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Ashish Shrungarpure
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Overall very user friendly, fast & smooth exp. of placing online order. Look frwd to receive the copy. Best wishes....
Harshit Baxi
Mumbai - India
Sri Anjanil team is a one-stop hub of Practical Analysis of Problems and Accordingly Advised Solutions. Here you get the facts and remedies with guidance to Transform your Life. My Trust Fortified in Astrology, as here my past and present were accurately gauged along with the Spiritual Solutions for Better Future.

Thank You Sri Anjanil Team for The Transformation.

Ayush Tandon
Mumbai - India
It was a good experience in consultation with Mr. Ashish regarding my concerns and rough phase I was going through during that time. Ashish listened to me calmly before coming out with his views based on the stars placed in my Horoscope and also predicting up n down in near future also on the basis of his working as per the stars’ movement in the feature. Accordingly, he advised the easy solution which can be performed on a daily basis due to a hectic schedule.

I must say things started looking good while performing the remedies with a positive approach.

Alok Pandit
Gurugram - India
I have taken advice relating to Vastu from Ashish on 7th Jan 2017. I was going to renovate my home. Since the house was built as per society norms while purchasing from my father’s friend in the year 2006, the only thing I checked was that the main door opens in North. Other than that, I did not know much about Vastu.

Since I am from Vadodara and I had to take Ashish's advice on the phone I sent a photo of a rough drawing of the layout made by me with marking of locations.

The phone call with Ashish was from about 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. In these 5 hours of the call, he explained to me the importance of Vastu and directions. As I was renovating my house big structural changes were not possible, so he advised me accordingly. He even suggested some minute changes which were possible and some purification (shuddhikaran) before putting the new flooring. He even suggested a different color for different rooms. The only big change I made in was the underground water tank which I shifted to the location suggested by Ashish. I did a few changes in the kitchen. I have made many other small changes as advised by Ashish. I have done Vastu puja as advised by Ashish.

Today we live happily in my house. Even the relatives visiting my house find it peaceful. We see improvement in our health, wealth and relationships. We even started a part-time business.

We are really very thankful to Ashish for his advice.

Dhavalsinh Parmar
Vadodara - India
Your valuable suggestions, reasoning, and timely replies amaze me.

It proves your abilities, high standard research, and dedication for public service.

Dhruti Buch
Mumbai - India
Initially, I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a satisfying experience and provided valuable guidance.

Mumbai - India
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