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12# Pisces 2020 (23 February to 20 March)

Ashish Shrungarpure
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♓ Pisces

Birthday from
23 February to 20 March


  • Representation – The Fish
  • Element – Water
  • Nature – Mutable/Dual
  • Sign Gender – Feminine
  • Ruler – Jupiter, Neptune
  • Hemisphere – Southern

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A journey for business and work will be suitable to create new opportunities. You are ready to work hard to extend your professional reach to new territory. Migration to a foreign country is possible, or there are chances that you get your visa or immigration stamped. However, this prospect depends on a personal horoscope configuration. Money and wealth accumulation is your primary objective, which can see a rise in expenses through investments. Laziness or priority is not a question as you are already above it unless you are a newbie to your business or work environment. Shiva grants you the work-life balance despite lots of work in hand. And you will have family time with your folks.

With the domestic and professional responsibilities, you are heading towards a chaotic start of the month, which eventually gets freed from ambiguity and confusion. Probability of relocation, migration, or transfer to new office, home, country continues this month. Shiva alerts you for the increasing expenses, which may arise for the sake of your inflated feeling of pride because of the lavish lifestyle. Focus on career, and in a quest for wealth, you are refusing to acknowledge love and romance in your life – this gives all genuine reasons for your partner to find warmth outside. Have a work-life balance unless you are all for money.

Happy family time is back for a short period with the spouse, children, and parents. Your run for the money is valued now when you are spending it for purchasing gifts, throwing parties, and booking a family holiday at the deluxe suite offering a world of comfort, elegance, hospitality, and a taste of luxury. If you are single, you may find your love or relationship partner. Shiva helps you in managing your work, new projects, and assignments to finish at a regular pace, even when you are away with family and friends. The health of elder siblings, cousins, or close friends may worry you.

Your profession, business, or career is reaching new heights of success. Shiva grants you benefit from the past investments and opens new investment funds. Where you have little time for love and romance, you get to spare much time in the family functions, celebration, parties, journey. Engagement, marriage, or arrival of a new member of the family will add the emotions of great happiness. Socializing with the enlisted men will expand your personal and professional network. Be careful of a small accident or injury while walking or jogging. You are trustworthy and committed to your friends, family, and coworkers. However, be aware of the feeling of pride, which is increasing as the month progresses.

Buying and selling property, vehicles, or assets will yield good returns. Promotion, profits, and new sources of money will open in the job or business. Inherited wealth, or monetary from mother, father-in-law, or guardian, will knock the door. Expenses related to the repair, renovation, or painting the premises will increase. Your visit to a pilgrimage or native may bring peace and serenity. Shiva suggests you involve yourself in spiritual practice or religious offerings as per the family tradition – this will strengthen your bonding with the spouse and parents. If you are in a relationship, you will feel more intimacy for your partner.

Initially, you may adopt some spiritual, or conduct for non-material life for self-awareness. However, soon you are back to material life, like work, business, job, and money. Although you are no money-minded, your reducing wealth or balance could be a concern for your worry. Shiva grants you the wisdom to utilize your knowledge and experience with common sense to scale the profession up to the next stage. Expenses may increase while you are traveling to extend your business or professional reach. Reputation, recognition, promotion, and rewards are on your plate. Love, affair, relationship, romance, or intimacy with a spouse will relieve your stress.

You have a busy month in all areas of life. However, the more you engage yourself in work, and society, the more stress you may feel. Unexpected romance is waiting for you, and you are blushing. Shiva suggests you take some time off to get rid of the burden you have unnecessarily put on your shoulders. Spend initial days of the month with the family, spouse, and parents. Come back to work after the leisure time is over with fresh thoughts and enthusiasm. The farther the distance, the lesser they have chances – others have to put litigation or blames on you.

People are jealous at work. However, you have power, position, and wisdom to tackle tricky people. You are socially active, and you have a chance to meet new people who will help recognize your talent to benefit your business or profession. Expenses may arise where you will find some difficulties in managing your money matters. However, the situation is in control, and you will have additional income or monetary benefits from known or unknown sources. Shiva blesses you with financial stability as the month progresses. A love affair, romance, or meeting a new acquaintance is in your kitty. If you are single, you may find your partner or lifemate.

The beginning of the month could be excessively affected by emotion, and you may find yourself impulsive unless you firmly control your reactions. Shiva suggests you adopt yogic conduct, meditation, recreational activities, and relaxation techniques to deal with the current state. You may find yourself equipped with a lot of work, and it would be challenging to set priorities for the tasks. Eventually, this complex, critical, or unusual condition will shift & advance to add value in your personal, professional as well as social position. Expenses continue to rise because of travel, shopping, or small celebrations. You may see yourself succeeded in many walks of life or the targets you have set for 2020.

The difficulty is over, and you are approaching to achieve the next milestones of the year in the personal and professional areas. You will receive support from colleagues, peers, subordinates, and supervisors to finish your task list. You may look for expanding your business, job, or work territory to foreign countries. Travel, meeting new people, reaching internal customers, and realigning career/business goals will be your agenda for the month. You have an opportunity to increase your wealth by liquidating some of your investments or properties. Shiva grants you harmony, cooperation, and love in your personal life. You may plan to spare some fruitful time with family and friends for gathering, function, or rituals.

You are working hard, displaying energy, and showing great interest in your profession. You may need to remove the clutter from your house or workplace to boost the positive energy to circulate well. You will have recognition, reward, credit, honor, designation, acknowledgment, progress, designation, and possession at work. Shiva warns you from incurring unnecessary expenses for work, business, or job, which may not yield expected results for you. Take a backseat and enjoy your success. Travel, associations, conferences, business/job opportunities will add new goals on your plate. Most of your domestic issues, litigations, and even misunderstandings are sorted out. You are enjoying the personal welfare with family, and friends.

You are ambitious to plan new goals and milestones for the next year, which you want to complete this month to start the new year without missing additional time in planning. Shiva blesses you with new ideas, a group of professionals, funding, and resources to plan the achievements for the next years. However, be careful of your impulsive behavior while dealing or discussing the ideas, thoughts, or topics with your business associates or in personal matters – as this could trigger disappointments for no reason. You will find peace in your marriage or may get to connect with your life-partner if single. Cherish the enlightened relationship this year-end.

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So many pending tasks in the to-list from the previous year. Your resolution for 2020 is to finish all the undone activities tirelessly. Spare some leisure time this week before you start your new year resolution from the preceding year’s kitty. Money is on the top of your goals, and you will revise your financial plan to be more realistic and feasible. You may hear some news from the overseas business associates or relatives. Shiva suggests you forget the hold back you had so far and avoid aggression or misbehavior with the people around you. Practicing meditation or a solo trip this week will help you rejuvenate.

This week could be challenging and you may try to balance your domestic and professional concerns, which could trigger at the same time. While you know the value of job/business at the current stage in life, you may prioritize or reshuffle your weekly task list to address the concerns of your children, lover, or spouse. Do not forget to appreciate your spouse or relationship partner of the sacrifice s/he has made to support you while you were busy dealing with the domestic and career-related issues. Shiva grants you favor in handling the household matters, and soon, you will direct yourself to work. Avoid huge investments or gambling for some time. Continue the regular pace at work and at home.

You will see improved relations with colleagues, peers, and family members. You may see money inflow in business as the week progresses. Shiva suggests you spend leisure time with the family instead of worrying for job/business – there are people to continue your work while you are away. Business tours, client visits, or meetings at remote places may yield favorable outcomes. Travel to native, hometown, or parents’ house is possible. You will enjoy family time while your colleagues will take care of your work. Take care of the health of your children. You may need to practice meditation or relaxation to avoid uneasiness or unnecessary thoughts.

Back to work, you are pacing up yourself to finish the checklist for the month. You are less focused on domestic affairs. Shiva grants you support from the family, spouse, children, and parents during the extra hours you may spend at work. Although you are not in a hurry to complete your task list, your speed to execute your job is faster, which may trigger some inaccuracy, which you may want to avoid with a peer review at work. Do not send proposals without re-verifying from your colleagues, boss, or experts to avoid credibility issues about your working pattern. Bone pain, burning sensation, a small accident, or irritation may disappoint your routine.

You have progressed far from the previous week. In case you find any error in your work last week, be open to discuss the same with your colleagues or boss to revise the efforts. Focusing on work may fetch you recognition and rewards. Shiva warns you from being impulsive while dealing with domestic concerns, which may also result in impacting your mood or health. You may find it challenging to manage the finances. However, if you are conscious of your spending over the last few weeks, you may avoid a monetary constraint. Domestic irritation may raise mood fluctuations and arrogance, which you would surely want to control consciously.

You are intelligent and creative. However, the past instances are shadowing your talent. You may not want your mind to rule over your intellect. Shiva advises you to practice meditation, relaxation, chanting, and yogic practices. Reading motivational books, business articles, or blogs of your interest will help remain balanced and stress-free. While you are running like a headless chicken, you may want to stop at a point in time to rethink and get rid of the memories. Meeting new people will infuse positivity and new ideas in you. You may want to revise your priorities, goals, and targets for the year.

While you are reassessing your priorities concerning your interests, talents, and resources, you may get clarity of your goals for the future. Shiva reminds of no alternative to working hard. You can enroll yourself for higher learning, crash courses, or academics to upscale your knowledge. You will add new career goals to your list, and now you are determined to pursue them after so many revisions. While you are busy planning out your goals, you may see your family for their unfinished talks and concerns. You are an ideal family member to respect others’ values and perspectives. You will see relaxed moments while sorting out the domestic issues.

Expenses are rising at the same time you see your to-do list is adding more load. Spending for home, office, business, vehicle, renovation, painting, or repair work will be more. It seems that this week is testing your power, endurance, and energy level. You are fully involved in your profession. If you are a sports person, you will put yourself to practice more than your regular regime. If you are a student, you will add more hours to your study. Shiva blesses you with new business avenues, or a trigger for the job change – if you are working. Romance, party, small gathering, or party will add happy moments. Try to manage the inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.

This week may bring lots of favourable combination of circumstances. You have equipped yourself with the required knowledge, resources, and readiness to seize most out of this opportune time. Shiva warns you from overindulging in work, business, job, and, thereby, ignoring domestic matters. Stay away from promising something which you cannot fulfill later. Disappointment with the spouse or business/relationship partner may arise due to a third person in the subject where your partner and you could be innocent. Try to avoid such misunderstandings. Consult a relationship or business consultant who is unknown to you both – as the subject may be.

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Your emotional weakness takes precedence over your maturity and thoughtfulness. Shiva advises you to be calm, kind, and be considerate with others. Develop a trait of thinking carefully before acting. Your personal life is in seventh heaven. If you are single, you may find your love, and if married, you will have intimacy and romantic moments with the spouse. You may see visible progress at work, business, profession, or even in the activities, you might be engaged for social welfare. You may focus on business expansion, relocation because of work, risky investments in terms of money-reputation-time, or contracts.

Anger management is something you will learn this week, and you will enjoy it. You will see the clear picture, as you control your reactions and annoying expressions. Shiva grants you control on your senses, and wisdom to avoid spontaneous responses. You can say this is a no-action week for you at work and at home. Sit back and enjoy what is coming your way. You may have a feeling of separating yourself from the worldly pleasure. However, you need to be careful before even discussing such insanity out with the people around you. They might build a wrong perception about your mood and maturity, which can cause hindrances in your professional growth and may alert your closed ones for your instability.

You are busy in work, occupation, profession, career enhancement planning, business expansion, and may extend your meetings to foreign clients/companies. Shiva suggests you not to take a financial risk or block your money in abrupt investment plans. Short term schemes may not yield expected returns if you are into the stock market, lottery, or game. Your focus in work itself is an intangible investment that will undoubtedly gain you back reputation, rewards, recognition, or in the future, the assignments undertaken this week may trigger a change of role or promotion. You might have less time for domestic concerns, love, romance, and with parents.

While your center of immersion is work, career, job, or business, you are moving to domestic life as the week progresses. You are determined to achieve new career heights at the same time you are humble to accept the family and personal responsibilities. Shiva grants you happiness with parents/children, enjoyment with friends, and reunion with old connections. However, you may be away from your spouse or lover for some reason. Try to find a way for clear communication without messing up into arguments with your dear ones. The financial state is improving. You may able to receive the struck credit, profit from short term investments, intraday trading, or real estate deal.

It seems that you have not learned lessons from the past to harmonize your love life. Your partner is still alone, and you are pushing yourself to grow your career, job, or business. You may want to learn more about investments and money-making schemes. Where money and career are the pillars of one’s life, the most crucial pillar is a family where your love life is a subset of it. Understand that “you cannot ‘NOT’ communicate.” Shiva advises you to spare some time from your routine with your spouse or lover. Your step away from the romance may lead to a misunderstanding.

It’s a happy realization that you are back in the love life. Listen to your instincts by keeping the ego aside and open your arms to accept your spouse or lover with their habits. You will see they love you more than you have even thought of being loved. Romance and intimacy will flow from both sides. Shiva takes care of your career and money. Your colleagues will settle your tasks list, and this is an intangible reward of your efforts and relationship at work. You may also want to hold some events for charity for needy, donation, or camp on the go-green concept.

Your domestic life is flourishing. Outing, picnic, vacation, or short journey with children, parents, spouse, in-laws, or cousins may add memories. Expenses may rise due to personal welfare. However, you have already calculated this and are ready to spend whatever it takes to make your dear ones happy. They are equally cautious of your financial burden and may contribute some share while you are enjoying the vacation with them. Shiva blesses your career new wings, projects, assignments. If you are working, a change of job or offer letter may drop in your inbox. However, understand that you have to be knowledgeable and smart enough to crack an interview or even the business deal.

While your colleagues take care of your work, and you are quick in winding up the business deals or offer letters, you continue to strengthen your family ties. A mixed week flooded with meetings, collaboration, conferences at work at the same time party, celebration, banquet at home. Shiva blesses you prosperity in all walks of life. And you have to live that to fullest. Nothing is perfect, neither is the week. However, this is one of the best weeks if you ignore some hold back like do not expect any new business deals, patch up with your ex, and do not get into old and gold memories to forcibly gain sorrow from the past.

Friends, cousins, or some contact from the old network may reconnect with you and ask for your help or financial support. It is your choice to offer your hand. Shiva suggests you think wise before promising anyone who has kept limited relations or connections and suddenly popping up to ask for the help. You are away from work; however, you are not ignorant of your professional responsibilities. You are productive and quick at work, that is where you are more involved in personal affairs and still managing with the same level of outcomes. You are enjoying this lively, vigorous, and profitable week.

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Personal affairs and celebrations from the previous week continue. Temporary relationship, one-night stand, touch, and run intimacy, or whatever type of an affair you call, it will give a sudden pleasurable excitement. A short span of affection is like a refreshing moment, and you are back to work. However, as the week passes, you will move from domestic concerns to professional or business goals. Shiva grants your money bank to grow either through business profits or personal investments. Business deals, contracts, or agreements will favor your financial growth. If you are into a job, the discussion re change of role or promotion may have a positive movement.

Your love life continues. If you are married, you may discuss personal matters with your spouse frankly, which will help you strengthen the feeling of trust between each other. Expenses will rise for domestic purposes like renovation, repair, painting, or craftwork. Be careful about your spending at work, office, or business premises unless you are going to continue the same place for a long time. Shiva advises you to take some time for yourself in yogic practices, meditation, relaxation, or spend a few hours in isolation. You will have clarity of where you have reached, and you will be transparent with yourself.

The health of the family members may worry you or even increase some financial burden. Expenses may rise for office, business, or travel. Thirst for spending on you has suddenly increased. Be calculative and choosy as unnecessary costs may not yield adverse results or turn wasteful. Shiva grants you a passion for work.  You will occupy most of your time in business, job, assignment, collaboration, meetings, conferences, seminars, or official gatherings. However, you are smart and balance to attend the domestic concerns, in-laws, extended family, and cousins for their issues. You will have a sigh of relief if you continue the spiritual conduct from the previous week.

This week reveals lots of experiences in personal life. While you are sincerely fulfilling domestic responsibilities, love – romance – affection – amorousness, which were left aside, will veil the senses. If you are single, you may have multiple encounters, if married, be careful of staking the ethical commitment for an infatuation. Getting into numerous relationships at a time may intricate the situation. Spiritual practices, meditation, relaxation, self-awareness based on your willpower will help you ignore temporary attractions. Shiva grants you travel, journey, or touring with colleagues or family. Although you are in a group, you may find it a solo trip. Focusing on the agenda will help you stay relaxed.

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