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Ashish Shrungarpure
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Sri Anjanil Learn Occult Science

Programme Design & Duration

Course faculty: Ashish Shrungarpure

Duration: Course wise 

Material accessibility: Web Browser / Mobile App

Language of study material: English

Language of study: English or Hindi

Learning Frequency: Weekend

Question Answer Session: Midweek

Course fees: Monthly / Session wise installments

Delivery: Through Live classes. It is mandatory for all the participants to attend it.

Evaluation Mode: Evaluation may include one or more of the following:

    • Online Assessment

    • Case Study Discussions

    • Quiz

    • Assignments

    • Class Participation

    • Offline Forum Participation

The final decision on evaluation methods rests with the course faculty and may change without prior intimation.

CourseConceptual CoursesWeekOnlineIn Person
Course#1Basics of Vedic Astrology (Mandatory)9₹18,000₹23,000
Week#1Understanding HoroscopeSat3 Hrs
Understanding and analyzing bhava / housesSun4 Hrs
Week#2Understanding and interpreting rashi / signsSat4 Hrs
Understanding and measuring graha / planetsSun4 Hrs
Week#3Rules of Rashi lord placementSat3 Hrs
Understanding Bhavat Bhavam / houses's internal relationshipSun3 Hrs
Week#4Phaladesh / prediction beginsSat3 Hrs
Phaladesh / prediction continuesSun3 Hrs
Week#5Understanding nakshatra / constellationsSat4 Hrs
Understanding nakshatra / constellationsSun4 Hrs
Week#6Quick start to Prasna Kundali / Time Chart / HorarySat3 Hrs
Prasna Kundali / Time Chart / Horary continuesSun3 Hrs
Week#7Guna milan / match makingSat4 Hrs
Match making casesSun3 Hrs
Week#8Introduction to remedial measure by stoneSat3 Hrs
Case studies for stone remedySun3 Hrs
Week#9Introduction to remedial measure by mantraSat3 Hrs
Case studies for mantra remedySun3 Hrs
Course#2Mastering Graha / Planets5₹9,000₹14,000
Course#3Mastering Rashis / Signs6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#4Mastering Nakshatra6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#5Houses & Bhavat Bhavam6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#6Shadbala, Rashmi Bala & more6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#7Divisional Charts6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#9Vimshottari Dasha System6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#10Timing events marriage, birth, job, travel, etc.5₹9,000₹14,000
Course#11Mastering Prasna Kundali / Time Chart9₹18,000₹23,000
Course#12Mastering Marriage Astrology6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#13Mastering Career Astrology6₹9,000₹14,000
Course#14Lal Kitab Horoscope way9₹18,000₹23,000
Course#15Vedic & Lal Kitab Remedial Measures9₹18,000₹23,000
Course#16Jyotish Ganit / Mathematics of Astrology9₹18,000₹23,000
Course#17Brihat Parshara Hora Shastra24₹54,000₹65,000
Course#18Vastu Shastra Level 19₹18,000₹23,000
Course#19Mayamattam Vastu Shastra24₹54,000₹65,000

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