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What is Mantra?

Ashish Shrungarpure
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॥ शब्दो नित्य​: आकाशगुणत्वात् ॥

Words are eternal because they possess the characteristics of space (आकाशगुणत्वात्​). They neither die nor vanish. They neither end nor perverse (विकृत). To reiterate, the words are eternal and perpetual (शाश्वत्, अजर, अमर​). That is how we hear them “as is” even via the long-distance calls. Recorded words could be heard even after years. We hear them through aether; a medium to travel that fills all space and supports the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

That’s why even the law scholars (judges) consider the words as evidence for their verdicts. But which words? Not the ones which are uttered in exclamation or excitement, neither formatted nor regularly spoken words. आप्तवाक्यं शब्द​: meaning the objection statements. The objection statements have a long list. In short the words which are eligible, required and congruent. These statements are bifurcated in two categories viz. Universal and Vedic.

॥ वैदिकमीश्वरोक्तत्वात् सर्वमेव प्रमाणम् ॥

Vedic statements are accepted believing that they are the voice of the Supreme. And these Vedic statements are called the Mantra. As a result, Mantra are authentic in themselves. Mantra are eternal and perpetual (शाश्वत्, अजर, अमर​). And there’s no need to present this certainty in a different manner.

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