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अकल्पित​ धन योग​ – Unexpected Wealth Gain

Ashish Shrungarpure
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दैवं फलती सर्वत्र न विद्या नच पौरुषम् । समुद्रामंथनालोभे हरिलक्ष्मी: हरेविष​: ॥

One needs to check, if s/he is destined to be wealthy. The curiosity lies in an unexpected gain of wealth.

Main houses for “Unexpected Wealth Gain” are-

  • Second House (2H)

  • Fifth House (5H)

  • Eighth House (8H)

  • Eleventh House (11H)

Are you destined to be wealthy ?

Position of the horoscope, destiny (fate), and strong Dhana Yoga (Planetary combination for wealth) have to be clubbed and considered to find out a kind of “Unexpected Wealth Gain-अकल्पित धन योग” for any person.

There five types of monetary / wealth benefits-

  1. Betting – सट्टा | Lottery – लोट᳝री | Race – रेस, etc.

  2. Jointure – स्त्रीधन | Dowry – दहेज़ | Property from wife or in-laws

  3. Hereditament | Gift from a will | Secret money – गुप्त धन | Subterranean wealth – भूमिगत संपत्ति

  4. Death of a custodian or caretaker

  5. Ancestors’ property for any other reason

Such analysis are made from two perspectives-

  1. “Natural Horoscope – नैसर्गिक कुंडली” where the first sign is Aries

  2. “Birth Horoscope – जन्म कुंडली” or “Time Chart | Question Horoscope – प्रश्न कुंडली” 

First House

This  house indicates the overall personality of a person. Residing planets and their strength, first house and its lord, and position of the first house lord are important to consider. The same way Moon and its positioned house, the sign and its suitability are equally important.


The king of solar system (planetarium)

Holds the power to bless abundant wealth & prosperity

  • Natural house lord of the fifth house (sign Leo) is the Sun and the Sun is exalted in the first house (sign Aries)

  • Healthy relation between the first house and firth house formed by the Sun is suitable for the benefits from Betting – सट्टा | Lottery – लोट᳝री | Race – रेस​, etc.

  • This yoga becomes stronger and more fertile, if the Sun and the Moon aspect mutually

Second House

The name of this house itself is “Dhana sthan – धन स्थान​” i.e. house of wealth. Wealth, savings, jewel, precious stones, etc. are seen from this house. It also indicates the receipt of any kind of property and money. This enhances the importance of second house, second house lord and the planets sitting in the second house.


Venus indicates richness

Holds the power to bless abundant wealth & prosperity

  • Natural house lord of the second house (sign Taurus) is the Venus. Venus should be in conjunction with or aspected by benefic planet.

  • Ninth from the second are sixth and tenth houses. Planets residing in these houses are good supporters here.

  • Natural house lord of the sixth house (sign Virgo) is the Mercury. Mercury in good position gives many benefits.

  • Natural house lord of the tenth house (sign Capricorn) is the Saturn. Saturn placed in auspicious houses makes the person a multimillionaire.

The Right Analysis

These combinations provide a hint for an astrologer to rightfully check the Dhana Yoga (Wealth Gain) for their clients. These are not limited to the positions mentioned above however, these houses are the key significators for calculating Dhana Yoga for any horoscope. 

In absence of a birth chart, the same interpretation could be made from the Time Chart (Prasna Kundali) however, the subject like job, business, which kind of business, or any other factor has to be an additional consideration or house for the analysis.

More important for any astrologer is to check the source of funding or gain for the horoscope. A middle class person getting a small lump sum amount is also a Dhana Yoga for him whereas for a millionaire a huge regular income, may not form a Dhana Yoga. 

Rush now

Activate the Dhana Yoga

We’re all blessed with the timely wealth gain in some or the other way. Many times we are unaware of the right time, source and way of the opportunity. 

  • Get the time of your Dhana Yoga / Unexpected Wealth Gain checked.
  • Strengthen the weak Dhana Yoga.
  • Ensure to grab the opportunity.

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