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The Right Astrologer

Ashish Shrungarpure
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The Right Astrologer

॥ दैवं तच्चितगं स्फुरति ॥

Despite having thousands of rules & options, there’s no specific rule in the predictive astrology to forecast. And that’s where the original texts need modification and correction in many ways by continuous research.

Where the mathematics and predictive astrology are meant for the welfare of mankind, people are losing faith in the astrologers due to their incorrect predictions for the important life events. This is because the astrologers simply follow the rules read from the texts instead of applying their own logic for the fractional mathematical difference between the placement of zodiacal elements (signs, planets & nakshatra).


An astrologer may predict Gaja Kesari yoga from a birth chart, which is a typical relationship formed between the Jupiter (Brihaspati) and the Moon (Chandra). This yoga is supposed to give the owner luxurious comforts and conveniences, and s/he will eventually occupy a higher position in the profession. But this is not true for all the owners of Gaja Kesari yoga, and this should be determined by an astrologer from his own experience and research based on the placement of these two planets at various degrees and in different Nakshtras/rasi (constellations/signs).

Predictive astrology forms multiple paradoxes & contradictions

Predictive astrology forms multiple paradoxes & inconsistencies because of which the forecasts do not take place on time; instead, the opposite outcomes are being observed.

  • Travel or pilgrimage started in an auspicious hour turns to be a disaster
  • नामकरण​ (Naming ceremony), चौलमुण्डन​ (shaving of the head), यज्ञोपवीत (sacred thread), विवाह​ (marriage) and many other events are scheduled during auspicious timings (मुहुर्त​) however; the satisfactory results are not seen
  • Matchmaking shows the bitter results on the different hand marriage without a match shows good results
  • There are experiences where no widow yoga in the birth horoscope of a bride is found still the death of her husband is seen in a just few years of marriage

The rise of a superstition

This leads to a notion that the horoscope was not right (कुंडली सही नहीं थी) etc. Let us not blame the science if the scientist is wrong, meaning one should not blame the science of astrology if the astrologer is incorrect in his prediction.

Annual horoscope (वर्ष कुंड़ली) works the same way where Muntha (मुंथहा) and the planetary strengths forecast a fortunate year, whereas the reality shows the sorrowful and harmful year. On the contrary, the adverse planetary configuration makes the year beautiful and opportune.

This suggests that there’re many flaws in the mathematics & other aspects of predictive astrology, which result in improper forecasts. That is where the unbiased and needful research is required that modifies the original texts of astrology.

Moreover, the predictive astrology is beyond the mathematical calculations of time (मुहुर्त) and planetary placement (गोचर । दशा पद्धति). Each forecast has to consider the rules, mathematics, telepathy, shakun/nimitta, dream, yoga siddhi, and ishta siddhi before concluding. And such predictions are observed to give accurate instances of events.

The right astrologer is the one who regularly follows the virtuous conduct and moral behavior suggested in the Veda; who is free from greed and philanthropically oriented. Predictions from his mouth will always be correct and the remedies offered (and followed by the invitee) will invariably work.

॥ दैवं तच्चितगं स्फुरति ॥

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