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Quick Personal Horoscope Consulting

Ashish Shrungarpure
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QUICK Personal Horoscope Consultation

Only for the existing clients

30 Min - One subject for a quick suggestion

☏Virtual Discussion Only

A Favourite Appointment of Existing Clients

Take a Quick Decision

30 min - ₹9,500
(International payment gateway)

With or Without Birth Chart

Some Quick Questions in a Frequent Ask –

  1. I’ve appeared for an interview, will I get the job?
  2. I am in love with the person. My parents have also finalized an alliance. Will I marry him/her? 

Some Errors People Make While Asking a Quick Question –

  1. I’ve appeared for an interview, will I get the job?
    1. A person asking the question is not clear if getting a job meaning –
      1. Receiving an offer (later they withdraw it)
      2. Receiving and accepting the offer (later revoking the resignation and continuing at the same place)
      3. Joining where the interview is given or simply reaching to the next round of interview
  2. I am in love with the person. My parents have also finalized an alliance. Will I marry him/her?
    1. Who are you talking about while asking about him/her?
      1. The person you love (who is different than the one your parents have finalized)
      2. The person your parents have finalized (who is not the one you love)

Understand that each of the sub-question above has a unique house/sign/nakshatra to consider while answering. You should be clear on what you mean for an astrologer to accurately answer your queries and offer remedies accordingly.

30 min - ₹9,500
(International payment gateway)

Be Conscious of Your Question

We Help Your Recognize The Answer

Select one subject for the quick discussion
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Break-up Decision Single ChartPurpose of Birth
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