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10# Capricorn 2020 (23 December to 22 January)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♑ Capricorn

Birthday from
23 December to 22 January


  • Representation – The Goat
  • Element – Earth
  • Nature – Cardinal/Movable
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Saturn
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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With the family and finance in mind, you have been away from people for long. You will reconnect with your colleagues, social circle, and friends – this will help you expand your network once again. Spouse, parents, children, and siblings are your world – you are a family person with money in mind to secure them. You will have support from your love, relationship partner, and spouse to expand your business, which is the best partnership you will ever have. Shiva advises you to strengthen your financial health as you have been aiming for it for long. You have already started your attempts for a job change, business expansion, and foreign tie-up.

You have a sudden opportunity to make money – at the same time, your plans are beyond money. You are passionate, consistent, and determined to achieve your career or business goals. Indeed the results are in your favor. Socializing, meeting, gathering, and travel will expand your professional and personal network. Shiva blesses you with a good fortune in professional and personal life. Your bonding with the spouse and business partner becomes stronger. Romance, love, and affairs will take the next level in commitment. Be soft and polite with the people, and you will keep away from the hostility and biased unfavorable judgments of others.

You are full of confidence, hard work, and perseverance in executing your plans for success. You are looking for accumulating more knowledge through reading. While your job or business is continuing well, you have many items on the plate that you are trying to prioritize the preference. Plans for new business avenues or job searches are on the verge of showing positive results. Shiva suggests you spend time with the family as they require your attention to domestic concerns. Your friends and social circle will look forward to your help and support. Take precautionary measures if you find yourself with deteriorating health.

You are unstoppable and have progressed far from you started this year. The greeneye monsters are around you. They envy you for the success you have achieved through your hard work and persistence. Shiva advises you to ignore the feeling of grudging admirations from others. You have already built a reliable and robust network of people within your family and friends. Time to celebrate your success with them. There will be some domestic concerns you need to address. Be careful while spending money, although the expenses rise for a good cause. And be calculative for your hard-earned money.

Business, job, sports, society, love, relationship, family, and money are on the plate this month. Shiva blesses you with stardom and high status. Your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded. New business avenues, work overload, and lots of meetings will clash your schedule. However, you will have enough resources to cope up with the demand. Be cautious of your decision for marriage or spouse. Avoid any disappointment and try to see the situation from your partner’s perspective. The softer you are, the better the outcome is. Ovaries or womb related concerns may rise; bone pain or leg injury could impact your health.

Shiva grants you a pearl of wisdom to differentiate the right and not-right in terms of identifying people around you. You will experience a secure state if you stay away from the non-right people even if you have to sacrifice a few opportunities which they hold power to grant you. You will engage yourself in business, job, or work for some time to trigger some new beginning or growth prospects. However, you are all for your family, friends, spouse, parents, children, siblings, and in-laws for the majority of the month. Be careful from incurring financial burden, or over spendings. Being spiritual or less material will help you to retain your financial strength.

You are more toward the family, domestic alliances, personal affairs, siblings, spouse, children, parents, and extended family. You have realized the value of family ties, and you want to spend time with them. Plan some recreational activity for diversion or amusement with your personal connections. Shiva blesses your financial stability with unexpected monetary gains. You will enjoy the state of prosperity and fame. Your PR skills are high, and you will establish new social and professional connections. You may indulge in legal matters which could be less favorable. Hire a good lawyer or an advocate to seek guidance for such emergencies.

You continue to strengthen the family ties up from the last month. It could be a challenging month for your spouse or relationship with the spouse. Be extra careful when it comes to your life partner and his/her concerns. New business opportunities or changes in the job role may knock the doors. Shiva continues to bless financial gains, and you will see yourself more stable than ever before, considering bank balance, asset realization, and net worth. Your career/business is at a peak, and you want to ensure to sustain the position. Property related deals, investments, fundraising schemes will be possible. You may engage yourself in activities related to societal or environmental welfare.

Travel from place to place as to find work, preach, or meetings, will be more frequent or a kind of long term during the month. You are already doing good at work/business, and you will find more work coming in. You may need more people to delegate work. If you are in business or leading a company, you will create employment opportunities. Shiva warns you from spending more than necessary, which might impact your bank balance. You may want to relook at the financial planner and revise it as per the current opportunities and obligations you have in your hands. The health of family members could be a concern. Love, affair, relationship, or close connection with the spouse will give you relief from the stress.

You are more mature, confident, focused, knowledgeable, and smart, as you have experienced many different areas of personal and professional lives. Being a visionary and missionary, you are ready to handle more responsibilities to develop your business or career further. Shiva blesses you with work-life balance, and you will spend equal time with your family and friends. You are focused on earning money; at the same time, a philanthropist in your is active. You are socially connected with multiple channels to serve as much as you could, and return the obligations to nature/society that you have received from them. You may earn name and fame out of your social services.

Love, romance, affair, extra-marital relationships, and family bonding go hand in hand with investments, fundraising, legal issues, and, likewise, monetary concerns. Shiva blesses you with a sound financial and domestic position. You will change yourself for a good cause. You feel saturated with the current business, or job expedition, and want to explore new avenues. You are looking for references to create opportunities in a new domain. You are an inspiration to the people around you. You may want to go for a meditation camp to activate your cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation.

It’s like a dream comes true. You are enjoying your professional success with your colleagues, business associates, and supervisors. Shiva blesses you the opportunities to become a philanthropist for the year. You are socially active and may engage yourself in charity work. Journey, or small business or personal travels may incur expenses. While you continue charity, business, work, and social engagement, you may ignore domestic concerns, romance, relationship, and own responsibilities. Lately this month, you will realize how far you are from the celebrations, and you may get back to the family for parties, dinner and may even enjoy a short vacation.

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The year starts with your focus more on the actions than leisure. You are all set to achieve your goals have you have planned last year. One of them is socializing and connecting back with the people whom you have lost touch with in the past. Shiva helps you in executing your career and business goals with successful outcomes this year. You have realized that there are no short-cuts, and that is where you have opened the doors for consistent hard work and steady progress in your profession.

Money is your top priority to secure the future of your family. In other words, you are not money-minded but money-oriented, and you are ready to put your efforts. Shiva reminds you that you have already placed your bids for professional success, and now is the time for the results. Be consistent in executing your projects as planned as you will start seeing the results soon. New ideas, estimations, thoughts, and discussions will help you expand your business or find a better job. Reference will help you get more business or job opportunities with a better position and paycheck.

Promotion, higher paycheck, job change, or getting new business opportunities as an entrepreneur are your goals. You will put tireless efforts in strengthening your financial health. Shiva proposes your relationship partner, or spouse to share your business or professional responsibilities. If you are employed, ask for a reference from your partner’s network to help you get a better job change. The new social and professional circle will be reliable and shall assist you in gaining more business avenues in your bag.

With a clear vision of professional success, you are utilizing every minute of your schedule, unless you are in a 9×5 job. You have plans to change your wardrobe or add a jewel casket in the locker. Buying flat, property, land, or extending one room in the house is in your mind – all this you need is for the family. Shiva warns you for being carried away from such flashy thoughts. You are settling with your finances after long years of effort. Take time to breathe before making any decisions. Involve your spouse, children, parents, and friends in the discussion before concluding your action.

Investment in new business opportunities, and higher the risk, higher the return will be your thought. Consult a professional before making a decision. You will have leisure time with your family. Spouse, parents, siblings, and children are your world. However, focusing on increasing money or wealth is an intentional goal to utilize the best in you by exploring the business opportunities, as well as the financial security of your family. Shiva expects you to go out of your way to expand the business territory, and you will his support to run the initiative. Short term gain from the investments, stock market, or lottery is possible. You may receive some news from the foreign associate, business partner, or overseas agent.

Consciousness beyond family, friends, business, profession, and job is bothering you – this is because of a lot of pressure you have taken to settle your liabilities for the last few months. Shiva advises you to take some time off for meditation, relaxation, and self-awareness. Greening and restoration is the need for this week. You are in the right direction for your success. Taking time off will continue your work pace as planned. However, a rejuvenation trip will also help you connect with new people, which will pour new ideas and dimensions for your business.

You have achieved high esteem and honor, which you will continue to gain more recognition throughout the year. Every person in the world has a heart, so has you. Shiva grants you time for romance and pleasure with your spouse or relationship partner. An instant monetary gain in business or unexpected return on investments will add a sum in your bank balance. You are in the right direction, as mentioned last week, and you have to reach out to a new social and professional circle to meet your business objectives. If you are employed, contact the right people for a job change, and you will certainly have one in your bag soon.

The family time continues with friends, colleagues, and extended family. Shiva suggests you slow down with your actions and let the current accomplishments settle their position. Take some time to prioritize the to-do list, including personal commitments. Higher the risk, higher the return thought from the last month is not applicable here. Probably some undertakings are not considered for their surprise risk factor, which you may not be able to handle swimmingly. Analyze the market, competitors, or thoroughly before making a capital investment in your business or even before buying or selling of stocks for an individual account.

New relationships, commitments, engagement, wedding, and love-affair are full of life. You will indulge your relationship partner with lots of gifts, and presents will spike your spending upward. However, do not bother much for these spendings as they are worth the expenditure. You will take your relationship status to a firm commitment or next level. While making a new circle or meeting people, communicating with them is very important to break the ice and build a rapport. Shiva warns you from being vocal or raw in your speech. Not everyone requires a mirror to know their personality – and you are surely not the one appointed for that job.

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Enough expenditure in the last month. Nevertheless, as they were not by demand but choice. Shiva directs you to occupation, job, knowledge with a strength to run for the career/business expansion. You have enough experience to grab better business or job offers. Go for the recreational activities for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. That will offload your stress to give you more space to define the priorities for achieving your goals. Your health may take your attention. Stomach pain, muscle stretch, burning sensation in the stomach, gastric, or other abdominal related concerns may deviate your focus. Concerns for siblings and their wellbeing may rise too.

Hold onto your senses of aggression and hostility. This agitation is temporary, where you are not aware of the reason. Shiva commands you to dominate the punching bag instead of the people around you. You have taken too many responsibilities and initiatives in your hands. Stop daydreaming for the plans which are not workable at the moment. Check with the experts or business consultants for guidance. You are away from the domestic duties, although you have spent considerable time with the family. You will receive support from your love or relationship partner to deal with the family matters.

With Jupiter and Rahu consistently in the 3rd house of Navamsa chart, you will require the support and assistance from others to complete your activity. Although you have access to higher capabilities of the mind and sharp thought process, listen to the ideas that you may receive from your colleagues or superiors to fine-tune your plan of action. Shiva blesses you with gain, credit, rewards, success, and honor. You are mature enough to relinquish your grip on the domestic matters – this will help you set your personal life free from evils, and you are building a healthier relationship with your family and friends.

Take care of the health of your parents or elderly family members. You are upset with an assumption over possible misfortune or danger. Shiva suggests you narrow your thoughts and focus on career and family wellbeing. You have the potential to better your financial situation. However, unnecessary worry over the things deviates you from your career growth, savings, and life goals. Spend more time with family, friends, children, spouse, and in-laws. You will feel better and homely. Continue to work for career goals. You may need to discipline your day and routine to achieve the targets faster – this also indicates to eliminate a few time-consuming people from life.

You are getting more clarity about the people and circumstances. You are selective at the same time firm to grab each opportunity that comes in your way. You are pleasant and happy. Shiva grants you nourishment in the personal life. The elimination of unwanted people from life continues. Be careful of removing useless peers, colleagues, and counterparts as they might ruin your reputation at work. Be smart enough to avoid their presence. Being straightforward may not be the only option every time. Be politically correct and sweet like sugar to take them along in your goal achievement journey – this approach will mature you for future challenges.

You are a master in driving people towards achieving your goals without being selfish. In other words, you encourage people to become successful in their professional world, along with fulfilling your dreams. Shiva suggests you maintain the right beliefs, feelings, and values while progressing towards your aims. Be calm, balanced, and determined to pursue your professional tasklist if you encounter any domestic matter this week. Your family may need a piece of advice from you to sort out some personal issues. At the same time, you require to be present at work for unavoidable reasons. Try to manage both the lives and you will have fun by the end of the week.

You have multiple occasions to meet a different set of people this week. Shiva warns you from incurring huge expenses, becoming emotional for the new acquaintances, being carried away for someone who has recently entered your life, or making impulsive decisions. Love, affair, relationship, intimacy, or one-night stand are possible. If committed, you may have a close and memorable connection with your partner. You have fair chances for creating a new business or job opportunities from the people you meet. Avoid having a blind trust for the person you have encountered recently. However, make sure to engage yourself in a fruitful and productive discussion which benefits you both in the professional and personal front.

Love and romance continue this week. You are full of creativity in expanding your business wings. If working, you are behind changing the job or getting a better role with the same organization. Shiva suggests you push yourself beyond the limits to create opportunities for professional progress. Throw away the fear of losing market, job, or money and trust your ability to build yourself from zero. Help others to attain their targets, and you may have support from them while you propose them to help you in achieving yours. People may come to you to seek advice, and you are happy to offer them the lessons you have learned from your experience.

A philanthropist in you is popping out to help others. You want to help others, and you are ready to make monetary compromises for them. Shiva suggests you control your spendings for others. Help others as much as you could without compromising your finances. Guide others, teach the poor, be a mentor for the needy, or contribute to serving others for their non-monetary needs. You want to explore the knowledge of the mystic world, or are trying to find some suspense out of daily routine. Give some attention to domestic life. Spend some leisure time with friends, family, extended family, and even new acquaintances.

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Expenses continue to rise from the last week unless you have calculated your spending rationally. Rewards, recognition, and change of role in business, office, or workplace are waiting for you. Shiva grants you an extended business territory or a shift in the workplace. If you are looking for a better location for the business or job, this week is the right time to hunt for an opportunity. All these achievements and movements are the results of your persistent and determined efforts. The stars don’t confine the growth but an individual. Pursue some hobbies and spend leisure time in physical activity or sports.

You continue to progress professionally and financially. Additional income, return on investment, a higher paycheck, bonus, or a new source of income may trigger this week. Money isn’t everything for you. However, your focus of the year until now has been a monetary success.  Shiva grants you a favorable time for earning, saving, and investing your hard-earned money. You are becoming more original and creative. At the same time, you are putting all possible efforts in bringing your creative ideas to reality. You work tirelessly towards achieving your goals. Your success is visible to others, and they cheer for your results.

You are broader and more detailed about the aim you have portrayed for yourself. Shiva advises you to spend some time for yourself at the gym, spa, massage center, playground, game zone, or seashore. Live the worldly life to the fullest. Adopt some new interests to pursue and get a grip to master them. When at work, try to expand your job role, take new opportunities, or help others in finishing their targets. Eventually, these efforts will help you grow your business or job networking. Love with a new companion or a colleague is possible this week. Be sensible in moving ahead with your new romance.

Love, romance, and the inner spark continue this week. You may deviate from domestic and professional responsibilities. Shiva advises you to get rid of this temporary temptation and get back to work as early as possible. Well, you are not going to listen to anyone. But if you do, you save a lot of time for productive outcomes at work or home. Get to some philosophies of love life and try to analyze the recently encountered affair sensibly. Go ahead only if you are both going to make it in the long run or permanently. The choice is yours. In any case, refrain yourself from getting upset if things don’t work out the way you have expected them.

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