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09# Sagittarius 2020 (23 November to 22 December)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♐ Sagittarius

Birthday from
23 November to 22 December


  • Representation – The Archer
  • Element – Fire
  • Nature – Mutable/Dual
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Jupiter
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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Office and home will squeeze you like a sandwich. If that is the case, make sure you have some cheese and salad along to accompany you there. Are you confused? In simple words, you have a long checklist of domestic and work-related matters. Shiva advises you to set your priorities and follow them as it will be challenging to complete them all this month. There will be a financial burden because of increasing expenses. Travel or essential meetings with new business associates may happen – this will help to expand your professional boundaries. However, this is too early to expect the return from business travel if you are seeking some additional scope in your bucket.

It seems like you had the amorous advances in your checklist last month. Your temporary relationship may see a commitment. The money outflow will continue for a better cause like investments, purchase of properties, or starting a new business venture. However, your financial health will see improvement. Shiva blesses you a pearl of wisdom to take some essential decisions related to your career/business, which will increase your reputation in the society. Be careful about the health of your immediate family members or in-laws. Meeting new people, or travel for work, will open new opportunities for your business/career. Your plans for business/career enhancement will see a meaningful direction.

Career or business expansion plans from the previous month will continue to exercise the mind to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution. You are distinct when it comes to handling people. You will earn a standing ovation for the earnest and conscientious activity you have performed for taking your career/business to a new dimension of change. Shiva warns you from the negative intuitive feeling for your family, as you are capable of handling their concerns with a steady state of mind. Take a taking a thorough look through these nightmares before taking any decision in the domestic matters. This situation could be temporary or merely illusive.

You may have impulsive thoughts where you are obsessed with the demand you see for yourself. Shiva advises you to look at this scenario differently. You have created this addiction for others, and they are dependent on your support to arrive at any decision; this signifies your value, prestige, and a prominent status at work or in society. Cooperate with your colleagues or superiors, and you will see favorable results coming your way. Too much work and no romance is unfair for the work-life balance. You will find someone special, or if married, you will have personal time with your spouse to build a healthy relationship.

You are more mature and thoughtful than before. A feeling of self-esteem is increasing in you. Be watchful of your arrogance. Shiva blesses you with stability in a career as well as you may want to grow your business/job territory to a foreign land. Your successful and doing great with your work. However, you have more potentials than your achievements – this is why you are ungratified for your current position; nevertheless, you will find ways to progress further. You are engaged in work throughout the month. Still, you will manage to spare some time with the family and friends for a small gathering, party, or outing.

You may feel low in terms of health – this is due to an unknown feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are higher than the reality. Time to relook at yourself. Go for relaxation and meditation practices to avoid unpleasant thoughts. Shiva advises you to spend time with family and friends when your colleagues are taking care of the work while you are away. Your financial stability is smooth. Stay away from the tempting deals related to property, vehicle, or real estate – this is not the right month to invest abruptly due to the odd placement Rahu and Jupiter. The health of parents or in-laws will be a concern for a short while.

Highly disorganized and cluttered period. You are doing good at work and busy with domestic affairs. Life is smooth outside and disturbed inside. Shiva suggests continuing relaxation and meditation practices. As the month passes, you will find yourself peaceful and contented. You are a wise and trusted guide and advisor; people will seek your guidance for their business and career-related concerns. Reinitiate the property or vehicle deals/issues that were struct or on hold. Spend enough time with your relationship partner, or spouse to avoid their loneliness since it’s been long you have not attended them. You can prevent relationship issues by giving them the priority that they deserve.

This month is for brainstorming, solutions, ideas, and adventure. You will look for business expansion plans or a job change if working. New assignments at work will fetch you a recognition. Your past proposals, which were rejected earlier, will be considered to initiate their execution. You may lay stringent processes or regulations at work to further qualify your business/job for better opportunities. Shiva helps you connect with new people and become socially active. Be a genuine negotiator and diplomatic while dealing with sensitive matters or people. You can enroll for higher courses or learning programs to upskill yourself. Parents, in-laws, or siblings will seek your support and time.

Your determination to succeed is more durable than the obstacles. New collaborations, business tie-up, job change – if you are working, travel for work, and official gathering will conform to a pattern of achieving the aim. Romance, love, affair, proposal, and new relationship will energize the emotions of togetherness and throw the loneliness away. Shiva decorates your ambiance with excitement and felicity. Your domestic partner will see an improved you. You have changed as a person at work and home. You are a center of attraction for all. Your achievements and wisdom are recognized. At the same time, new responsibilities will make their way to your door.

Your passion for success continues, and so does your reputation and fame keep spreading across. Dispute with inheritance can be sorted out. Legal matters will see favourable results. However, consider a 3600 review before making any decision on the property matters. Shiva grants a felicitous fortune with the spouse, children, and parents. Health and wellness could be an area of concern for a short period. You want to explore the inner-you. You are indulged in meditation, contemplation, rumination, reading through the literature, self-help books, or self-reformation. Well, this is not a state of isolation. Instead, this will help you connect with the material world and surrounding better when you are back.

A philosopher in you continues this month. While you are in the mood of romance, some domestic concerns will shake you from your seat. As the month passes by, you move from the selflessness to self-centeredness. Shiva advises you to keep your calm and avoid arrogance while dealing with personal matters. You may end up spoiling close relations because of your aggression. Your monetary condition is sound and stable; however, it is not your priority for the last many months. You are away from work for a long. There are opportunities like new assignments, client deals, or job change. You can grab them in your bucket if you put conscious efforts.

The year-end seems to be very busy for you, and you spread across your presence in many verticals. You are active in all wings of life viz. personal, professional, and social. You may have an opportunity to connect with the love partner, spouse, parents, children, friends, colleagues, new acquaintances, and even the old contacts. Shiva blesses your financial stability and unique business opportunity this month, which you can continue to chase in 2021. Legal matters may see a favourable conclusion or a movement. Pacify your aggression during the disputes with your spouse, loved one, or a departing partner (situation under divorce/separation). Your response to the case will determine the outcome.

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Your accumulated efforts from the previous year continue to fetch name, fame, money, prosperity, and success in your career. For some of you, as per your personal horoscope, you will relive some old memories with the family and friends this week. You may meet new people, plan a trip with the family, or visit pilgrimage before starting your 2020 routine. Shiva advises you to avoid reaction to your children and stay away from being a sandwich between the spouse and parents. Focus on your hobbies and spend most of the week outside your home with friends. Delay the decisions or trade related to vehicle and property.

Love, romance, or intimate relationships may knock the door. You may have support from the government officials or superiors for finishing the undone assignments. Travel for work or short family trips are possible. Shiva grants you worldly pleasures like family bonding, affection from the spouse, respect and love from children, happy moments with parents, or if you are single – you may get your life partner this week. Your career continues at a slow pace, considering the start of 2020. However, you are quite ahead in achieving your career, job, or business targets than many around you. You may get to meet new people at work and in personal life.

Meeting new people from the previous week continues, and you get to expand your social network. Do not drag yourself with the demand from the people you have recently met or the contacts you are not quite acquainted with to avoid any disappointment or treason. Shiva advises you to control your senses for trusting anyone who does not comply with your standards, ethics, or principles – these references to your professional and personal affairs. You may have business or relationships tie-up from overseas associates or relatives. Be careful of your health and wellness of your in-laws, elderly family members, or children.

You want to revise your career and personal goals for the year, as you may see some delay in executing the plans or earning returns as expected. Shiva breaks the illusion of success you may be having for quite some time. As the week progresses, you may realize that you have more potentials than you have analyzed, and you would now rush to plan something huge. You may end up throwing your frustration on the closed one like family and friends. At the same time, you are conscious of your behavior in the workplace. Try to avoid this dual nature, and digest any unfavorable deals that may come your way.

As the week begins, you would want to settle the miscommunication or disharmony which triggered last week. You want to clear the confusions or disappointments with the family, and you may want to start again. Shiva blesses you with the wisdom and communication to set most of the personal affairs right. You will revise your to-list and put the concerns related to business expansion, change of role, promotion, or job change on the top. You believe in your abilities to deal with tough situations. You are courageous to walk the path least traveled for extending your business/career. A sportsman in you is waking up, and you want to enroll for the gym or start a fitness regime on your own.

Travel for work, new business deals, contracts, projects, assignments, offer letters, or essential discussions related to business expansion may start your week. While you are chasing your career goals and business targets, you are fulltime involved in private affairs and domestic happiness. Shiva blesses you with the joyful occasions, festivity, and luxurious dining with family and friends. You are conscious of your behavior and responses to them and making sure to be as soft as possible while enjoying the domestic welfare. Love and romance are high with a de facto partner or the spouse. Expenses may rise in gifts, parties, or even for the charity and donations.

You are helping unknown people through charity, donation, or may walk up to the poor to feed their empty stomach. Expenses continue to rise for the charity and gift articles to your loved ones. Shiva blesses your pleasure in private affairs. You may want to take your commitment to the next level of relationship. However, be careful of being committed as this could be too early unless you have spent enough time in a relationship with the same partner. All these domestic concerns have taken you away from business and job goals. Your to-do list is seeing a delay in achieving the milestones, and you may want to get back to work as early as possible.

You are back to business, profession, job, and work. You are firm and may want to explore new business territories. Shiva grants you strength and concentration to spare extra working hours. You may want to add some assets in your account. Property related concerns will see favourable outcomes. If you are in business, you may want to eat a small fish that is troubling your market. You have no time for romance. However, if you have committed recently, you may wish to change your preference. Emotional games are riskier than money games. Be careful before concluding love, romance, or relationship matters.

Romance from the last couple of weeks continues. Your amatory affairs will be cheerful. For the married, you will have an upbeat of the time with your spouse. Shiva blesses you with monetary gain, which could be temporary. Financial benefits from the business partner, spouse, or in-laws could be possible. The right approach is to invest this additional fund in the long term schemes with the help of your financial advisor. Expenses may rise in travel, migration, picnic, outing, or parties. New business opportunities, interviews for a job change, or shortlisting of your candidature for your career may happen – prepare yourself in advance for these tests.

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Financial benefits may continue to some extent. However, you have to decide the investment plans wisely. Expenses extend themselves this week also. There could be new business avenues or job opportunities, and you may want to invest some funds in your career, like learning programs, workshops, etc. Ask the worth of these curricula before making payments. Shiva warns you from being too emotional to handle yourself. Your expectations from others may end up in trouble for you. You may lose the quality of being believable or trustworthy. You may face disapproval expressed by others by pointing out faults or shortcomings. Meditation, silence, or isolation may help you avoid the situation.

While expenses continue to grow, you are convinced to cover up this extra burden effortlessly by creating new income sources, or you may have some investments due to reward your bank balance. Shiva grants you maturity, understanding, and communication to settle the begrudged relations that were created in the last couple of weeks with your dear ones. You may spend more time with family and friends than at work. You may find yourself free from disputes. Mental stress or anxiety will be absent. You have achieved the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or effort for others.

Professional in you is waking up. You may plan a travel to build a new contact list for your job or business. Meeting strangers, business associates, foreign clients, or attending conferences will help you extend your network. Shiva advises you to stay calm and cheerful with your spouse, in-laws, or elderly family members. You will gain knowledge and practical learning through interaction with different people. Your understanding of the surrounding will increase, and you will be more mature in handling your routine. You will be more creditworthy. You will be proactive in providing shelter, guidance, and support to the people around you.

Your passion for work, business, job, or profession continues. You are ready to sacrifice all sorts of personal enjoyment to grow in your career. Shiva grants you support and freedom from domestic affairs to expand and extend your professional wings. Indeed, there could be some hard time with superiors because of the difference in opinions and ideas. However, you are smart enough to sort it peacefully and will walk ahead to your goals with their consent. You are not excited but balanced in moving towards your annual goal. Money is not a matter. What you want is recognition and a better role and responsibilities to handle.

You should refrain from being too emotional about your work if you do not see the outcomes you are aiming to achieve. Work with your colleagues, peers, and superiors as a team. They may require your guidance and support in handling the initiatives you have undertaken. Shiva grants you new contracts, assignments, business deals, a different extension of opportunities to expand your work territory. You may be exhausted with the workload. However, in the back of your mind, you are aware that it is your baby, and you have to handle it. Avoid health issues or mental agony due to proportionately overwork.

The health challenge may continue because of the unnecessary stress that you have imposed on yourself. Although you are gaining great heights in your career, job, profession, or business deals, you are not satisfied and willing to earn more credibility and success. Shiva grants you support in expanding your professional reach. You are more durable and confident than ever before. It’s been a while you have indulged in love, intimacy, romance, or relationship with your spouse, lover, or even temporarily. Look around, and you will see the charm waiting for you to enlighten your personal affairs. You can have time being intimacy with colleagues, peers, or a friend.

Love, intimacy, romance, and caring moments continue from the last week. Expenses may rise for the loved ones either for gifts or even on the extreme side, i.e., for their health concerns. Shiva blesses you a balanced life at a professional and personal front. Domestic problems reduce or almost disappear for some time, although you may have to take care of the health issues of your dear ones. You have support from all the directions, and you are not hesitant to receive the offers. Be careful of your fluctuating decisions and actions as this may create unpredictable behavior of yours, and your supporters may take a backseat even though they want to help you.

Expenses continue to rise for domestic or health reasons. You may feel upset with your personal affairs, family responsibilities, or intimate circle. You are trying to focus more on work, job, office, and career growth. Shiva grants you rewards, recognition, and awards for your sincere efforts. New assignments, extended business wings, or job opportunities may knock your door. You may struggle between disappointing personal affairs and happening professional chores. Practice meditation, relaxation, and self-awareness. You may find answers within yourself if you try to neutralize your thoughts. Build an unbiased perspective for work and home. You will get to see through the fog.

People may come to you to seek advice, guidance, or support. A mentor in you is active, and you are all set to give the right direction to others. Shiva continues to shower professional growth, rewards, and recognition for your efforts at work. You may need some aura rectification and cleansing. Purify the premises at home and work with an expert’s consultation. There seem more negative vibes from your residence or business place. Stay away from the property, money, finance, or inheritance related discussions. You may have additional monetary benefits from the business, job, or even in-laws. Do not drag yourself into emotions when it comes to the elderly family members. Take a wise approach to their demands.

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As advised last week, take control of your emotions. You are over flexible or stubborn with your dear ones. Shiva suggests you focus on your career. Business expansion is possible. If you are working, you may have an opportunity to change a higher role, promotion, better pay, or onsite placement. You will be loaded with work, tasks, assignments, and deadlines. Well, you will see considerable support from your colleagues or counterpart. Avoid any domestic distraction, as this is one of those phases in career when you have all the luck favoring you. You may feel aggressive and agitated. However, you are channelizing your frustration to yield productive outcomes.

You are diverting yourself towards the domestic concerns and may want to spend time with family, in-laws, and friends. Everyone deserves a work-life balance, and so are you. Shiva shows remote opportunities at work, profession, or business. Take the help of your consultant to grab these opportunities. You will earn the honor and laurel from all directions. Make sure to spend more time with the family at the start and end of the week because there are possibilities of missing some fun part at the indoor gathering. Do not lock yourself in a room away from the family members. Life is all about memories. And decide how you want your memories to look alike in the future.

You may want to share the secrets of upsetting moments with your close friend or companion. Opening heart before the right buddy may relax your mood. Shiva grants you relief from the workload and official responsibilities. However, your hard work continues as particular assignments require your attention and presence both. You will have support from your family, friends, lover, spouse, children, and business associates for taking your career, job, or company at the next level of advancement. They have realized your dedication and sincerity for work – this is where you are freely spending time at work and may have stressfree moments.

Love, romance, intimacy, and flirtatious time is due. You may have a new friend, colleague, or attraction to blossom your heart. Shiva warns you of the health concerns. Take extra care to have healthy food. Practice some meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. On the career front, you may find yourself at zero who is wanting to start everything afresh. Do not disappoint yourself and look within. External progress may have scarred points. However, your internal growth is quite channelized with experience, knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. Be grateful to your courage, patience, and planning that has helped you achieve what you are today.

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