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A Leader For The Social Cause

Roma (Khushi) Shatani,  the founder of Sri Anjanil™, with the thorough understanding of the concepts of energy, directions and their bidirectional behavior helps people in understanding the minute misappropriations of their conduct and routine. She catches the root cause of the problem right when it is voiced out. Usually the counselors offer what they know and they could, Khushi offers what is needed to resolve the issue from the roots.

An Acute Listener

Having someone to hear you out with an utmost understanding and warmth is the very first and foremost remedy towards the problems one is having. Khushi is the one who will first put herself in the other person’s shoes to understand the problem from the complainant’s perspective. At the same time she knows that the PULL THERAPY works only when the person offering hand is outside the well. Soon you will see her pulling you out of the muddy well you’re trapped in to. That’s where she is the favorite counselor for her clients. 

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Sri Anjanil™ Research

Sri Anjanil™ researches into the texts of Vedas and ancient Granthas to understand the mystics of the Universal structure, living beings and their understanding with the context of Seven Elements… Yes, 7 elements where the 5 elements known to the society connect to two more elements which the modern science claims not to claim but to claim… The two elements which arbitrarily known as the Sub-conscious and the Super-conscious help the living being achieve the undesired desires and fulfills the desires.