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11# Aquarius 2020 (23 January to 22 February)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♒ Aquarius

Birthday from
23 January to 22 February


  • Representation – The Man (Water-bearer)
  • Element – Air
  • Nature – Fixed
  • Sign Gender – Masculine
  • Ruler – Saturn
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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Last year, you got to add many plans to execute and milestones to achieve in 2020. The month starts with celebration, gathering, meeting new people, and sharing knowledge. Later, you may face disappointment from the family, friends, and close associates as they fail to realize the depth of your concern for them as you are silent for most of the month. Shiva advises you to adopt relaxation, meditation, or rejuvenation to find internal peace. There are times when it is not being right or wrong. Instead, it is being silent to avoid further mishaps in the relations. You have lots of areas at the job, business, or professional front to pursue, and you better deal with those milestones instead of indulging in the domestic affairs for the month.

February 2020
Others continue not to understand you as the situation persists from the previous month. And you may have challenging times in your personal life with arguments with the spouse or relationship partner (unless the personal horoscope speaks otherwise). Initially, you are involved in religious, spiritual, and sacred conducts for some obvious reasons. You will also find yourself a pessimistic with the sense of inadequacy, skepticism, diffidence, and doubt in self strength. As the month progresses, things will be apparent to the mind. Shiva grants you a clear vision to fulfill the domestic responsibilities and work obligations. However, stay away from the ego and swelled head.

A blissful, happy, and contented month for you. Although sensitive, and emotional, you are diplomatic, patient, wise, and approaching prosperity. Shiva blesses you with love, relationship, and harmony with the spouse, or if single, you may find the right match for you. Monetary gain by investments, lottery, race, intraday, or any other means is possible. Job change, new business avenues, foreign travel, business tour, or meeting new people will take your career/business to the next level of success. You may liaison with friends and foes for their settlements. And your wisdom will see a favorable formation of their relationships.

Active, and fully engaged week fills you with uncontrolled excitement and positivity. You are occupied in personal affairs, family functions, wedding, engagement, and gathering. Be with the family, and do not let the work-related thoughts ruin your time. You will share happiness, affection, and pleasure with the people around you. However, you are too emotional and sensitive to tense up for no apparent reason. Shiva advises you to stay away from the frustration, distress, and reactions as you deviate from work. Stay relaxed as your colleagues ensure the job/business task list continues to complete. Travel, migration, or short/long journeys are possible. You may partner with new business associations, or even the personal connections may establish to free you from the loneliness.

Expenses behind purchasing decorative, ornaments, jewelry, gems, clothes, property, vehicles, or travel may strike. Investments may yield unexpected dividends to compensate for the expenses you have occurred this month. Shiva blesses you with improved finances, relations at work and family, health, career, and personal life. Job change, a new line of business, or proposals will excite you. Incorrect interpretations, legal issues, disputes for succession may aggravate you. All these concerns may hamper domestic peace. However, you can avoid them by staying away from the discussions or arguments. Spend time in learning, gaining knowledge, or enroll for some crash courses to upskill yourself.

Expenses continue for a different reason than the previous month viz. family gatherings, celebrations, or amusement. You will spend considerable time with family, extended family, in-laws, and friends. Shiva blesses you with exponential growth in career, job, or business. Business expansion or new deals will be in your favor. Your monetary situation improves, and financial position stabilizes. A philanthropist in you is active, and you are helping as much as you can to the welfare of society. If there are any health issues, you will see improvement in them. Else otherwise, you are already healthy and fit. You will achieve most of the worldly pleasures, or targets of the year this month.

You are progressing, and your professional, personal as well as social appearances see frequent interaction with different people for various causes. You are successful in dealing with all kinds of matters. Your efforts are recognized and rewarded. Shiva suggests you complete any property related transaction as this is the right time to close them. You have clear goals, and your actions are showing the expected results. It is okay to slow down the pace of your efforts and take time off to breathe and think for yourself. Read some books, novels, or take a trip to the location you are longing to visit for quite some time.

You are focused and goal-oriented this year, where you have achieved most of the financial and professional growth. Spend some romantic moments with a new partner, or the spouse, or even a temporary relationship. Shiva helps you to get through the legal issues if they persist in your life. Property or legislative dialogues are the ravages of time. You are optimistic and displaying affirmation to the situation. This month is like a successful ending of your struggles. Take care of the health of your spouse, children, or parents, which temporarily may take your attention. However, nothing significant seems to disturb you in these areas.

The month may bring some health concerns, expenses, or distress in the beginning. However, later you may see improvements in all the challenging areas you faced in the beginning. Shiva blesses you with an even better financial condition than before, and you continue to increase your bank balance. Business travel, and meeting new people will help to change the job or expand your business territories. Love, affair, or relationships are active during this phase. And you are more enthusiastic about the blend of personal and professional affairs. You will maintain work-life balance and spend enough time at the office as well as home, and that is where you may tend to ignore petty issues to ensure the worth of your moments.

Full of opportunities, this month is for the professional or business growth with new assignments, projects, deals, contracts, expansion, and unexpected opportunities. Shiva provides you with enough resources to initiate all the dimensions at the same time with proper planning and execution strategy. You are not confused; instead, you have already prepared yourself for this day for long. You will work hard to fulfill all that you have on your plate, and you will define new goals to achieve. Your domestic life is full of happiness, and you may have a good time with family and friends in partying for wedding, engagement, or kind of occasions.

Full of ideas, and creativity you feel lucky to have so many bright and achievable goals in your to-do list, and you tirelessly work to achieving them one by one. Shiva ensures the property or money related subjects favor your opinion. You will see love, affection, and support from the people around you. Expenses may rise for domestic and social matters like home renovation, decoration, engagement in social activities, donations, or charity. Professionally you show enthusiasm to grow new business wings and expand the existing business territory. If you are working, you may try to look for another job, which is evident if you actively look for opportunities.

A philanthropist in you continues to serve society. You have either come back from the pilgrimage or extended vacation or are looking to opt for a holiday soon. Shiva suggests you relook at the goals you have already defined for the next year, as there are many targets you have already achieved, and may need refinements for their execution strategy if they are still halfway. Although this is the end of the current calendar year, you are busy with the professional targets to achieve. However, you will ensure to spend enough time in personal affairs with family and friends. You set an aim or a firm resolution before ending 2020.

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You start your year by forgetting the hardship of the previous year and may get to meet new people with a mutual view and collective subjects that interest you. Although you are trying to avoid to recollect the casualties of career or personal life from the last year, you may find yourself in the mood swing due to the negative influence of your close associates. Shiva suggests you get rid of the attitude of resistance to change and accept new people in your life by letting go of the old acquaintances who might bother you frequently with their expectations. You may require to stay away from your work for the week to sit back and analyze where to start from your career once again.

While you are in a dilemma to continue or discontinue with the personal concerns, you may want to be blunt and open with your colleagues, bosses, or superiors about your expectations in the business or job. Delayed promises may hamper you. However, the situation may not be in your hands to fulfill the obligations/promises you made to your colleagues, clients, or business associates last month. Shiva advises you to go with the flow and let a couple of weeks run without trying to figure out what’s happening in the career or personal front. This week may put your credibility and trustworthiness at stake in the private and professional areas where you have no role to play but to revise your goals for 2020.

You are now firm to recreate your personal and professional network to avoid further delay in achieving your job, business, and personal goals. You have already sketched the plan for 2020 to meet, and for some of you based on the personal horoscopes, you have already prepared the multiyear graph to chase. Shiva blesses you with the innovative ideas, sets you free from worries, and you will find ways to listen to your gut feel with no dilemma between what you know and what you think. You may plan some social welfare activities with the help of your colleagues. A family gathering, reunion, meeting old friends or relatives will revitalize your energy.

With an innovative idea, you are positive and firmly following your plans. There is no look back while chasing your dreams. Shiva grants you the wisdom to handle the same old obstacles differently, and probably you are now ignorant of all the negative vibes coming your way. You are least bothered for holding yourself back for others and want to ensure to bring name, fame, money, and success with your honesty, hard work, creativity, and persistence. You are removing all the nonproductive activities from your list, including people who consume your creativity with their attention. You may narrow down your contact list to only those who are focused on contributing to your positivity.

You will enjoy personal and professional time with colleagues, new acquaintances, family, and friends. You will spend intimate time with your spouse and may have free communication about children, their future, and even the journey of life you have spent together for years. In essence, this may trigger a small celebration with close family members. You may go for the property trade, repair, and renovation of your office or home. Shiva warns you from encountering negative thoughts about your career if you see your growth or promotion is stuck or puzzled despite your potentiality and hard work for so many years at the same place. The year ahead will give you fair chances to regain all which is pending to reach you in terms of success, financial gains, and position.

You are positive, confident, full of knowledge, and wisdom. You may want to regulate your financial planning to secure your family’s future. Property related deals, buying or selling a house, or other real estate trade may attract you. However, decide to buy or sell your personal property only if there is a need for it. Shiva suggests you invest your dead funds in long term equities or stocks – this is the right planetary configuration for you to make some wise investments and hold them till 2025. Consult your financial advisor before investing in the long terms stocks. Your career will have a positive turn. There are chances of change in role, rewards, and recognition.

Investment planning from the previous week continues until you block your idle funds in the solid plans. You increase your presence at work, business, and office. Shiva grants your business new avenues, contract renewals, projects, assignments, and you are loaded with action. You are yet to achieve the first milestone in 2020, which should happen soon. Your family life is balanced. However, stay away from the arguments with your spouse or relationship partner. You could be over dominating and commanding. At the same time, you will have close intimacy and happy moments with the spouse, which is a credit to the flexible nature of your partner.

A blissful week fills you with a belief in yourself and your abilities. You are in a state of confident hopefulness that the time ahead will be favourable. Shiva blesses your wisdom the possession of qualities that require you to transform your personal life into a desirable terminus. However, this may need you to either build a new relationship or quit the existing ones. You may be loaded with much work in the office. Additional roles and responsibilities may engage you, which will help you in the future if you continue at the same place in the long run.

Monetary benefits, return on investments, unexpected gain in business, property deals, acquiring possession, or releasing funds from the debtors will add value to your finances. Shiva grants you collaboration with new people, gatherings, seminars, work-related travel, or client engagement parties to further beef up your profession. Your domestic life will be full of shopping, collection, short journey, movie, picnic, gifts, and articles. You will be concerned about your dressing sense and appearance. Expenses may rise due to personal commitments or desires, which are reasonable as you hardly spend for yourself. Set yourself free from worries and enjoy what is in your hands.

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Love, relationship, romance, and intimacy are high this week. You may get carried away for someone whom you love or a person who is new to you. Shiva warns you from being emotional. The only way to control your senses is to engage yourself in hobbies, or meditation, and relaxation practices. You have to understand the difference between a lifemate and a temporary acquaintance. You can enjoy intimacy with your new partner unless you are determined to keep the emotions away, and that may give you both a win-win situation. Take your call and make sure to stay connected with your career and other personal goals.

You may spend your time thoughtlessly behind others in finding solutions to their problems, which is not your duty. Do not advise if not being paid for it else you may end up in spoiling your precious time for those who may walk to you to discuss their problems out. You may happen to meet old friends who are probably not worthy of your time today. You have deviated from your career, profession, and business. You need to take your professional commitments to the next level by consciously keeping yourself aside from such affairs. Shiva suggests you take precautionary health measures to avoid weakness or wellness triggers.

Experience is the best teacher. You are moving away from the temporary attractions and going back to your profession, career, business, and some of you may even go back to your personal commitments. Shiva grants you power, position, rewards, recognition, promotion, and benefits as a result of your hard work from the last year. You may work hard to promote your skills, business, and practice. You are determined to be firm and steadfast. You showcase a balance in your attitude. You refine your priority list to finish the unfished tasks first, and you are doing the right thing. Set the priority without a biased category of professional or personal jobs. And you are done.

You focus more on professional engagement and career development. New associates, contracts, renewed business relationship, and increased workload will occupy you. Shiva grants personal cheers in the form of a picnic, outing, gathering, and party at home. Fruitful time with the spouse, business, or relationship partner will add happy moments. Although your work demands your attention, you may prefer to spend more time at home with children, parents and close ones. Health and wealth are in balance. Investments may give good returns. You may incline yourself in reading, learning new courses, and attending seminars. You are keen to mature your understanding and outlook towards others.

You are planning new goals for the year. You have uncontrolled excitement for work – this week is overly busy. Shiva advises you to see beyond today and be a visionary. Stay positive and have trust in your abilities to achieve new heights in your profession. You are blessed with knowledge, wisdom, and energy. You are progressing faster than ever before in achieving your career goals. Name, fame, and favoritism from the society are on their way. You are walking heavily and firmly to achieve your targets. In the end, you meet your weekly objectives and have almost completed your half-year goals.

This phase is to mingle with your dear ones and make some new connections. Marriage, relationship, engagement, gathering, socializing, and meeting new people at work and personal front are frequent this week. Shiva grants you a focus of public attention, and you build a unique personality in yourself. Your colleagues, peers, subordinates, and bosses offer an extended hand to support your work. You are a guest of honor or a visitor to whom hospitality is extended with warmth. Love, romance, and intimacy are high. You may receive care and pamper from your spouse or partner. You will see their understanding of you has matured.

There could be storms of relationship and family time to take you away from your career. Expenses may incur for home décor. If you are running your business with a posh office, you may want to spend something huge for creating decorative walls and desks in the premises. Shiva makes you intellectually productive, and you may release an attractive fragrance around you. People are fond of your talks, wisdom, and knowledge. You extend your purview and gain reciprocal action of people, family, and friends. You move forward in contacting people, exploring new territories, travel spots, and stations. You are unstoppable and experiencing the live world.

You position yourself in the self-propelled movement. You are self-motivated. You may deviate from the routine work as you are keen to explore new domains. Shiva suggests you focus on what you have and go deeper into making more substantial moves in the same field unless you are naïve and have recently kicked off your career. Keep yourself out of reach from negative people or the ones who are seeking your advice for no good reason but want to pass their time with you. Do not be emotional and drag yourself in helping those who are not worthy of your support, be your family members or outsiders.

Keep yourself away from the selfish people as their aura may affect your positivity. Precaution is better than cure. Instead of defending later, learn to escape. Shiva grants you success, and you win almost in all the endeavors you have undertaken so far. You spend behind refurnishing home, office, or wardrobe. Money is an essential factor in your life, and you have worked effortlessly to earn the current financial position. Hence, be careful and make wise spending. It is equally important to clean out the old stuff and make a positive environment by replacing clutter with a branded décor. And you are high on changing your lifestyle this week.

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Investments, property trade, stock market trading, race, lottery, and commodities attract you. You want to invest the surplus money you have in the bank. Shiva warns you from investing without a wise analysis of the trend. Consult a financial expert or advisor before moving your hard-earned money to any business or stock. Invest only if you were sure for the better returns. Rewards, recognition, bonus, and promotion are due to the persistent efforts you have shown in the company or at work. Your colleagues look forward to being like you. You are more creative and filled with enthusiasm. Family and friends shower happy time.

Domestic happiness and celebrations continue this week. If you are single, there are chances for you to mingle officially or unofficially. Shiva blesses you with festivity, solemnization, and jubilation. You will develop healthy relations at work. New business associates may offer an extension in contracts or work territory, which might be handled remotely. If you are working, you may have a trigger for the onsite opportunity, job role, or promotion. You are living a luxurious life and providing the same grandness to your family. Travel for work or personal reasons may take you on holiday. You are optimistic, affirmative, and cheerful. Live the moment where you are. There could be new associates in professional or personal circles entering your life.

You are advancing to achieve rare career targets. The primary goal is to increase your financial strength. Shiva blesses you with the ideas, creativity, courage, and a path to make more money and be financially secure. Put your plans in place fearlessly and open yourself to the world, showing your talent and skills. Promote your job, business, or artwork to society and let them benefit themselves from your talent or services. If you are working, you may ask for a promotion or a new job role. You are all for profession, business, job, and work this week.

While you are busy in developing your career, your family and friends may want you to spend time with them. You are reasonable and fair enough to understand their love and care for you to spare some time off from work. Shiva grants you high status in society and within the family. You are more responsible for fulfilling your duties for the family, friends, and professional network. You gain attention from the people. Old friends, acquaintances, and associates may try to reach you out. Be wise enough to connect with those who were left by the passage of time and not the intention, and be vigilant enough not to regain the old wasteful relations.

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