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08# Scorpio 2020 (23 October to 22 November)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♏ Scorpio

Birthday from
23 October to 22 November


  • Representation – The Scorpion
  • Element – Water
  • Nature – Fixed
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Mars
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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Entrepreneur in you is on the move with determination, clear ambition for money, name, fame, business expansion, new collaboration, refined processes, set protocols, elaborated plans, systematic actions, and no-mercy attitude with thyself; however, soft with the associates. You are ready to travel anywhere anytime to get your business growing, or if working, to reach new territories with the onsite or relocation opportunities. Shiva blesses you with wisdom, enthusiasm, and energy for combating the odds and scaling new peaks in your career or business. You may get into a commitment, engagement, marriage, or a sincere relationship. You will have a fair chance to celebrate your success with your dear ones, family, and friends.

Love, romance, affair, intimate relations between husband and wife, or a new relationship is waiting for you. Meeting with old friends, ex-colleagues, and extended family will add happiness. Shiva blesses you monetary gains through the returns on investments, stocks, incentives. Expenses may rise, which you may not be able to stave off. Accept them with composure, and try to settle them from the second source of income. Business travel is possible for new collaborations, projects, or exploring new territories for the business. Support from your spouse or business partner will help you execute your plans. Bone pain or injury to the leg will take your attention for a while. However, you can avoid this if careful. Meditation, relaxation, or isolation will aid a substitute for mental peace.

Expenses that started lately in February will continue to rise, and you have no escape. Continue the meditation and relaxation to gain spiritual lift or support to aid your mental stress. Professionally you are entirely occupied with a long to-do list, and new opportunities will require your smartness to convert into the business profiles. Shiva has planned a special moment of romance or love in your life. You will realize the value of close acquaintance and may want to spare some leisure time with your loved one. The health of a family member from the maternal side, or a peer/colleague may worry you.

Slowing down of expenses are still emptying your pockets. This month the purpose of spending could be a celebration, party or gathering with friends and family. Conflict seems to be possible with the business partner, spouse, or in-laws over a petty issue. Shiva advises you to avoid the allegation you may come across from your people. Winning over the arguments may end up in losing the healthy relationships. You will be in the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed. However, no physical damage is done, and you should be happy about it. Be social to help people as much as you could.

A professional in you is awakening his senses slowly. Yor are off the domestic issues and concerns. Recovering from the past arguments, you are into building the family harmony back by releasing from the entanglement of difficulties you had experienced recently. With the cutting down expenses, you want to relook at your investments. Shiva warns you from fire, burnings objects, or small accidents that could happen due to the movement of Mars in the Navamsa chart. People, colleagues, or even your superiors may come to seek your advice. Be wise in helping them as they could help you in completing your piece of work.

Loaded back with the domestic responsibilities, you are finding some temporary replacement to do your business or work in the office. Family or extended family would want your time for a light informal conversation, which even you will have to dispense with for their sake. Travel with family or friends will eat some extra leisure time. Shiva sees you busy with personal matters. And life is not all about money and career. If you understand this, you will find true happiness with your folks. On the other hand, new business or job opportunities will knock your door. You can hold them for a while until you attend them the next month.

While you are paying heed to new contacts, assignments, or jobs at work, the family requires your equal attention and presence. Travel or a rush-hour moment for the family, children, spouse, relationship partner will exhaust you. Mark of honor or a graceful personal moment will bring a smile on your face. Shiva alarms you from giving anyone the authority or power of attorney to deal on your behalf. Take guidance from an expert or a financial advisor, while dealing with the investments, fundraising scheme, or any money related concern. Continue the meditation and chanting to keep reducing the stress because of your dual presence at work and home.

You are concerned with sacred matters, mental peace, new sources of knowledge, consciousness for a state of perfect insight, tranquility, and the totality of surrounding conditions. You may change your residence or place of business for a better life. Shiva helps you to catch up with the family and friends by way of wedding, gathering, engagement, or alike connect. You may want to decorate or repair your premises to trade your property for monetary gain. Simultaneously, you are interested in buying a new property or asset. Engage a real-estate consultant for better returns on your purchases/sell.

The motivation is deriving logically ethical or moral principles that govern your thoughts and actions. In simple words, your morale up, and you are in the highest of happiness and self-realization. Private engagements will occupy your time. Romance, love, affair, relationship, or extramural sports will contribute to your felicity. You are at the peak of your personal and professional fulfillment. You are amusing outside, and mysterious inside. You have hidden aims to further achieve success in your endeavor. Shiva helps you to put a strict application to work for executing your plans. Formal gathering, joint ventures, or workshops will lead to fruitful associations for future growth.

New milestones, significant events, participation in the seminars, exchanging ideas, and meeting for consultation of official matters will be position. You will be recognized for your efforts and contribution to the success of your business or organization. Shiva blesses you with new assignments, clientele, focused groups to deal with the future workload. Travel to foreign countries for work is possible and will yield favorable outcomes. The active 6th house in Navamsa indicates pleasure from pets, maternal family, or support from colleagues, workmates, and employees. Be careful with the health, especially if you are foody and wanting to have a lot of junk food this month.

It seems to be all set on the professional and personal front. Remind yourself that change is the only constant. Shiva warns you for your cheerfully irresponsible behavior with colleagues or peers, which might put your image at stake. Although you will receive cooperation from your coworkers, some covetous eyes will try to trap you with their ill will. There could be a new undertaking, contracts, or investment documents that will require an expert’s opinion before you stamp them. You will have a new phase or next level of your personal affairs like engagement, wedding, migration, or a new arrival in the family. You may gain spiritual attainment if you are continuing the meditation practice – this will help you to balance yourself while running for the material achievements.

Health-wealth and domestic-social-professional, everything is smooth. The efforts are paying off, and you are contented. The initiatives you have attempted are engaging you even in the year-end. And that’s the signal for the next year’s goal-setting plan. You are exhausted, still fresh. Shiva blesses you with happiness with a sense of more insight into your personality. Be determined even if you see some slowness in the pace of work or professional assignments – this is temporary due to a lack of resources or techniques. You will manage to automate most of the tasks next year. Go for some shopping or vacation with the family who have sacrificed their time while you were busy achieving professional goals.

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You are too aggressive to control your actions for expanding and growing your career opportunities. You are taking unnecessary stress for the first week of this year. Shiva warns you from too many thoughts from choking your quality of being prudent and sensible. Take some time off with the family because as the week passes, you will be completely engrossed in your career and business to achieve your goals. However, be careful in diet and chose the food that suits your body. Bone pain, burning sensation in the stomach, headache, or cramps may worry you. You may have a chance to meet old friends to live over the fantastic young moments.

Property related concerns may grab your attention, and you may need to engage a real estate agent or a consultant to seek advice for the property deal. The health of the mother or maternal family member may worry you. Shiva grants you some ease from the domestic responsibilities and issues. You are ready to explore new business territories; if working, you will push your superiors for an onsite opportunity or a promotion. Shiva has equipped you to take new responsibilities, and you are firm to achieve your career goals with a detailed plan of action. The only mission you have is to engage your efforts to attain your goals, and you are entirely focused.

You are sending a recurring reminder to yourself for being persistent in accomplishing career goals. You will receive support from your business partner, spouse, or relationship partner like esprit de corps. Meaning, you have a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty shared by the people you know from every perspective for your success. Shiva advises you to hold patience and keep doing what you have planned to execute, instead of expecting results so soon. You will work jointly with new business associates or colleagues to overtake the market. In personal affairs, you may get into a commitment or spend a memorable time with your spouse. Yet you have to go a long way to fulfill your dreams.

You have a positive impact on work. You are rigorously looking to expand your experience and always looking for the next level of assignment. Domestic concerns, family, and friends are still not in mind. Shiva grants you business trips to reach the new work territories – this could be opening a new branch, giving franchise contracts, or if working, this could be a trigger for an onsite opportunity for you. Buying/selling property, vehicles, or even the discussion related to a paternal property may engage you in domestic matters. You might ignore your spouse, parents, and family while dealing with work and property-related matters.

While you were away from the family, spouse, and children last week, you realized the value of their existence in your life. You may want to go back to them, which could not be possible as you have walked too far in your career planning that the only option you have is to take the family along. Shiva advises you to include your family in the business, or if you are working, maintain a work-life balance to spend fruitful time with your family this week. You can also plan a short vacation, picnic, or even movie with your folks – this will help you to remain stressfree from the workload you faced last week.

Assignments from the previous week have added new people to your contact list. Well, not all who we meet provide meaning to our lives. However, there were some individual connections that you can rely on and initiate a personal or professional relationship to grow. You will have full support from your colleagues, peers, and office staff. They might help you finish some of the tasks from your to-do list. As you approach your personal life and look around in a close periphery, you may find love – if single, and temptation – if married. Surprisingly, you are bold to express your love or affection for the new acquaintances, and chances of affirmation from them are high this week. Shiva suggests you stay calm in case of any disappointments you face from your children concerning their studies, report cards, or even money matters.

Your professional, personal, financial, and social aura is improving, and it all seems positively influenced – this is all a result of your attitude and irrefutable approach toward the odds. Shiva blesses you with new business avenues, offer letters, projects, assignments, or extension of contracts. Family union, meeting school friends, old colleagues, distant relatives, or cousins is possible. You may fall in love or a temporary affair. It is up to you to take the bonding ahead. You have to understand that the decision is never right or wrong. However, indeed, today’s decision forms the likewise relationship tomorrow. Listen to your intuitions beyond what you feel or think.

You focus on financial growth. You may try to find sources of other income or significant investments in the share market. Consult your investment banker before making decisions. Shiva advises you to go on a saving mode even if you have blocked a substantial volume of your funds for the future. Expenses may rise for personal concerns, romance, family, or children. However, there may not be a need for huge spending. Think before emptying your pockets or swiping your credit cards. Be conscious of your mood swings with your spouse, and avoid any conflicts which may result in unnecessary outcomes. Such critical situations may take your health on a troll.

Expenses continue to rise, and you have to be extra careful with your buying or shopping choices. Spend only if necessary. Shiva grants you a pleasure to meet erstwhile friends, colleagues, or associates. You will cherish your time with them. You may relive some old memories, and you will realize no gap between the emotions of friends despite the geographical distance and long years of disconnect. You will spend a real-time at work, office, or business. There is a new business or job opportunity. You will be able to grab them if you have the right perception, learning, and reasoning. You may find an inclination for charity, donation, or religious activities.

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Your cognition is an immanent act of the mind. Love, relationship, romance, and intimacy all may go haywire, where you may find yourself away from the material pleasures. Experience is the best teacher provided you are a good student. Be extra careful to avoid repeating the mistakes that you have made in the past, considering your love life. Shiva suggests you practice meditation, mantra chanting, or a solo trip to reunite yourself with your inner self. Socializing is also an option to get rid of the personal affairs that distress you. You might have disconnected yourself with the people around you, and now is the time to reconnect with them.

While you are trying to settle your expectations from the loved ones or their conduct with you, expenses will impose themselves to abandon your bank balance. Despite these odds, you may find yourself in eternal bliss if you are continuing meditation or relaxation practice. Shiva suggests you discipline your days by rising early with a set schedule to include meditation, yoga, or other spiritual conduct – this will help you balance your thoughts this week. There could be a plan for some rituals or religious ceremonies at home. New business associates, deals, planning, contract, and if working new job offers will add new wings to your career.

Challenges from the previous week may continue at home. The health of elderly family members, kids, pets, or even your own wellness may worry you. Shiva grants you strength, determination, and support in a tough time. You are equally dragged for the office or business work. Colleagues, bosses, peers, business partners, and associates want you to be present for taking typical decisions or carrying out essential activities at work. A knot with too many endpoints, you are running like a headless chicken. However, as the week passes, you will balance yourself and set priorities to handle. And the good news is that you are successful in getting over.

Shiva warns you from incurring huge spendings that you are bearing for the last two weeks, and there could be instances to hike your expense graph even this week. You may find yourself afflicted with mental agitation or distress. Legal matters, travel for work, or proceeding in a court of law may seize your thoughts. You have to believe in your strength to come out of all this emotional strain or suspense successfully. Your emotions rise for spirituality, meditation, relaxation, and intent consideration of thyself. Isolation may not be the right option to tackle the adversities. You have got to connect with the right people who can help you win over the situations.

You have mature your understanding to look at the problems or situations that come across in day to day life. You are more practical and accepting the challenges sportingly. Shiva grants you resources, friends, well-wishers, and supporters to sustain a difficult time. You are now determined to save more money and reduce expenses. You may see your career is slipping from your hands, and you are not growing as expected. However, this illusion will be over soon, and you will see the results of your efforts by September 2020 end. Hence, continue where you are or gran a new opportunity, which gives you a better role and position instead of merely thinking about the pay rise.

You may have regained some old contacts, reunited with the extended family, got support from friends and family last month, and this week you will continue to cherish the moments with them. You have understood the value of personal networks over professional buddies. Shiva sets you free from worries, obstacles, challenges, and problems to quite an extent where you can see a clear picture as to where you stand in life concerning your professional and personal achievements. Love, respect, and warmth from the spouse, business partner, or relationship partner will be high this week. You will feel energized with their support. You can share your secrets or worries with them.

You are showcasing affirmation and acceptance to the circumstances, and have successfully managed to change your surroundings in y our favor. Shiva advises you to practice meditation and slower your pace to actions as you are overspeeding your task execution. Well, the time is in your support. However, the people you are associated with may not be ready to run so fast, and you may lose their confidence in you. It is better to average the pace to take everyone along, and that is where the fun lies. New business opportunities, contracts, renewals are visible. If you are working and had an offer last month, you may need to encash the same with a new one, or you have a chance to receive a proposal this week.

Try to be politically correct instead of putting your points straight across the table. As suggested last week, slower your pace of actions, and you will have everyone to support you. Shiva advises you to revise the goals of the current year and make them more towards achieving new heights in your business, job, profession, or career. It’s time to look at domestic matters and family functions. Hold the issues related to vehicle, property, real estate for some time, and avoid taking any important decisions. Concerns related to the education of children may worry you. Relax and sit back peacefully. That is the demand for an hour.

You are a contestant who wins a contest, a gambler who wins a bet, and a person with a record of successes. You have a phantasmal presence in the room. What else you want from your talent? Shiva grants you a celebration and joyful occasion to mark some happy events for your professional success. Personal wellbeings are already on, and your family/friends are a part of the celebration. Be careful with your lover/romance partner or children. You may be too aggressive and arrogant for them to handle. The stock market, short-term investments, race, lottery, or intraday trade may have gains spared for you. Consult your financial advisor before trading.

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You are progressing fast and volunteering to promote your roles sometimes as a mentor, counselor, advisor, leader, motivator, or guide. Shiva suggests you help as many people as you could for their personal and professional goals. Gains from investment or trading are likely to continue if you are with the right financial consultant. You may have some other sources of income or financial gains active this week. Start or continue the meditation, mantra chanting, or relaxation practices. Alternatively, go for the spa or massage to relax. Material or spiritual rejuvenation conducts help reduce day-to-day stress. You will be more energetic and firm to achieve new goals.

A demanding week starts where you may have to take care of your health, wellness, and finances. Shiva adds some challenging tasks for you to handle. You may require support from colleagues, peers, employees, or superiors in completing the to-do list. You will obtain balance in managing the multiple things and challenges if you are continuing meditation, book reading, and relaxation practices. Books are your best friends – this is the time to apply your knowledge that you have gained from books and experience. Alternate income sources may increase the possibility of earning higher than before. Try to scale up your second line of business.

You will observe holdback, pause, and hindrances in your progress and yearly planner. You want to invest your money for more benefits and looking at the market, and you may need to wait for sometime before deciding options. Shiva warns you from tension, health concerns, and injuries this week. It is an ideal time to rest at home. Take some time off from work and enjoy family bonds. Relaxation activities, leisure, hobby, yoga, meditation, and indoor exercises will help you calm your heart and aggression. Take little effort to complete the business, professional, or office activities. You have been sincerely working throughout the year, and taking a week for peace will awaken your creativity.

Workweek, awards, recognitions, bonuses, and gain are pleasing you. You are back to the original pace and passion for resuming your duties after a weekend. Shiva involves your family, friends, and closed ones in the celebration of the honor you have received. Your health is improving. You are at peace within yourself. You have obtained a sense of self-worth after a struggle of many months. You are connecting back with your extended family, old friends, overseas relatives, and in-laws. Everybody you are connected with is cherishing the old moments and your newly achieved success. Gather the memories and store them for revisiting in the future.

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