Sri Anjanil™

Line of Business From Numbers

Ashish Shrungarpure
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Numerology has its distinct and strong identity in Astrology. Let us understand the beneficial line of business as per the birth number of a person.

It is believed that the business if selected based on the birth number, turns to be successful for that person. One has to simply add up the numbers of his birth date to know his birth number.

For example, if a person’s birth date is 23 of any month, his birth number is 2+3=5. If a person’s birth date is 4 of any month, his birth number is 4.

The birth number is also called Moolank or Janmank (मूलांक या जन्मांक) in Hindi. There are multiple theories which display various fields for each birth number. Below are the most suitable ones as per our experience. You will see some common business in multiple birth numbers. That depends on the strength of one’s numerological configuration as to which field will be more successful for him.


Administrative Services, Political Leader, Leadership, Authority, Jeweler, Minister, Transport related career, Social Service, Authority, Medical store, Clothing business, Contractor, Farming, Stationary, Fire brigade, Chess, Grocery business, Tobacco business


Cold drinks, Oil business, Business of liquid products, Livestock breeding (Pashupalan), Business of jaggary and Sugar, Milk products viz. milk, ghee, curd, etc., Glass related business, Water-related business, Poet, Business of Incense sticks or Aroma sticks, Nurse, Teacher, Storyteller, Novelist, Medicines related business, Farming, Farming related work, Agent in service industry, Editing work, Music, Acting


Secretary, Doctorate, Import-Export, Clothing & Garments, Hotel & Restaurant, Astronomer, Sportsmen, Engineer, Ambassador, Lecturer, Legal advisor, Doctor, Banking work, Actor, Philosophy, Water-related business


Service or Job gets success to these people. They should avoid jumping into their own business.


Banking, Insurance Company, Business related to Financial Transactions, Chartered Accountant, Mathematician, Bookseller, Educational Institute, Teacher, Secretary, Management, Chemical, Astrologer


Fine Arts, Hotel, Restaurant, Music, Performing Arts, Propagandist


These people have strong Imaginations, Engineering, Research, Farming, Spy, Detective, Messenger


Machinery, Printing press, Instruments related to the messaging/news, Small Scale Industry (Laghu Udyoga), Research, Astrology-Vastu etc. Occult science, Factory, Steel related business, Factory officer, Coal, Activities related to science, Poultry business, Forest department, Cigarette, Metal, Petroleum, Oil, Land buy-sell, Gemstone related business


Engineering, Judge in the court of law, Police department, Armed forces, Salt, Minerals, Electricity, Cement, Landed property, Politics, Doctor