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Number Significance

Ashish Shrungarpure
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Sri Anjanil Astrology Numerology Palmistry Appointment, Birth Number, Life Number, जन्मांक, मूलांक, भाग्यांक


Authority, Sword, Initial Education, Schooling, Success, Strength. Shows celebration, and stability when associated with number 0 (zero)


Calibre, Liquidity, change in Circumstances, Independence, Dependence, Untrustworthy, Fraud, Daffy or Eccentric, Creative, Feminine number, Movable number


Brain, Discomposure, Anxious, Trouble, Competition, Objection, Calculating, Discreet, The one who remains absent intentionally, Commentator, Masculine number, Unstable number


Gold, Luxury, Friends, Co-operative, Feeling, Splendour, Help, Perk (aatma shraddh), Laziness, Calibre, Nervous when happy or in pleasure, Optimistic, Unstable number


Lion, Power, Electric power, Enthusiasm, Activity, Inclined toward opposite gender, Intentional Infiltration, Modesty, Masculine number, Movable number


Throne, Order, Administration, Strong willpower, Obstinate, Savvy, Politician, Artful or Disingenuous, Feminine number, Movable number


Sunbeam, Damages, Self-sacrifice, Spirituality, Jealousy, Sensitivity, Masculine number, Unstable number


Snake, Attraction for animals, Quick, Indecision, Hidden knowledge, Mysterious Lore (Gudh Vidya), Selfless love, House, Children, Confidence, Openness


Eyes, Wisdom, Science-Art, Top, Completeness, Masculine number, Movable number


This number strengthens the power of the number which is associated with soul, Best, Intellect

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The science of Astrology

Horoscope, Numerology, Vastu Shastra or any other science is beyond the rules of planets, signs, constellations and numbers given in any book. Vedic texts suggest that the work of great virtue and perseverance is the only way to become an accurate astrologer, unlike someone who predicts merely with the knowledge of zodiacal configuration, some mathematics and rules studied from the books.

Practical application of the above understanding is subject to one’s own choices, and it is recommended only after taking suggestions from a Subject Matter Expert.

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