

You have achieved significant success in personal and professional life. However, you are rethinking regarding your decision or future course of action. You are in contemplation of your own thoughts and desires. You are unsure, abashed, uneasy, and self-conscious about your career, business, and the position you are holding today. This dilemma indicates the suffocation of unutilized potentials in you. Shiva advises you to spend some time off the material environs and go for the retreat programs. Meditation, mantra chanting, or yogic conduct will help you get over the stress faster. Your financial, social, and domestic position is sound. Connect and interact with the people, follow your passion, and spending some time for romance.

Continue the spiritual conduct, and meditation as the month progresses. You were 24×7 occupied until this month, and suddenly you will realize how much time you have in your hands to focus on productive areas like career growth, higher business growth as compared to its past achievements, new investments to yield better returns, other material accomplishments. You will results in your previous business initiatives, job change/offer in hand – if already applied, and return on investments. Shiva grants you a new vision and mission statement for the career and domestic life. This new goal will bind your interest in the material and spiritual growth.

The health of parents, elderly family members, or in-laws may worry you. You are much clear about your position, and your attitude speaks it all. You have started your journey for the new goals/milestones and career growth. This initiative will require hard work, persistence, hope, and determination. You might see some challenges or up and down while seeking the results of your efforts. However, it’s part and parcel of any endeavor. You are away from the love, romance, and relationship, which you will be blessed the next month soon. Shiva advises you to increase your investments, fund, and initiate a wealth management program.

Love, romance, relationship, family, friends, spouse, children, and domestic life is back with full enthusiasm. Commitment, engagement, wedding, or a new acquaintance may happen. Expenses will rise for gifts, parties, and gatherings. Shiva sets you free to enjoy your personal life while your colleagues and peers are taking care of your work or business. You are a better personality in terms of thoughts, conduct, and material success. Financial stability is better than before. Engage yourself in some physical activities like sports, plays, drama, trekking, hiking, or performances. This physical activity will make you more creative and inventive. It will also remove the inferiority complexity from your mind if there lies one.

Family, friends, colleagues, and peers – you are celebrating your success with them. You have been deep-minded throughout the year, and your plans have rewarded you with the victory as you had expected. If you are single, you may find your love this month, or your proposal may get you a favourable answer. Meeting new people, travel, picnic, or gathering will be on the plate. Shiva advises you to take advantage of the time to relax and cherish the moment. Time to step back from business for a while to prepare yourself for the next year. Expenses will rise because of domestic affairs. However, you have already made provisions to settle them soon.

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The year starts on a cheerful note. Although you are enjoying the privileges in personal life, you refrain from expressing your feelings for your loved ones. Shattered emotions for unknown reasons may try to interrupt your pleasure. Shiva suggests you spend time with your children to relish the week. You have plans to kick start your career for the new year as soon as you could. Hold your pace and enjoy your surroundings. Your job/business will occupy you soon in the next couple of weeks. Probably that time, you may not find time to spend with the family. Value the personal companionship, spouse, lovers, relationship partners, parents, in-laws, and association of close friends.

You want to get back to work aggressively, and all you have in mind is money. You are ready to put all the required efforts in securing your finances. Shiva suggests you plan your career goals for business/job progressively. Consult your professional advisor if needed. Your spouse could be your consultant, as well. However, this does not qualify to start a partnership business with the family. If you are working, you may find slow growth or ruined expectations considering promotion or change in role. Your marriage life is smoother than before, and you may enjoy harmony with your spouse or relationship partner. Bone pain, burning sensation, or muscle-related issues may deviate your focus.

Be careful while discussing domestic concerns with family. It may lead to misunderstanding or otherwise meaning to your proposals. Shiva advises you to concentrate on your potentials, which are in building your career and strengthening financial position. You can invest the surplus in long-term funds. Do not seek support from your superiors at work. They might consider your questions immature, and you may end up creating a dull impression about yourself. Find some other way of resolving your queries. You are talented, and you have the year ahead to achieve all your financial and professional targets. This week is to observe the work environment.

The time stats now. A professional and treasurer in you are active. Your brains function in the right direction to execute your financial goals for the year. You are blunt and direct in your deals with the business associates to take your business to the next level. If working, you are outspoken with your boss for your promotion, salary hike, and change in role. Shiva advises you to look for a better opportunity outside your current job, which may trigger in the next couple of months if you start your efforts this week. You are unstoppable and furious with a balanced approach to build yourself stronger concerning your profession, business, or job. Your confidence is high, and you have the potentials to convince yourself for the success you are going to achieve.

You want to pace yourself faster to cope up with the time you think you have spent idle in the last couple of weeks, or even months for some of you. However, slowing down your speed will give you more benefits in terms of work-life balance. Shiva ensures your monetary growth and success in your career with whatever you have in your hands this week. You need a wise approach to handle domestic concerns as well. Spend time with the family, children, and wife to understand their interests. They might feel left out or see you as unapproachable. Take a step forward with open arms and make them feel your priority while you are busy at work.

A concern for children may arise. There could be some challenges related to property, investment, funds, or you may face some financial constraints in business/personal areas. Shiva advises you to sit back and monitor the situation before deciding an action to tackle the circumstances. The situation around you is not as challenging as you may see. Your calm and steady approach will help you resolve the current affairs. You will receive full support from your spouse, relationship partner, or business partner during the phase. Taking the assistance of a friend could be the wrong decision this week. Let your family or in-laws assist are if you really need external help.

Start meditation or relaxation as a daily habit if you are not already following this discipline. You may need to start your day early to find peace within yourself. You are more focused on money without understanding the need of an hour. You have already put your plan to work for business growth or job change. All you have in your hands is to keep walking on the path. Shiva warns you from being aggressive and removing the job/work frustration at home and messing up the domestic environment. You may yield some return from your investment, or property that you have recently sold or under the deal.

Domestic affairs will seek more attention. You will try your best to attend the family matters and may give up in the end to satisfy your own people. However, you may find conflicts with people for clashing ethics and rationale. There is no need to explain as neither of you is receptive. Also, do not expect much to turn the matters in your choice. Shiva suggests you avoid significant investments and let the idle funds remain stagnant for some time. Continue meditation or yogic practices for self-awareness and calmness. You will have a transparent approach to the week as it passes. And may successfully come over the obstacles.

You can plan some investments for the dead funds in stocks or commodities. However, be careful as some fascinating schemes may turn unfavorable in the future. Hence, consult your financial advisor before investing. Shiva engages you in personal and professional matters equally. Travel, picnic, outing, marriage, engagement, or gathering may increase your expenses. Fun, games, and chats may thrive and consume your clock hours. You may find yourself socially active. You are dynamic, charged, enthusiastic, and unstoppable. Explore new learning to nurture your skills. You have been down to earth while it comes to learning from others. That is where you find the right kind of people to mature your understanding.

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Your learning continues through unwanted situations or circumstances. Controlled reactions will turn the results in your favor. Shiva advises you to practice silence and passive responses – this will help you to stay calm when you come across harsh tones and indisciplined gestures this week. Do not drag yourself in spending behind new friends or the people who do not value your presence. Reducing expectations from others will help you get over the disappointing moods, and may cherish you during the odd hours. Bone pain, ovaries, digestion, or stomach related issues may trigger. Take care of your food choices, and sleeping patterns to avoid health-related problems.

A mixed week for examining your own sensory and perceptual experiences, you will indulge in dealing with professional challenges, high and low in love life, social gathering, and family responsibilities. Shiva advises you to flow with the flow without finding any flaws in the situation or people’s intentions. Eventually, you will be able to sort out the problems at work, office, business, or profession. The family will understand how trapped you are from all the directions and may release you from their demand. Spouse, lover, or relationship partner may show fluctuating nature in seeking or giving attention. You have to be extra careful about your health because of all these mishaps and try to remain calm.

Stress, burden, tension, or interferences from the previous week settle themselves in your favor, and you will find yourself relaxed. Shiva grants you relief from all the worry, and you will see new sunshine of healthy relationships at work and home. You may have reduced or almost no clashes at work. Spouse, lover, or relationship partner will show support, understanding, and maturity in their behavior. Your health may improve, and you may find yourself at ease and peace. Investments in intraday, stocks, funds, or property may yield better returns. Be careful of friends or so-called friends who may take undue advantage of your generosity.

Deals in property or stocks continue. You may have new business avenues, projects, assignments, or if working offer letter, promotion in your kitty. Shiva warns you from signing any financial obligations without a thorough understanding or consultation from an expert. You are a rising star with more enthusiasm, excitement, and better strategy. Party, gathering, lavish dining, or a poolside party are waiting for you. With improved health and clear thoughts, you are ready to take more work to enhance your career. It’s like a dream comes true, and you are prepared to dream big and work towards achieving it. Onya!

You want to strengthen your financial health for securing your future. You find yourself more potent with a significant influence on your skills, which is reasonable at this stage. Shiva advises you to revise your annual goal list to add more money or income-related plans and chase them. You want to achieve worldly pleasures and feel contented. Your race is for the status quo, and you are prepared to go the extra mile in making a higher social standard. Do not argue with the children, and try to understand their perspective. Your in-laws, extended family, or cousins may provide valuable suggestions to your domestic concerns.

Expenses may rise while you are chasing more sources of earning. However, you do not bother for the spendings as you have clear goals for toning up your financial strength. Shiva grants you success in monetary goals, and you will have a positive result of your efforts in trading stocks, property, alternate income sources, or return on investments. Be careful of your behavior with your loved ones or even strangers. You are too positive and aggressive to handle your emotions if someone tries to advise you. Family responsibilities may tie you for extra hours. Be homely and understand the concerns of your closed ones.

Family, love, and monetary lives are like blessings for you this week. Shiva grants you with daily benefits in terms of worldly pleasures. You have understood the value of material need over spiritual attainment to earn peace of life. You want to secure your bank balance for the family. Inheritance, property, vehicles, insurance, or money-related issues may need your attention. Domestic concerns may seek your presence, feedback, or actions to solve. Avoid being aggressive, angry, or outraged on your closed ones. Relaxation, meditation, pursuing a hobby or sports may release your stress. Be ignorant of disrespectful or undervalued responses from your dear ones.

Love, romance, finances, and wealth are in your favor. You can share your feelings with your spouse or relationship partner. Shiva grants you a busy schedule at work, business, profession, and office. You have learned to balance yourself between domestic and professional affairs. Travel for work or personal urgency may trigger. Legal concerns may engage you for a while. Be a good negotiator while dealing with money matters or compromising on legal issues. You will have support from your spouse and family during critical points. You may become overwhelmed or emotional, which may not be a requirement of an hour. Connect with old friends or references to cherish the moments or for any assistance.

A week of leisure. You may have time available for ease and relaxation. Shiva advises you to live the hobbies, interests, sports, spa, massage, games, or any activity that you find cheerful and lively. Be expressive toward your spouse, partner, lover, or crush. You are a center of attraction and may get attention from the crowd. Be joyful, remain calm, and in your senses to enjoy the moments. You may want to spend behind party, celebration, dinner or gifts. Be sensible for your spending – if you are buying expensive dinners for the show-off. Enjoy the party with your closed ones who have brought these happy moments in your life.

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Your professional and social networking is developing. You have learned the art of socializing. Shiva grants you a vision to become look inside for the self-assessment. You contemplate your own thoughts, desires, and conduct. You find yourself grown with a kindly and lenient attitude toward people. Charity, donation, a voluntary gift to some worthwhile cause is your action. Your basis for comparison or a reference point of evaluation is yourself against yourself. You are keen on personal improvement and maturation. By now, you are convinced that you are multi-talented and want to explore new areas of life. Leaning extracurricular activities, higher courses, or opting for crash courses could be your choices.

Socializing continues, and you may reach out to the newer crowd or set of people for your personal and professional growth. Your address book is increasing with new acquaintances, contacts, and references where you may make close connections or reliable friends during the phase. Shiva grants you warmth, friendliness, and reciprocal vibration from family, friends, in-laws, partners, children, or anyone you meet this week. In a way, this week is full of interaction with known and unknown people with forming relationships. You are like a magnet to attract people without a selfish motive.

An artist and a fun-loving person in you are waking up. You will encourage your spouse, children, and even parents to pursue their hobbies. Parallelly, you will enroll yourself in some exciting activities or extramural sports. You can say it a leisure time but wait. You may want to mark it as a nurturing phase of life for developing talent. You see yourself as a successful individual. If you are single, you may fall in love. It is difficult to bifurcate if it is an attraction. It is a feeling of self-satisfaction which may find offensive later. Shiva suggests you avoid emotional interactions. Simply enjoy the phase and feel blessed.

Avoid ill-will by demanding too much from the time or your loved ones. Shiva protects you against the increasing expectation, which may cause sadness associated with some wrong done. All these feelings are carried forward from the last week where you have encountered new love or attraction. Being real is more important than indulging in material or physical attractions. Focus on investments and personal financial concerns. You may find yourself calculative in making money-related decisions. You are logical, wise, and giving more meaning to your funds. Practicing relaxation, isolation, or chanting will calm your exaggerated feelings down. Overall, you are unstoppable. Channelizing your thoughts and energy will yield more productive outcomes.

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