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What is Mantra?

॥ शब्दो नित्य​: आकाशगुणत्वात् ॥ Words are eternal because they possess the characteristics of space (आकाशगुणत्वात्​). They neither die nor vanish. They neither end nor perverse (विकृत). To reiterate, the words are eternal and perpetual (शाश्वत्, अजर, अमर​). That is how we hear them “as is” even via the long-distance calls. Recorded words could be …

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Testimonials Sri Anjanil team is a one-stop hub of Practical Analysis of Problems and Accordingly Advised Solutions. Here you get the facts and remedies with guidance to Transform your Life. My Trust Fortified in Astrology, as here my past and present were accurately gauged along with the Spiritual Solutions for Better Future. Thank You Sri …

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Business Astrology

Business Astrology 120 Minutes – ₹27,000 With the Birth Chart Click to read the Vedic Reading Process Without the Birth Chart New clients (approaching for the first time), whose birth details are missing or if they’re not willing to get through the Birth Chart analysis can opt for the Time Chart (Horary Astrology) analysis and remedial …

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